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Believers in the World VII

[posted 3/23/19]

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Question #1:

I was really quite surprised when you told me the amount of hits ichthys gets yet so few even look further than a minutes reading, perhaps they’re only interested in the hoopla and razzmatazz, glossy photographs and videos that other sites have but are lacking in plain facts. Stats on Google Analytics tells me exactly the same thing with my END OF DAYS.

I am now understanding just how frustrating that is for you knowing the work that has gone into it so far – and ongoing but rest assured those who value ichthys are eternally grateful. I sincerely hope that some lukewarm Laodiceans are shaken out of apathy in one way or another before these days arrive.

Keeping you in my prayers and that ichthys will continue to have free course in this rapidly decaying world – even in Tribulation.

Will make this do for now dear Bob and again with brotherly love,

Response #1:  

I used to be somewhat frustrated about the numbers years ago, but I have learned my lesson on that one. I am happy to help one single person, and I have met a multitude of good Christians through this ministry, not the least of whom is yourself. As I tell others, not all ministries are destined to have the results we would like. Most of the prophets of the OT were not in fact listened to – that doesn't make Jeremiah any less great. The Father is the One who gives the results according to what He has planned (1Cor.12:6). We are merely His chosen instruments for the glorification of Christ in the power of the Spirit (cf. 2Tim.2:20-21). Here is what I read in scripture:

Whoever speaks on their own does so to gain personal glory, but he who seeks the glory of the one who sent him is a man of truth; there is nothing false about him.
John 7:18 KJV

This is our Lord, of course, but we are supposed to emulate Him in all things and this a good place to start. What we do is for the glory of God and the good pleasure of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the One who will judge us, so we needn't care a fig about what the world thinks – even while we would prefer a better response. Come to think of it, however, given what Laodicea "likes" and what Laodicea "wants" (obvious in the legalism and ritualism of some groups on the one hand and the false ecstasy and hyper-emotionalism of other groups on the other hand), maybe lack of great response is a badge of honor.

So keep fighting the good fight – and I hope this development leads to some genuine ministry opportunities for you, my friend. Keeping you in my prayer daily.

Your friend in Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #2: 

Dear Teacher

I thank you very much for your prayers. They are a constant encouragement to me.

While I spoke with one of my relatives on the phone yesterday, the conversation turned to the amazing changes that I have experienced through Ichthys and for once someone was actually interested enough to want to see the website for herself. I gave her the link and I am praying and waiting to hear that it is doing for her what it has done for me. She lectures in a seminary in Lagos and takes the Bible quite seriously but, like me, I don't think she has ever been taught.

Then yesterday as well, my fiancee asked some very good questions that made me very happy and confident that she is studying the material on Ichthys. She is currently reading Angelology in Bible Basics (she already finished Theology) and I asked her how she was finding it. Here's our conversation. Please tell me where I could do better in answering her questions.

Question: Why did God need to replace? And why not with more Angels?

Answer: This part (like much of the doctrine of the Genesis Gap) depends very much on what is observed from other passages.

Personally, there are a few reasons that I believe that he is right:

1. There were animals at re-creation and they were not for our consumption. It was only after the Flood that God gave them to us (and apparently to each other as well) for food. So, when He made them, it may have been because they are a normal part of creation.

2. From Ezekiel 28, we know that Satan was what Man was made to be: God's regent on earth. While it does make sense that a ruler could be one over forests and mountains, I think that the intelligence that God gave to angels and then to a significantly limited degree to Man after required the challenge of a more complex universe to enjoy ruling. So, animals and complex plant life must have existed to give the angels sufficient occupation for their considerable abilities.

As I just pointed out, this is shown in Man's own experience with the animals at the dawn of our own existence. You will recall that the snake had the faculty of speech. The context does not suggest that this was weird at all. And Adam had had to organize and assign identities to the animals as part of his work as ruler of the earth. Even since the Flood, although we do eat animals, studying and training them is usually very satisfying intellectual engagement for us. And we are not as smart or curious as the angels were designed to be.

So it makes sense to assume that the first creation was at least as complex as the later inferior one which God made out of its ruins. What Professor Robert teaches is that it was their curiosity about material bodies that Satan fanned into flames of desire for them. So, their desire to have bodies is what led to their rebellion, not the other way around.

So, they just want the experience of living in a material body. That is why they rebelled. And once they tasted material existence, they got addicted to it. That does explain why they would possess even swine when they were driven out of a human body by our Lord. I mean that in their possession of animals back then, they grew to desire a certain kind of body more and more so that may have led to their trying to make one that fit their needs more and more. That would involve them manipulating the genetic makeup of the animals that existed then creating monstrosities that God eventually destroyed with the Universal Flood. Yes, that is how we know: because we found that the whole universe was covered in frozen dark waters. And because God had to divide the waters to expose the Earth once again and allow the possibility of re-creation.

Question: Can you explain why you think God would have mentioned that Deluge at Noah's time?

Answer: It is a paraphrasing of Professor Robert's own translation. You know that he is at least as qualified a translator as those who produced the familiar versions are, right? But even so, it makes sense because other parts of the Bible tell us that God does not create imperfection. So, He could not have created a ruined earth that He then had to refurbish.

1. Because God is perfect and only creates perfection. So the number of angels he created was perfect. Any reduction would have been imperfection. So when Satan fell, Creation was made imperfect by the imminence of his Judgment. So, God was going to replace him to perfect creation once more.

2. Angels were created all at once. God does not do partial creations so He would not have created new angels. Plus, angels have a specific nature. To know whether the new angels would do as Satan and his angels did would take the same length of time and maybe produce the same results? We don't know for sure, but God decided to create Man and when He did, He gave him the same responsibility that Satan once had. That certainly meant that Satan was to be replaced by Man.

Man was also created to educate the angels about God's Love, Mercy and irresistible wisdom. Through a weaker, disadvantaged creature, the angels were going to see what God could do to save anyone who sinned against Him. He was also going to show that Satan was a liar, so He would use a weaker creature to show that what Satan and his angels would not do although they were well able to do it could be done by a creature who, if Satan's accusations and arguments were true, would be completely unable to do it. A new partial creation of angels would not have accomplished any of that.

How is your health, Sir? And everything else?

Yours in our precious Lord Jesus Christ

Response #2: 

That was a really excellent response, my friend – good for you! Your insights into the material are also very solid and illuminating and I believe also correct; so I learned a thing or two from reading your response. There is no underestimating the power of the Spirit when He is dealing with the truth and someone who knows and loves the truth – that has been my experience as well.

I'm not sure I could have done nearly as good a job as you did here, so your fiancée is very blessed to have you. I will make a couple of observations since you ask – and since I even edit myself it's only fair to edit you when asked to do so.

First, everything you say I agree with. But it is important to note that some issues for some people are more difficult to accept and digest than others are. When we are dealing with those who are just coming to the truth or who are reluctant to accept it in any way, it can be useful for them and for us not to make too big a point about things that are not absolutely essential. The important thing about the devil's rebellion is that it sprang from his arrogance and his unwillingness to subordinate himself to the Lord – a problem all unbelievers have as well so something we are all well acquainted with in our own life experience.

I am thrilled to hear that you not only accept the explanation developed at Ichthys about how it was that Satan managed to bring others along with him and also to see how masterfully you have developed the idea (as I say, I learned some things from reading your further deductions); for those who are just hearing these things for the first time, however, I have noted over the years how many people will allow one small thing with which they take exception or which they have a hard time believing and allow that "one thing" to be the catalyst for them turning away from the ministry and the broader patterns of teaching entirely (or at least hindering their acceptance of other more important things). Sometimes this is only an excuse; sometimes it is a manifestation of resistance; but whatever the reason, I have learned not to be overly enthusiastic about minor points where there is resistance of this sort. Mind you, I never back off from the truth, but in speaking with those who are not saved or who are saved and not yet committed to detailed study, I try to keep the Lord, who He is and what He has done for us on the cross, as the focus and always try to bring things back around to Him. You actually DO this at the end of the email, so I know that you will be receptive to what I am saying here.

My old pastor used to speak about this issue and give us all the following advice: approach Bible class like you were eating a fish; if you come upon a bite you think has a bone, carefully put it aside – you can always come back to it later; don't let it ruin your meal. Good advice for the diner – but also good advice for the cook: don't place more bites with what will be perceived as bones in front of your guests than you absolutely have to.

Finally, as I say, I'm not sure that I could have done any better – it is a fine job! When people I care about ask me questions I tend to answer them just as you have done, though I have learned to go soft in areas where I know they will have problems until such time as they are able to bear "solid food" (and chomp up the bones without difficulty).

Thanks for the updates and explanations and for all your good news too! I'm continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers, my friend. And thanks for your prayers and inquiries. I am "endeavoring to persevere" and managing to do so in all respects, God helping me. Feeling a bit better of late; crises at work have at least not exploded to the point of hurting me – and I trust in the Lord.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #3: 

[Inquiry from Brazil in Portugese]

Response #3:  

Dear Pastor,

All of the materials here are free to be downloaded and there are multiple formats for this. Sadly, I don't produced hardcopy books (see the link; and here are two other links to some other ministries which may be useful: "Other Resources" and "Bible Study Resources").

The most "book-like" format I employ is the PDF. Here is the link for the BB 3B study: Hamartiology: the Biblical Study of Sin (which sounds as if it would be the best one for your purposes).

As for affiliation, this ministry has none. But here is a link to explain the antecedents and affinities of Ichthys (with additional links for more information): "About Ichthys"

Thank you for your interest in and kind words towards this ministry.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #4: 

Dr. Bob Luginbill,

A bit of a liberty to write to you on the matter that follows. My wife and I have been thinking that we would like to attend a short term summer course that would strengthen our faith and give us balanced perspectives. The objective would also be to spend some time in the US. A month or so in terms of course length, could be a little less or more. Nothing too intensive ! We have not traveled to the US. However we have recently been given 10 10 year Visitor (B2 Visas). If you can point us in a direction, we could write to the seminary, college etc. and see what is possible. I am 60 now and yielded my life to Him at age 32/1988 (I come from Christian family background, have generations of Christianity behind me !). Had been working with Corporate organisations. In 1991 I joined the Bible Society of India and was employed with them till age 50/2007 when I took early retirement (helped by a heart attack). Since then I have been enjoying life, and in the process am involved with putting my favorite reading (My Utmost For His Highest) into languages of India. We have done 9 languages in the last 9 years. I only coordinate (choosing translators, working with them, DTP, arranging Printing etc., and the Distribution) the work, and that too unofficially and pro bono. My wife has been involved with me in everything, and in recent years has been focusing on systematic Bible Study for women; she was a group leader with BSF/Bible Study Fellowship, and is now Teaching Leader with Explorer Bible Study (explorerbiblestudy.org). We have no children.

So, if you can think of a suitable place where we can do a refresher course, do let me know.

Best wishes

Response #4: 

Good to hear from you again. As to your question, if we are talking about Bible courses, I'm afraid I don't know much more about what is offered over summers at seminaries and Bible colleges than could be found on their websites. I couldn't recommend such classes at a secular university such as the one where I teach. I suppose a lot depends on what it is you want to "refresh"? Greek, Latin and Hebrew are rarely taught here in the USA anywhere in the summer, but some seminaries and Bible colleges do have summer offerings on various biblical subjects. If you can give me a better idea of what you're looking for I could possibly give you some info on whether or not the place you are considering is a good bet and would be worth the effort.

Yours in our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #5: 

Thank you Bob,

The "Refresher" I think should enable my wife and me, to put it romantically (from His Word!), remember our first love for Him, and maybe take us deeper in the relationship with Him. To listen to fresh perspectives(Word based) that may disturb fondly held beliefs : to listen to suggestions on meaningful attitudes towards current day issues people face.

My wife and I attended a Haggai Institute of Christian Leadership program many years ago, and I attended an Asian Institute of Christian Communication course in Changmei some years ago. Those were good. Maybe something similar is what we need ? Thank you for being willing to help me search for what is appropriate.

Response #5:  

This sort of study, especially through official organizations where tuition is paid, is not "my cup of tea" personally. I do maintain a list of fairly conservative seminaries and other groups which often do offer such things, courses, workshops, seminars, etc. Mind you, I do not vouch for or endorse any of the places on this list; it is meant for the convenience of readers only (so caveat emptor definitely applies). Here's the link: Seminaries and Universities

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #6: 

In Romans 1 we are told that unbelievers suppress the truth about God.

Well, do you think emotional suppression is free? No, emotions have weight. They have gravity. And the bigger the truth you suppress about God, the greater the emotional weight. And what happens? Your thinking is disabled. Because you're diverting your thinking towards suppressing emotions.

Response #6: 

The process by which people can be relieved of that stress of suppression is called in the Bible hardening the heart. The further a person departs from the truth, the more hardening is necessary in order to live in this world without going insane.

This is an important issue for you to understand thoroughly in your apologetic ministry because the atheists you treat with, for example, have to have hardened themselves against the (initially) universally understood truth about God's existence and His perfect character (and the ramifications of those truths) much more so than e.g. agnostics or religious people who don't have any use for Jesus Christ. Here is a link to where this is discussed at Ichthys: "The Three Phases of Hardening of the Heart".

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #7: 

Hey Dr. Luginbill!

I've lost access to my old email, so I wanted to make sure to let you know. I never responded to the last email you sent me in response to the one I wrote to you about my experiences at work. But I read it and cherished it. Would you happen to have copies of the emails you've sent to me over the years? I used to like rereading them, but can't now that I no longer have access to them.

My mother has fallen ill again. Please keep her in your prayers.

How have you been? Whenever I read your weekly posts, I remember to pray for you! After a long week of worrying about the things of this life, your teaching helps remind me that this world isn't the one I'm living for. I've been forgetting that too often lately.

In Him,

Response #7:  

It's great to hear from you, my friend, though I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I have been praying for her (and you), and will continue to do so. Thanks for your prayers as well. Things on the job were very difficult last year (I may have written you about that), and with the new shortfalls and new cuts coming when there is already nothing left, well, let's just say it's likely to be an "interesting" academic year ahead. My health is some better. Not jogging yet, but I am able to walk and have been doing so now regularly.

I hope you have recovered from your accident and that nasty no-pay work-you-to-death job situation.

Separate from this email, I'll send you all the old ones of the past I can find (I did a computer migration last spring and some things seem to have been lost and what I do have only goes back about eight years because the theft of that computer in a robbery back then). So look for a number of emails from me – hopefully your email client and server won't think I'm trying to spam or scam you! Let me know if they don't show up (that'll mean they've been blocked or sent to bulk/junk mail by your system).

Your friend in Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #8: 

Dear sir/friend,

Are you well? I hope the exercise is helping. I visited my gramma's. I tried to ask her if she believed in the Lord. First she said she thought He was just a great teacher. Then she was upset saying the Bible treated women like property. I tried to say the Bible doesn't, but she is convinced. Then she said she can't accept someone can be evil their whole life and then repent and go to heaven. And I tried to say (I was trying not to dig or be argumentative, and use as few calm words as possible) that I think the idea is that we have all done awful things. And she didn't disagree but said it wouldn't be right for me to do evil all my life and then repent and go to heaven. And I didn't know what to say.

If I can squeeze a small Bible question in (but if you are busy, please ignore): there is a place in the NT where Paul says not many of you should become teachers. Why does he act like the position is a choice and not matter of gifting? I mean why doesn't he say, 'if you find you have the gift of teaching, etc"?

I am trying to do what you always advise: look behind only to the cross, and forward only to New Jerusalem.

Response #8: 

Those we love the most are often the ones that give us the most concern on the issue of salvation. And it is always hard to talk to them of all people about the issue, so kudos to you for doing so. I do promise to say a prayer for your grandmother, and there is a prayer request for her up on the Ichthys list. I will also add that there are no doubt plenty of cases where people are marginal believers and pretty far away from the Lord but still saved. That's not something we can count on, but it is something we need to remember when this issue is weighing heavily on us. Because one thing is for sure: the Lord knows YOU and your heart, and He also knows how important this is for you – and He knew that before He created the universe. So don't lose heart, and we'll be praying for your grandma.

As to teaching being a gift – which it is – and James 3:1, there's no conflict. Many are called, few are chosen. And many are gifted, but few prepare sufficiently, grow sufficiently, and progress through testing sufficiently to come into the ministries Christ has for them. That is especially so when it comes to teaching the Bible because the lead-time on preparation is greater than with any other of the active gifts (in my opinion). It takes time to learn the Bible and its doctrines well enough – not to mention the other things that really ought to be mastered first (such as ancient history, church history, systematic theology, and of course the original languages of scripture last but by no means least).

On top of that, as James reminds us, teaching the Bible incurs a greater level of responsibility, one that many men are unwilling to commit to – and that is certainly prudent if they are not going to be able to do it the right way. That greater level of responsibility which many find off-putting makes a good deal of sense too, because, obviously, those who listen to the teacher and accept what he says as true are going to be building their lives on that truth, and to the extent that what he teaches is in error, it makes it that much harder for those who listen to build a good edifice of spiritual growth. And believe me when I tell you that the Lord does indeed hold those who are teaching to a higher standard. As with many gifts and the ministries that they would lead to, most in the history of the Church have chosen not to do what is necessary to get to the place of the proper functioning of their gifts so as to be put into service by the Lord. But as long as they have grown spiritually, progressed through testing, and helped out with someone else' ministry (equivalent to putting the talent out "at interest" in the parable of the talents), well, that's two out of three crowns, and the percentage of the Church making it that far is probably also pretty low (at least in our day and age for sure).

Thanks for all your good words about these materials, my friend. I'm very aware that the Spirit is the One who is responsible for all the "good" there may be here (Ps.115:1). Not that I don't work hard at it . . . "though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me" (1Cor.15:10 ESV).

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #9: 

Dear Professor

I always pray for you and your ministry first and foremost and then for all others that genuinely seek to serve the Lord.

As I am working on a personal PDF “index” of YOUR Subject Index on the Ichthys Home Page (happy to share it).

Just an brief update here at “home”. My friend’s house seems a magnet for many flavours of believers. He and another visitor telling me about Billy Graham’s son’s visit here, bringing some 600 aboriginals to Christ in our outback recently. When I asked how they would keep them engaged, a Christian based radio station is endeavouring to keep them fed with the Word. I do pray that all that desire will be fed. Same station plays pop Christian music which I am not found of, so seldom listen to. A retired pastor turned up at the magnet and also expressed similar words to myself. He works part time judging minor cases in the local courthouse (permitted till he turns 70). He is same vintage as me. I wrote your website down for him as he seems open to the views I expressed, many he similarly shares. He shared that his church were soon to be voting on issues such as same sex marriage and homosexual priests. Somewhat out of self interest I am hopeful he will have a positive experience at Ichthys. Be nice to have someone to share your site personally with. Perhaps if he could search some questions on your site before the vote at his church it would give him extra knowledge and resolve to make his stand for the truth.

Your grateful student in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Response #9:  

Thanks so much for your prayers, my friend! I'm keeping you in mine as well. Also, I appreciate your efforts on behalf of the site.

On your riposte: "When I asked how they would keep them engaged, a Christian based radio station is endeavouring to keep them fed with the Word . . ." Well done you! This is, in a nutshell, my "problem" with evangelicaldom. Here in Laodicea most Christians, even evangelicals, can't be bothered to learn the truth much beyond salvation. They are spiritual babies, and their whole Christian purpose, as they see it (beyond going to church to hear music) is bringing people to Christ -- but then they have nothing for them . . . except to take them to church to listen to music. When this incident you report is adjudicated by the Lord on that Day, I would be interested to know how many of these "600" really were non-believers before, and of those who were how many really did believe in Christ . . . and of those who did how many persevered in faith. Without the truth sunk deep in the heart, it is difficult to persevere even now. How much more will that not be the case in the Tribulation?

Thanks for all you do, my friend!

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #10: 

Dear Professor Luginbill

Thank you for your prayers. I do not know how you keep up with it all. Thanks for your acknowledgment. I do not think I have done much. I was saying to the magnet, I feel as though the field has bolted halfway around the track, while I am just getting out of the starting gate. We console ourselves that we are where we are and head on after the Good Shepherd. I am so thankful for your site and I would never be able to be grateful enough for the light, knowledge and blessings it brings to me and my family.

My efforts at evangelism are pretty dismal, as I discovered when the JW’s knocked my door again yesterday. I invited them in to sit down which was declined. Invited her to search the Ichthys site; she is comfortable with what she believes thank you. How about getting a little uncomfortable; no thank you. I will read one of your tracts, for you reading from Ichthys; isn’t that the symbol of the “born again” people she says.

Her JW view: antichrist are many and largely symbolic of our world system, no real guy to watch for; 1914 Jesus started ruling from the heavens when Satan was cast down to the earth (that’s why the world is so evil now compared to before) [What? No previous horrors?] It is a hard thing to have them consider a Tribulation as actually explained in scripture. Jesus is not God, but a god. etc

Perhaps it is said in scripture some where, though I had a later thought, Only God could atone for the sins of mankind. No lesser god would qualify or be able.

The abundant blessings from feeding at your site are wonderful in all areas of life. There is also the challenge of doing what the Lord would have us do in all things. So tomorrow is cuppa morning instead and I am eager to hear from the retired pastor, (magnet believed he previously had many parishes to oversee throughout a large rural country area, and had quite a few internal battles on doctrinal issues the church was at odds with him on). This is assuming he is not sitting on any cases tomorrow. Just keen to hear if he has read from your site. Well I better not get over excited.

Thank you for your wonderful work for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Your grateful student in our Lord.

Response #10:  

I wouldn't want you to judge your evangelism efforts by the reaction in person of a JW team. A person has to be pretty well hardened of heart to join up with that organization in the first place since it requires rejecting the basic truth of the gospel as part of their basic their doctrine (see the link). Also, even if one of the two is a "rookie" with doubts, he/she will always be teamed up with a veteran who has NO doubts. That is a pretty tough lift. There is also the point that words of truth always accomplish the purpose for which the Lord sends them forth (Is.55:11); sometimes truth penetrates slowly, so always be patient. Finally, as our Lord said to Samuel, "it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king" (1Sam.8:7 NIV). The Spirit is the Evangelist in chief. He is the One who made the truth you told them clear in their hearts. It's not about us. It's all about the Lord.

Here's hoping your friend you mentioned does warm up to Ichthys (you're not my only correspondent from "down under", but it is a big continent). I often tell the story of how when I first became "gung-ho" for the truth, I had the idea that all that was necessary was to provide the materials I found so fascinating and others would catch fire the way I did. But of course 1) not everyone is truly interested in spiritual growth; and 2) even for that small minority who are, not every ministry is everyone else' "cuppa" (as you say).

Thanks again for what you're doing – and also for all of your generous words.

Your friend in Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #11: 

Dear Professor Luginbill

JW. Yes I probably am a bit “too excited” by the Truth to be much use to the Spirit at times.

As to my new retired pastor acquaintance: 1) Yes I think he is interested in spiritual growth; 2) I am hoping Ichthys is his “cuppa”.

He was at “cuppa” morning today. No he has not read any Ichthys yet. As we were last to leave and it was raining lightly and he had left his car at home I gave him a lift. He said he would have a look at your site. He said usually it is a good sign that someone is prepared to share their knowledge of the scriptures without the profit motive.

Professor, I never thought I would ask this of you as you are so busy-could you please pray for him to see the truth of the scriptures in your writings. That it might be his “cuppa”.

I enjoy sharing in the gospel with him, particularly his measured demeanour and his thoughtful approach to the scriptures. It is somewhat self serving for me to want to share a closer walk with another Christian, with Ichthys being a substantial part of that walk.

As I may have mentioned before, I tend to be a bit of a loner and have stepped outside of my comfort and now find I do yearn for a closer personal relationship with another breathing Christian believer. He is much more versed with the scriptures than myself. He mentioned that when he was made overseer of all the United Church congregations of the inland South West, it forced him to study the scriptures more intently to find out what they actually taught. Hence he also looked up “original” Hebrew publications to assist his understanding. My magnet friend (sorry I did not want to mention their names without their consent) had to leave cuppa early and thankfully the retired pastor and myself were last to leave.

May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and your excellent work in His Name.

As ever, your student in our Dear Lord and Saviour.

Response #11:  

Thanks for the update. I will indeed say a prayer for your friend.

It is very nice to have compatriots who share one's enthusiasm, especially about important matters. It is also very rare, especially when we are talking about truly being on fire for the truth of the Word of God. As mentioned, I was astounded when I found out how rare it was/is, but I hope (and pray) that this will be one of those rare cases for you.

I don't know that it's possible to be too excited about the truth. How people react to the truth really has nothing to do with us and everything to do with them (as in the link and passage given last time). It's helpful not to take all this too personally. It's all about Jesus Christ – and how others react to Him.

Thanks as always for your kind and generous words, my friend.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #12: 

Dear Professor

Thank you for your reply and prayer.

Just one other Christian in my life, on the same page as your site would indeed be a boost to me. Consider how many companions I had supporting me in a cult! This chap seems like one to thoughtfully consider biblical teaching such as yours.

Even after reading your link again I still am a bit perplexed why people would not read your site out of curiosity and then if it did not gel for them to say so. I am referring to Christians who are not associated with obvious cults, yet still will not just click onto your site. I read stuff and watch stuff they recommend to me.  I do compare this stuff to your writings and find sometimes there are “small” differences and sometimes they just prattle.

One such recommended Christian preacher on YouTube was doing ok till I heard him deride those who think they have special insight from the Hebrew and Greek texts, when his position is the KJV is clearly God’s word and all he needs.

I have found your writings to challenge one-it shows how we fall short of the mark and one is then to strive to improve, only to find there is continual improvement necessary just when we think we are doing reasonably as a Christian we are convicted in our minds that reasonably is really a poor performance.

I find this particularly convicting when reading your studies on the Life of Christ, His exceptional hard life, lived in perfect obedience to His Father.

While I realise Jesus Christ is the Only One to have lived a perfect life, we are instructed to follow him as closely as we can.

Your writings of the Coming Tribulation I found fascinating (though discomfortingly at the doors) and considering the world situation today the scenario you suggest seems a definite possibility. I had heard many of the more popular versions, yet your position regarding warring countries is plausible even if people were to discount the scriptural evidence you provide. I believe your series of The Coming Tribulation and your other series are an inspired calling for our times.

Just me expressing a bit of frustration and personal inadequacy for the task at hand. I am not asking you to reply as you are already flat out working. I am mostly busy learning on your site and getting organised on your site to use it to hopefully progress and hopefully help others do the same. I thank you for sharing your knowledge, time and love of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Your student in our Lord.

Response #12: 


I'm keeping you in prayer and your friend as well.

It's a genuine pleasure to see your rapid spiritual growth.

Please feel free to write any time.

Your friend in Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #13: 

Hi Dr,

Quick question. What is your thoughts on the "holiness" movement? I read that term in an article and was wondering its connotation.

Response #13:  

It's very dangerous on a number of levels. Historically they taught you're not really saved when you're saved. You need a new experience thereafter, a "second blessing". People who get this are the "real believers" and they can live life without ever sinning again. Neither of these things is true. Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ. Adding an emotional or experiential layer to it is legalism by definition – because adding anything to salvation takes away grace and deemphasizes what Christ did which is what is really important. Teaching sinlessness after salvation is also legalism because it makes things about you not about Christ. It also is a lie (1Jn.1:8-10). When people claim they are sinless it means they have learned how to put up a sanctified front and avoid doing things that look to other people in public like sin – just like the Pharisees did. But people sin in their hearts all the time, and this whole process is actually a sin-infested, one being dishonest and self-righteous.

I will add that there are no doubt multiple variations on this "holiness" theme and developments over time, but the foundation is rotten so that is all that's necessary to know. Also, the Charismatics sometimes use some of the "theology" and terminology of this movement so there is probably overlap, depending upon which group one is dealing with. Denominations have charters / creeds etc., so their false doctrines are at least codified. Genuine believers believe the truth of scripture, and that is easy enough to ascertain for those who are willing to pursue it. Movements are in constant flux and their beliefs often mutate depending on the present group and its present leader. That is doubly to be expected in groups which put experience and "feeling" in the fore.

Yours in Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #14: 

[rejecting the idea of perfection as impossible et al.]

Response #14: 

Of course we are supposed to be obedient to the Lord. But faith and trust is the way we demonstrate our obedience and are thus considered righteous in God's eyes – NOT through what we do:

What then shall we say that Abraham our father has found according to the flesh? For if Abraham was justified by works, he has something to boast about, but not before God. For what does the Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” Now to him who works, the wages are not counted as grace but as debt. But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness.
Romans 4:1-5 NKJV

But self-justification through (supposed) abstinence from sin turns true obedience on its head. It is born of pride and makes a mockery of the cross of Christ. The Pharisees did this, the Roman Catholics do this, and many other "holiness" groups do this too. The systems are all a little different, but they all share in the leaven of law as replacing grace.

. . . knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, that we might be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law; for by the works of the law no flesh shall be justified.
Galatians 2:16

You have become estranged from Christ, you who attempt to be justified by law; you have fallen from grace. For we through the Spirit eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness by faith.
Galatians 5:4-5 NKJV

So I am concerned for you, my friend. Obedience is important: obedience to the truth. But if we cast aside the truth in search of some temporal "victory" which we define by rationalizing away the dark reaches of sin, that is no obedience at all.

I could remark and ask along with Paul in his letter to the Galatians quoted above, "You were running well; who hindered you from obeying the truth?" (Gal.5:7 NASB). Of this I am sure, "he who troubles you shall bear his judgment, whoever he is" (Gal.5:10 NKJV).

Your friend in Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #15: 

Hi doc Robert

I Just thought of taking this moment to thank you for your ministry and great service you're still doing on ichthys bible study. And it has been a long time since I last communicated ,and I'm also hoping by God's grace that your family is well and richly blessed with all the providence of God in all areas of life.

As for me It hasn't been an easy and clear road for me in the past few months [Hebrews 6:1-3 (ASV)], though pressing on to maturity has been awesome, many are the days I find myself becoming more of an apologist everyday especially with my sentimental values I uphold with many of my brethren from these ends. The road has yielded so far little but an excuse of compromise with people who can't move on to perfection and grow in the word. I have fairly tried to do my best in studying ichthys in all areas as possible especially emails in hopes to help many but these chances are getting dwindled more and more, it may seem like the last hope of human kind to accept Christ and later on grow and produce for Christ hasn't been spelled out for most Christians in the New Testament in terms they can readily understand.

To great lengths this has also led many to the inability to accept various Christian doctrines moving on from the apostles authority and things they did in the early days. In this time and age, I think everyone at least knows few things about the Bible but just that a little leaven"consumer Christianity" has caused so much chaos to an extent even when most people seem spiritual, there faking it, I'm stunned into silence and for the most of it amazed by the ignorance embraced. Should I just retreat back and focus on my spiritual growth??

Even days when I wish to completely stay away from foolish discussions about the what the Bible says on this particular issue or the other, whether it is literally or figuratively is getting the best of me. Help me strike a difference between inspiration of apostles of the New Testament and prophets of the Old Testament through the inspired word. The counsel of the epistles of the New Testament is far more edifying and too spiritual for mere Christians to understand and readily accept, can you recommend me to any literature apart from the book of acts which can help me understand things in a sequence or some kind of order or activities that led to the writing of epistles starting with Roman's?

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you and also with you.

Response #15:  

Great to hear from you! I hope you are doing well in other respects. I do sympathize. I get loads of emails nearly identical to yours in essence. Once a believer begins to get serious about taking in the Word in depth and consistently so, it changes the way we look at the world entirely – as it is supposed to. But here in Laodicea, very few of our brethren have the time or the interest or the motivation to do as we are doing. So very soon, they see a different world (one they mostly love) than we do (one we mostly hate). And while many of them are doing/thinking/saying things that are bringing them ever closer to the world, we by way of contrast are drawing closer to the Lord instead. So while it may seem lonelier as far as our putative brothers in Christ are concerned, it's better to be closer to Him than anything else. Our true citizenship is in heaven, not here, and He is our true King. This body is just a seed that will spring to life in resurrection, and these houses / possessions are nothing but dust down here: our eternal home is already waiting for us in the New Jerusalem. That is our hope: to be reunited with the glorious One we love more than life, and to enjoy all that "God has prepared for them who love Him" forevermore (1Cor.2:9).

As to your question, if I am understanding it correctly, it is absolutely true that perhaps most Christian denominations have modeled themselves and built many of their erroneous doctrines upon a misunderstanding of the book of Acts, both what it actually says and what it is meant to be used for. The Old Testament focuses on the Law, a collection of shadows that looked forward to the reality of the cross, and those shadows have now been replaced by the reality of Jesus Christ, His incarnation, victory at the cross, and resurrection (cf. Rom.10:4 et passim in Romans, Galatians and Hebrews, e.g.; see the link: "Dispensations"). Many groups have this wrong, and the Roman Catholic church is essential a "re-imagining" of the Law of Moses to benefit their essentially by now non-Christian organization (cf. a new altar, a new Moses-pope, a new temple, new priests, incense, holy water, etc., etc.).

As to the book of Acts, misconstruing the events related therein and their import for the Church Age is possibly the second biggest huge mistake that groups and individuals "interpreting" the Bible make (giving them the benefit of the doubt that it is "only" a mistake). Acts relates what happened; it seldom can be taken to mean "this should happen". Part of the reason for that is that many things happen in Acts only once or only a few times. For example, the fact that Philip was miraculously transported to and from the desert to meet with the Ethiopian eunuch is something that – as far as we know – never happened before or since. But he was an apostle and the times were special: a time of transition between Israel and the Church Age. Those two factors, namely, apostleship and the time of transition from the age of shadow to the age of unveiled truth (which necessitated a variety of special circumstances and accommodations, not to mention never after repeated spiritual gifts) account for the other part of what Acts is not to be used to "build doctrine" unless these things are taken into consideration. The other part is that as a historical book it records what happens without necessarily endorsing what happened. So for example the fact that Peter and co. used a lottery to "pick" the next apostle -- which is something only Jesus Christ can do – doesn't make it right (it was wrong) or something churches should duplicate today. Here are some links on all this:

Transitional nature of Acts

Interpreting Historical Books of the Bible

Historical and Transitional Nature of Acts

Peter's "Learning Curve" in the Time of Transition

More on the Transitions in Acts

Matthias and the Numbering of the Twelve Apostles.

The Apostles, the Jerusalem Council, and Legalism then and now

Do feel free to write back in case I've missed the gist of your question.

Keep fighting the good fight for Jesus Christ, my friend. It may sometimes seem that you are doing so alone, but there are others in this dark world doing the same, and greater are those who are with us than those who oppose us (2Ki.6:17), and greater is He who is in us than He who is in the world (1Jn.4:4).

In our Lord,

Bob L.

Question #16: 

What's the meaning of this verse:

"I hope you will find out that we have not failed the test. But we pray to God that you may not do wrong—not that we may appear to have met the test, but that you may do what is right, though we may seem to have failed."
(2 Corinthians 13:6-7)

Response #16: 

This is Paul's way of saying that he is "in the Will of God" and that the Corinthians ought to put that very pertinent fact into their calculations when dissing him and honoring others; because if he is in the right, then they must be in the wrong. But as a man who loved his sheep for Christ's sake beyond all else, he would rather be seen as "in the wrong" if only they would "do right": obey the truth so as to grow, progress and produce.

Question #17: 

Hello Dr.,

I hope this email finds you well. I have the audio files for BB-3B Harmartiology ready for you.

I’ve been well, keeping busy with work, life and all that comes with it. My relative who fell under the spell of the “Radical” movement has gone dark on me, it’s to be expected and no hard feelings on my end. Relativism has deep roots in the Church today and I find that we are all allowed to have our own personal opinion as long as we do not get to dogmatic about what the Lord actually has to say, (you scratch my ears and I’ll scratch yours). Of course this is exactly what’s to be expected according to Scripture, so I thank the Lord that His Word is true, confident in the knowledge that He will be back on earth in approximately 15 years.

My wife’s hip has been giving her a lot of trouble lately so she is going to the orthopedic hospital today to see a hip specialist, hopefully the Lord will provide some relief there.

How are things with you? I do hope you are getting some relief with your hip. I’ve got you and the friends of Ichthys in prayer here daily. I’ll be in touch with a new batch of audio files next month.

Rev. 22:20

All the best,

Response #17:  

Thanks for all this, my friend! All uploaded and tested and seems to be working fine. Thanks!

I'm sorry to hear about your wife, but I hope the orthopedist will be able to give her some help. I'm still a little hobbled, but working my way back into light jogging. We endeavor to persevere. How is your health?

I've been keeping your family in my prayers. Family is a tough one. I don't think I know of any truly positive believers whose families are likewise "all in" for the Lord; usually they are a source of at least some mild flak, giving us grief for digging deeply into the truth, sometimes heavy flak, and ofttimes anxiety about their ultimate spiritual status. So at least if we have family members whom we are sure are saved, we are ahead of the game.

I appreciate your ability to keep this in perspective. We who live so near the end have that pressure, but as your testimony reveals it is also a bit of an advantage: we are less inclined to get wound up in temporary things as if they could have any permanence when we know that they are going to be destroyed in such a short time – and that we will be rescued (if still around).

Thanks for everything. Your prayers too of course. Keeping you in mine every day.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #18: 

Hi Dr Luginbill,

On Romans 16, was Phoebe travelling in a group if we assume that when Paul says that he commends her/or for the readers to greet several people, he meant those who gave the readers his letter (bringing it to them from him)? He says to greet such and such several times...so entourage? It would make more sense in my opinion than a woman travelling so far alone,

One of the reasons I am trying to get into a local church is so I can meet with believers more. It will help me not be lonely and also not message you so much. As I said in regards to Paul correcting churches, he seems to assume that even though some were in serious error, no one had broken off and gone and formed their own group. Though part of that might have been that the apostles themselves started these churches. It was a little disheartening when it seemed you were against me going to a church. What else am I supposed to do? Be a hermit? Anyway. I think if I stay away from the worst of the denominations it will be okay. My family was Pentecostal, but at least there was the Bible instead of nothing in the home. I am sorry, I meant to also say that I think Baptist is my best bet. They are very close to my background and current beliefs. And I won't feel like I am not being honest with them if I do communion.

Response #18: 

I don't find any indication that Phoebe had company on the trip. The Roman empire was about as safe a place in antiquity as one could find. Travel by sea was dangerous for reasons that have nothing to do with gender. It's possible she had company, but it's strange then that Paul doesn't mention it by saying "Phoebe and those with her" or something of that sort.

As to your other emails, first, I wish only your spiritual growth, progress and production, and happiness in Jesus Christ along the road to Zion. True happiness comes from learning and living the truth, and that is what I have been sharing with you.

As to churches, I wouldn't advise you not to go to church. But I do "take no prisoners" when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff. A church whose purpose is to teach the Bible in an orthodox way so that believers can grow is carrying out God's purpose and honoring our Lord. A church which doesn't, isn't, and the vast majority aren't.

I understand the desire to be part of a fellowship. But a fellowship of what? If we yoke ourselves to other believers who are lukewarm and/or have given themselves over to false teaching, how will that not negatively affect our walk with Jesus Christ? No one wants to be lonely, but I would rather be walking alone with the Lord than in company with thousands of others where He is not present.

It's your decision. I'm only interested in your spiritual welfare.

I'll say a prayer for you to find a good Bible teaching group.

Your friend in Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #19: 

Hi Dr Luginbill,

I do really appreciate your guidance and help and wisdom. I hope your health is good and that all is well. I hope you aren't in pain or anything, or overworked.

I do see what you are saying on the yoking-to-what. And I would get frustrated in services when they gave bits of a verse here and there and stories that did not really seem related to what was actually happening in the text. But that leaves Sunday School classes and most of the time it is by people my age who aren't saying anything more than the average person can see from a cursory reading of the text they are looking at. And I have been quite a number of church groups and they don't seem to socialize really. I can't really explain it though. We will all just be in a room and it feels inauthentic and off. I can't quite put my finger on it. But when I am with my grandmother and we are with other family members it feels authentic. I am trying to analyze what it is exactly.

On Phoebe, Paul goes on to say to the people Phoebe is meeting-for those people to greet certain other persons. That wouldn't make sense unless those certain other persons were with Phoebe. Why would he say "greet Epenetus" if Epenetus is right next to them? Either he is next to them or he is with Phoebe, right? Maybe it is clearer in the Greek.

May I please ask you just one more quick question? It isn't Bible related, so you can skip of course. But, I just find it very interesting. I have heard many times that America is like the Roman Empire. Is that true? Would the Ancient Romans look at us be like 'hey it is us in the future," or would they find us weird?


Response #19:  

A good question to ask whenever a person is struggling with this sort of issue or any issue about which they may feel conflicted is the "why am I wanting to do this?" question. If we are honest with ourselves about our motives, that will clarify a great deal. If we are truly striving to please Jesus Christ with all we think, say and do, that will lead to one set of choices; if we are doing that only to a modest degree, another set will present itself; and if we are not doing that at all, well, all manner of bad choices are possible.

Clearly, the Lord doesn't begrudge us some relaxation and healthy social life. And I suppose one could find worse places than a church to look for that. But in my experience (of trying the same sort of thing many times in the distant past and observing it many times in others since), it's difficult to get close to people who are wrong and wrong-headed about what it is you love the most. And if you try really hard anyway, it usually ends up being you who cool off rather than them heating up for the Lord.

On Phoebe, here's the passage:

I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a deacon of the church in Cenchreae. I ask you to receive her in the Lord in a way worthy of his people and to give her any help she may need from you, for she has been the benefactor of many people, including me.
Romans 16:1-2 NIV

Paul is telling the Corinthians to treat this Corinthian woman well. In my reading of this she was entrusted with the letter to the Romans, and I don't see any indication here that she had help / traveling companions. She very well may have, but I don't see any indication of it from this passage.

On Rome and the US, there are similarities and (some) historians are enamored of historical comparisons, but the differences are as pronounced as the similarities in my view. More to the point, Rome is on the cusp of being revived, and when it is it will not be the US but a united Europe plus other areas of the old empire. So to the extent that a person sees "US = Rome", to that extent that might miss the correct biblical view in terms of what's on the horizon.

Keeping you in my prayers daily, my friend!

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #20: 

Dear Professor,

It has been quite a while since I wrote to you and have been wanting to provide you with an update for quite some time now.

I. Ichthys Prayer List: First and foremost, I have been wanting to ask fervently about the urgent prayer requests that have been put at the top of the Ichthys page - has there been any news on Carmen’s son (Josh)? If I am not mistaken, I understand that Carmen is/was your colleague and good friend at University of Louisville? Also, if you don’t mind me asking, is Bob’s wife referring to your own spouse, or is this a different Bob? Either way, I am praying for the Lord’s hand in delivering both Josh and Debbie from what appear to be quite traumatic ordeals. I understand that in such desperate circumstances we become totally reliant on our Lord, and we know He is faithful delivering us through, or from, these personal tribulations. It was also very encouraging to read the report from our brother, Vau.

II. Personal Update: As for my situation, last time we spoke I believe I had mentioned about my intention of quitting my full-time job. Well, I am so happy to share with you that as of 6 weeks ago, I have indeed taken this step. I had to turn down a new (and improved) contract in the meantime too to the surprise of many. I remained true to myself and what I believe were the still, but powerful prompts of the Holy Spirit. In breaking the news to my boss, where he visibly did not expect to hear what I said, quite remarkably in the same conversation he asked whether I would be interested in them hiring me as an external consultant on my terms. I wasn’t quite prepared for that, but essentially we came to an agreement where I will be starting at one day a week come September. I know that this was from the Lord as it is unheard of that someone in my position (and age) gets the opportunity to dictate terms and come in as an external consultant/advisor.

What’s more, whilst I had been preparing spiritually for something more akin to a poverty test since I didn’t really know where the source of my provision would come from, the Lord has quite literally inundated me with opportunities for work. Things have propped up from nowhere, to the point where within 6 weeks of being self employed I may soon have to turn down work in order to protect time for spiritual growth, which is the very reason why I wanted to become self-employed. My professional work is much more conducive to a schedule that can optimise my growth, and hopefully, eventual production.

With regards to individual clients, the youngest I work with is 14 years old who plays field hockey, and the oldest I work with is a 32 year old marathon runner who is hoping to go to the Olympics. The majority of my work though falls to adolescents of 17-18 years of age, and these are competing in the 400m hurdles. A lot of these young adolescents come to me after having been mismanaged/neglected from their coach and suffered from serious injury. I take it upon myself to get them back to the sport they love doing. This takes its toll on them mentally too, unfortunately. You can see that’s all they have to fill the void in their life. There are so many uncontrollable variables when trying to get someone injury free, but I am doing my best. Inevitably, what I am learning is that there is also an emotional attachment that I have to be careful of when you work with people one-to-one. I do care a lot about every person I work with, and it does at times break my heart to see the trauma they have to go through. A lot of my role ends up being a mentor and educator to these young people, and it is my hope that I can have the courage to share the light of truth in their life. I do not know what my monthly income will be. But I much prefer it this way, since it teaches me to depend on Him totally for provision. In all this, the Lord continues to provide in marvellous ways and I can only testify to His superabundant grace in my life. I can truly say He is my Rock and my stronghold and I reserve nothing but praise for Him!

I wanted to thank you for putting me on the Ichthys prayer list, and clearly the Lord has quite spectacularly honoured our requests in ways unimaginable. I expect there to be tough times ahead, but I know if I put truth first in my life, everything else is secondary.

III. Bible Reading Log: Lastly, I hope to maintain a more regular correspondence with yourself from now, although I appreciate you must already be at full capacity so I do not wish to burden you with more than is necessary. I have committed to serving Curt’s Bible Academy ministry by typing up his lessons and have almost finished his verse-by-verse exegesis of James Chapter one. I hope I can continue to contribute to Ichthys in the way the Lord would have me do.

I spent today creating a little template that I thought might complement your opening study on “Read your Bible”. I have essentially created a template where people can monitor their progress accordingly, as well as summarising some of the main take homes from your write-up. I have attached it here in an Excel document - if you feel it would benefit other readers please feel free to post onto the end of that study. At the same time if you feel it’s not appropriate or unnecessary then that is also absolutely fine. I had in mind of someone not knowing where to start with Bible reading since I frequently get asked this. I tried to compile a practical resource that included my interpretation of your suggestions. I personally like a nice ‘visual’ too. The reason I included approximated time frame for completion of reading is not for the purpose of rushing through Bible reading (I am neither a fan of the “Read your Bible in a Year” programmes). My decision to include this was for the purpose of motivation that we can always do more. For example, when I calculated that reading just one chapter a day in the OT would mean it would take approx 2.5 years to get through the OT, and when one matches that up with the proximity of the Tribulation, surely one would want to cover the OT at a much higher frequency, especially once taking into consideration the prophetic foreshortening and the divinely repeated cycle of Judgement, Restoration and Replacement we see time and time again throughout the OT, and the richness of application we can glean for future times (as an example). I also tried to maintain emphasis on the critical roles of the Holy Spirit and the Bible teacher in the right hand column.

How are things with yourself, Professor? Are things progressing ok your end?

Apologies for the long email but I thought you may appreciate the update!

In His marvellous grace,

Response #20:  

It's so good of you to be praying, my friend! Carmen's son still needs prayer. "Bob" is a different Bob whom I've never met in person; positive news now on the list. Vau's last news is what is posted; we're hoping this latest therapy will be successful.

Fantastic news on your business, my friend! This is a real answer to prayer, and I will certainly be praying for your continued success. God is good!!!

On the Bible reading log, what a neat idea! [now posted at the link sub voce]

Always a great pleasure to hear from you, my friend!

I updated your prayer request and am keeping you and your family in my prayers daily.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #21: 

Dear Professor,

It is so good to hear from you too. Thank you for the updates on the three individuals I had asked after - I do very much appreciate this. I shall endeavour to keep them in my prayers, as well as others on the Ichthys list. I am trying to build on this slowly, since I don’t think I’ve ever been particularly ‘good’ at prayer, both in consistency and in quality of execution. I know this is a question of spiritual growth and alignment with the truth, being empowered by the Spirit. Something that I shall be continuing to work on.

Thank you very much, Professor. It has truly been a blessing. Who would have thought? It goes to show that when we follow the Lord’s Will, He is there waiting for us in ways beyond anything we could ever imagine. How meagre our finite perspective is compared to His infinite wisdom and wondrous lovingkindness! This has definitely taught me the need to walk more by faith than by sight, the need to trust Him continuously for my sustenance and provision. I shall always be grateful to the Lord for gracefully bestowing me the gifts He has done, since He is the one who has given me the abilities/talents/gifts to study, to earn a living the way I do (lest I forget and arrogantly return to Egypt in my heart), and above all, the gift of life in which an abundance of opportunities are made available to glorify Him through the ministry He has assigned me to, culminating in a glorious inheritance of eternal life, eternal reward and eternal fellowship with our Lord God. How marvellous our Lord’s ineffable wisdom is and boundless His love and mercy!

My brother is visiting me this weekend and we are currently both sat in a coffee shop going through your studies as I write this email. It is a joy to be able to share such fellowship.

In our Lord, Jesus Christ, whose return we are eagerly awaiting,

Response #21:  

Thanks for the newly formatted file – works fine! I've already loaded it up to Ichthys and linked it several places (including in "Read your Bible"). It's really a very helpful addition. Thanks!

Thanks also for your great testimony. I'm very pleased for your success but even more so by your godly attitude and obvious love for the Lord. I know that you will have a fine ministry for Him in due time.

Please give my regards to your brother! I pray for both of you and your family daily.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #22: 

Hi Dr Luginbill,

Actually there is a Lutheran church near me that I like, but I don't want to be dishonest about not believing that the bread and wine literally become body and blood. Maybe I can convince them that no one agrees 100%, so it is ok. The teachers are very good and principled (willing to comment on things that the gov't might have them shut up over).

In the church, there is a deadly and addictive sin which the prevailing wisdom for is that you don't talk about it. In mainstream society you do far more than just saying the words related to it, and they find it extremist that it is treated in the church as a sort of fainting couch thing (to not even say the words at least). But the church ignores the growing problem for many decades, and all of the sudden they wake up and a huge majority of the church (leaders and laity) have been getting caught up in not only this mainstream sin, but a version of it that has morphed into something far worse than what they can't talk about (courtesy of the mainstream). Is this one of those 'best system we have is not to talk more than when it comes up briefly, people are just bad' and what bad things end up happening will happen?

On that vein, should Christians have their own sub-society like some of the Jewish groups and other groups do? And many of them, after raising their kids in their religious and social setting, their kids can go out into the mainstream and be successful, and still come back to that setting outside of work. I don't see how the leaders and parents can be surprised that their kids go mainstream when that is what they give them to follow and learn from socially and culturally. That is what they are setting those kids up to do. I mean in Rome and Jerusalem, weren't they a sort of sub-society? I mean if they weren't in the Temple or synagogues (but for Rome I don't know much about the culture...) that would seem to me to be seen as a bit of a fringe group.


Response #22: 

I have some experience with the Lutherans (the more conservative synod), because some of my family went to a Lutheran church for many years – probably because it was close. When it comes to main-line denominations like this, in practical terms they are all very much the same. They function on rote ritual and sermonizing, holding onto creeds without really understanding or believing them much of the time (at least this is true of many in the laity). So when you say the teachers are good, but mention you like them because they are commenting on politics, it's incumbent upon me to remark that this has nothing to do with "teaching" at all. I also rather suspect that this "teaching" is "Sunday school", done not in the main assembly by people with no special preparation where things are open for debate and discussion. That is typical, but I don't see how it can contribute to spiritual growth. Only the truth can do that – and only if it believed as such by those who hear it. You are of course right about transubstantiation, but this is only one area in which the Lutherans did not achieve "escape velocity" from Rome (and many old line denominations suffer similarly; e.g., the Calvinists are amillennial). When you express confidence about being able to change people's minds, I think you are wrong about that. A group which has been around some five hundred years and still exists based upon the inertia of tradition is not likely to alter that tradition even if proven wrong decisively.

As to issues which should not be discussed, if we are talking about porneia here, a good pastor-teacher teaches everything that comes up in the Bible as he is working through either a book of the Bible or a topical study, and that includes sin of all kinds. Naturally, there are some things we want to be careful about how we handle, and this is certainly one of them. Merely "talking about it" can be a stumbling block to some people if not handled delicately. As mentioned above, I don't see any value at all in "let's discuss it and see what everyone thinks" performances which pass as "Bible teaching" in most churches today; but this is something that really ought not to be broached in such a setting in my view because on the one hand, since the Bible is crystal clear about the issue (e.g., 1Cor.6:18; 1Thes.4:3-8), there is no need to discuss it, and because on the other hand discussing it brings it to the forefront of people's thinking, and – if as is inevitably the case in some forums – people with wrong or dangerous ideas on the subject are allowed to voice them, this can weaken the consciences of those listening.

As to sub-societies, the monastic movement proved conclusively that attempting to separate from the world in a physical way is folly and no way to serve Jesus Christ. Smaller efforts in that direction are equally flawed in concept. We are in the world, even though we are not of it (Jn.17:11; 17:16); and we cannot go out of it nor should we attempt to do so (1Cor.5:9-11). From the first century until today, the purpose of a local assembly has always been very simple: to train its members to live godly lives for Christ in this world through teaching them the truth. Anything else should added with great circumspection, and must be always be subordinated to that overriding main purpose. But that of course is the opposite of what we usually find today . . . and explains why this ministry is on the internet instead of with four literal walls.

Yours in our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #23: 

Hi Bob,

I was communicating with someone who said the following things.

1. Paul was just a X type of person and his vision of Jesus was just a surrealistic dream-state typical of X.
2. Ananias's confirmation of Paul was just a conspiracy and he was in on it.
3. The predictions in Zephaniah are just mythological wishful thinking that a messiah will return to deliver us.
4. Jesus Christ was just a legendary figure with no basis in history

These have been extremely corrosive, and it has been hard because corresponding with him has been...extremely difficult. He is so sly and so clever that you can't pin him down.

Response #23:  

Everyone needs spiritual refreshment. Being on the front line in ministry, as you are, it's good to keep in mind that every combat unit gets worn down by the stress and needs to come out of the line on a regular basis. So if you feel it corroding, it's probably time to take a break and see to your own spiritual welfare.

Also, it should be noted that whenever we are dealing with a person who does not accept the authority of scripture, it is folly to talk about the details of scripture or scriptural subjects with them. The best we can do is to confront them with the reality of their mortality and the undeniable existence of a perfect and perfectly righteous God. If there is a hint of humility of willingness to respond, that will get their attention. If it does not, well, you know what our Lord said about the dangers of hurling pearls before swine.

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #24: 

Hello Bob!

I have people speak negative things about me because I don't attend Church. They usually quote Hebrews 10:25.

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.
(Hebrews 10:25)

Is there a Bible verse that states that believers MUST attend church? I've heard people go as far as that if you don't attend church then you're probably not saved. John MacArthur quotes this verse often and he presents it as almost an essential doctrine of Christianity. He then quotes 1 John 2:19 and make people feel guilty for not attending church. What are your thoughts on this?

God Bless!

Response #24: 

Well, Ichthys is my church, so if you logon here, you are attending church in my book.

It's true that there is a difference between that and traditionally "going to church". What's the difference? The main difference is that by logging on here you can learn some things that bring you closer to Jesus Christ, you can become better prepared to walk with Him and help others, in short, you can be doing what the Lord wants you to do. This is generally not possible through "going to church" in the traditional sense, not with what "church" has become here in the waning days of Laodicea.

It is typical of people who have adopted an easy and comfortable way of doing things not only to proclaim themselves "right" in their wrong-doing, but also to find fault with others who ARE doing it right. Why? Because such individuals challenge their comfort. Also, if they can get the people who are doing it right to do it their way instead, then they will feel much more secure in their wrong approach. This is, after all, how the devil got a third of the angels to join up: not only were they doing what they wanted to do (instead of doing the right thing) but with so many doing it there was safety in numbers. A third of the angels can't be wrong, can they? Yes they can. So many Christians going to church where the Word is never taught or else error is taught about it can't be wrong can they? Yes they can.

There is nothing wrong with going to a brick and mortar church. But why are you going there? If it's not to learn the truth – the whole reason for Christian assembly – then you are only wasting your time . . . or worse (if what is being "taught" is contrary to the truth which is often the case). Churches today tend to be little more than social get-togethers, so that even though they may be differing in their formal creeds, really no one believes much of anything (anything of the truth, that is). So whether the church in question focuses on wowing the congregation with music, or hell-fire and brimstone, or speaking in tongues, or extensive high ritual, what they have in common is no truth (or very little of it) and very often falsity instead.

As to Hebrews 10:25, here is my translation:

(24) And let us give careful attention to one another['s ministries] as motivation for [our own] love and good works, (25) not abandoning your mutual assembling as some have made it their practice to do [and which makes this impossible], but rather encouraging each other [to persevere in this work of the Lord], and doing so to an ever greater degree to the extent that you see the day [of the Lord] drawing [ever] closer.
Hebrews 10:24-25

As this passage actually teaches, the assembling of believers OUGHT to be an occasion for mutual edification and motivation for learning, teaching and believing the truth. That is the PURPOSE for the assembly. If it can't be carried out this way (because no group of believers exists in the area who are willing to do this), then praise the Lord if it is possible to accomplish the PURPOSE some other way. It's about the purpose, not the means of accomplishing the purpose. Here is what the Bible says about assembly that does not accomplish the purpose:

"When you come to appear before me, who has asked this of you, this trampling of my courts? Stop bringing meaningless offerings! Your incense is detestable to me. New Moons, Sabbaths and convocations— I cannot bear your worthless assemblies. Your New Moon feasts and your appointed festivals I hate with all my being. They have become a burden to me; I am weary of bearing them."
Isaiah 1:12-14 NIV

"I hate, I despise your religious festivals; your assemblies are a stench to me."
Amos 5:21 NIV

"Oh, that one of you would shut the temple doors, so that you would not light useless fires on my altar! I am not pleased with you," says the LORD Almighty, "and I will accept no offering from your hands."
Malachi 1:10 NIV

In the following directives I have no praise for you, for your meetings do more harm than good.
1st Corinthians 11:17 NIV

I certainly don't begrudge you or any Christian fellowship with other Christians who are likewise dedicated to the truth so that by such fellowship you may be encouraged and helped even as you encourage and help them. That is what THE Church of Jesus Christ is supposed to doing – and what better and more efficient way of doing so than face to face? But what if there are no such groups in the area? Should we throw out all of our principles and commit ourselves to a group that is not encouraging at all but one which is actively discouraging our zeal for the truth and telling us that what we believe is incorrect, even as they exhibit absolutely no interest in learning anything true at all? Would that really be pleasing to the Lord?

Of course many pastors are going to suggest that non-attendance, non-membership, non-tithing, non-working is not only bad but indicative of not being saved. That all started with Rome. There is no salvation outside of the Roman Catholic church – so they say. But that is a lie. And we are not required to believe lies. Rather, we are to refute them with the truth. It's all about the truth, and that is a difficult commodity to come by in the vast majority of churches today. If you find an exception, that is great. They are very few and far between however – which is why this one is on the internet. We are conversing and encouraging each other and learning the truth together. Would it be nicer if we could do so face to face? Yes indeed? But since that is not possible, this is certainly just as effective in terms of the truth – and it's all about the truth.

As for MacArthur, every time I hear about some teaching of my fellow seminary alum, it seems he's always got it wrong. I know he "teaches", but if what is taught is wrong, perhaps a "coffee cake social" church would be not as bad. At least that way there wouldn't be the need to ward off things that are false.

Here are some links that go into more detail on these topics:

The Meaning and Purpose of True Christian Assembly

The Assembly of the Local Church

Church Attendance.

Church: The Biblical Ideal versus the Contemporary Reality.

Red Hot or Lukewarm? Bible Teaching versus Sermonizing.

Mega-Churches and Emergent Christianity

Finding a Church – or Something Better? II

Finding a Church – or Something Better?

Dysfunctional Churches.

Ichthys and Contemporary Christianity

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #25: 

Who are the timid here?

"But the [unforgiven] fearful [deilos {di-los'}; timid, cowardly], and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers [sexually immoral], and sorcerers [all forms of evil/magic to force or do harm], and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."
Revelation 21:8 KJV

Response #25:  

All these categories give us behavior patterns that respond to the modus vivendi of the unbeliever. It doesn't mean that a believer who ever expresses fear is not saved. No one is perfect; but believers are forgiven, both positionally (in Christ) and experientially (when we confess). Compare:

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.
1st Corinthians 6:9-11 NKJV

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #26: 

Who are the perjurers?

"for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine"
( 1 Tim. 1:10)

Response #26: 

Technically, those who have taken a formal oath and do not abide by it. Again, these are classic unbeliever behaviors, and we have to distinguish between believers who may have done some of these things before or who have lapsed and done some of these things after salvation (for which they are disciplined but don't lose salvation unless their behavior swamps their faith and they lose it in the end), and unbelievers who are characterized by evil behavior of one type or another.

Moreover, the context is one of Paul refuting individuals who are teaching Christians to follow the Law; his point ever is that the Law is designed to convict everyone of sin and thus lead to Christ; it can't be kept perfectly (not that this would merit salvation in any case). Because of the noxious nature of the false teachers, Paul picks some of the more abhorrent behaviors prohibited by the Law to associate with these individuals.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #27: 

Hi Robert,

Greetings again from Arizona. Hope you are doing well. And thank you for your email; my wife and I are doing well in small town Arizona. The Lord has moved me to a new job position at work which I like much better than the previous environmental work.

Spiritually I am fighting the good fight. I continue to struggle with melancholy, mostly first half of the day. For whatever reason, it is hard to grasp my being able to go to Heaven, though I know Christ has saved me. But I keep on reading His word and spend time early in prayer and see His hand working awesomely in our lives.

Thanks for the new series; gonna download it and transfer to my Kindle, where I do most of my reading. When I read the Bible, I go through chapter by chapter, verse by verse and it takes 3.5 years to go through the whole Bible that way. But I get the whole counsel of God. That is why I like Calvary Chapel. They also don't make a fuss over dinky stuff like clothing, hair length, jewelry and such like.

Let me know if you have any prayer requests; will bring it to the Lord.

One of my pastimes is creating instrumental music using FL Studio. I cannot play an instrument or read music, but I can hear it in my head. With FL Studio, I make melodies and musical pieces note by note, chord by chord. It has opened up the door for the music in my head to come to real life. I have attached a sample of my work for you to hear. But it is not like anything you will hear on the radio. Awe, mystery and beauty I think describe it. It is called God With Us.

God bless brother and keep close to the Lord; He is blessing many through you, including yours truly.

In Jesus,

Response #27:  

Good to hear back from you, my friend. Interesting music! Sounds like a sound track to a good sci-fi movie!

I'm happy to hear that things are going well spiritually, but I am sorry that this problem is still an issue. Congrats on the new job!

I'm also happy that you have a church home you enjoy. My experience with that "flavor" of Christianity was not positive. A lot of emotional stimulation which always led to a let down later. In any case, I do think that the recent post will be a tonic for you (so do try to have a look: link BB 6A).

None of us is worthy. That is why Jesus had to die for us all. And He did! For all of our sins. So believe it, my friend! We're going to be with Him and one another forever.

Looking forward to that great day to come!

In Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #28: 

Hi again Bob,

I forgot in my previous email to mention about prayers needed for someone I know who has fallen by the wayside. I don't think he is saved at all, because he has no fruits of the spirit and lives a life worse than unbelievers. This concerns me because I care for his soul, even though I am angry at his sinful lifestyle. He drinks, gambles, and hangs around people who do hardcore drugs. Those are not his real friends as I told him.

I quoted a bible verse which sums up my concern for him. I copied a bible verse and posted it to him, and he got upset and removed it. This is what I quoted:

"Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful."
(Proverbs 27:6)

He then quotes some worldly quote to counter the Word of God (which made me upset) that read: "If you like it, pursue it...and if you feel uncomfortable, then leave it. To me, this sounds like someone who is afraid to face the challenges in their life, especially the ones the Lord gives to them to further their spiritual growth. I try not to get mad at this because the bible says that the wrath of man works not the righteousness of God (James 1:20). But I'm mad at his sinful lifestyle, and I can't seem to help it; and at the same time, I truly care for his moral condition, and that he truly repents from the deeds of the flesh.

I am not sure if he can at the moment unless he acts upon the Holy Spirit's prompting. He has Ying/Yang symbols all over his personal webpage. To me that is pagan because Ying/Yang teaches that GOOD cannot survive without EVIL, and vice versa. That seems like a doctrine straight from the pits of hell. I don't see how that concept could possibly be applied to biblical truth. I understand that in the Eternal State, there will be no more evil or curse, and that outside the Kingdom are the unsaved where they will suffer eternal punishment. So Good seems to do fine alone without evil. I'm looking for godly counsel before I go on and make some mistakes or errors regarding this issue about a friend of mine.

Please pray for the salvation of his soul, and that he truly repents and despise evil and love that which is good according to the Spirit of Truth. Any advice and feedback from you are always positive in the right way, and speaks wisdom from above.

God Bless you and your ministry,

Response #28: 

It sounds to me as if you are already doing all you can for your friend. I don't see what more you can do, except to keep praying. Those who have made it clear that they are not willing to listen to our words of truth and want no more part of them are not going to be persuaded by us getting more aggressive. That is the very definition of casting pearls before swine – and we know what the outcome of that ill-advised procedure is. So take care not to allow yourself to be trampled, but keep on praying. What we cannot do, the Lord can surely do. He knows very well how to get a wayward believer's attention – and He will, at just the right time and in just the right way.

Yours in our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

P.S.:  If you haven't noticed or already done so, please check out the list of wonderful ministry offerings on the Special Topics page, including postings by Bartek Sylwestrzak (*series on Mary now complete!), Christian Vassallo, John Jackson, "Bible Readings by Emma", Bible Reading Log by Christian Vassallo (helps for reading through the English Bible),  The Holocaust: A Biblical and Historical Examination (Future Implications) by Fred London, the Expanded Index to topics found at Ichthys, and, most recently, Foundational Principles, by Odii Ariwodo.

Special Prayer Requests

A special word of thanks to all who have been praying for this ministry.  The Lord has brought about a great deliverance for me and mine.  I am forever grateful to Him, and also to all of you who have been faithfully interceding for me and for this ministry.

The Lord is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation.
Exodus 15:2

Addendum: 12/24/16:  I also want to thank everyone who has been praying for my family and especially for my mother.  She passed away yesterday morning at the age of ninety-six.  Considering the sad shape she was in, it was a blessing that the Lord took her when He did.  She died "full of years" in the company of those who loved her, and now she is with the Lord – and nothing is better than that (Phil.1:23; Rev.7:17; 21:4).

*Urgent Prayer Request #2 [11/14/18]: Please pray for our friend Odii and his fiancée Abi.  Her family has just survived a home invasion where the invaders expressed the purpose of killing her father, a prominent local judge, from religious and political motives.  While no one was physically injured (all valuables were stolen), their city is a very dangerous place, and this may not be the end of it.  Please pray not only for their protection but for a way out to a safer country.

*Urgent Prayer Request: **[latest update 2/15/19 below] Please be in prayer for our brother Vau who has just received a preliminary diagnosis for neuroendocrine cancer, a rare cancer that combines with different cancers from the colon and the liver (in his case). His loss would be a heavy blow to his wife and children. But we know that nothing is impossible for the Lord. [for more requests, see below]

Update from Vau (2/15/19)

Brother Bob,

God bless you my friend. So much has taking place within a few weeks. I've been going through, to God be the glory. When I went in to discuss the latest CT scan, the cancer has been growing in the liver and colon with tumors moving in different areas. I prayed that God would give me and open mind regarding Immunotherapy if it came down to it. Bottom line is the Dr said I have to do something or else he couldn't see the liver holding up much to longer. He said it's amazing how I'm still looking in good shape and that my liver is still functioning well enough where I can still have an option left. After being informed in more detail about Immunotherapy and that they have 3 patients in it now that was brought back from the dead (as he put it) and one of them has the rare cancer like me, all 3 of them are doing fine with the treatment. So I decided to move forward with it as I started my first round yesterday. I will have 4 treatments (once every three weeks) and if takes within the first 2 or 3 treatments we know it's working. If it doesn't take well we know things will start to get worst. I'm praying for no side affects and that God moves through this treatment and heals me. I just believe he's going to do it my friend. I'm not questioning it or doubting the process. I can't. I will trust him with all I have. Please continue to pray for my strength and healing and I will keep you posted as much as I can my friend.

Take care and God bless,

Brother Vau

More Prayer Requests:

  • For Lowell, for success for proton therapy for his prostate cancer.

  • *For our friend Gaurav, for encouragement, health, and material deliverance. [n.b., Gaurav was the first one on this list years ago; he writes that he is still "hanging in" and staying faithful to the Lord, but he and his family are in greater material need than ever; please remember them in your prayers]
  • *For Shontel, for the means and opportunity to get out of a debilitating and dangerous domestic situation ASAP.
  • For David's wife who is entering hospice [*update: our friend's wife has gone to be with the Lord; please pray for his comfort].
  • For Kevin for successful brain tumor surgery.
  • For Bob P. for help in healing a painful skin disorder (praise here as the condition has been somewhat ameliorated, but please keep him in prayer); *and Bob wife, Debbie, just diagnosed with invasive ductile breast cancer *[update: treatments successful!  Please continue prayer as some continued therapy necessary for some time].
  • For comfort for Jon and his family in the loss of his father.  Thanks to all who have been praying for him.  Jon reports convincing evidence that his dad was indeed saved before the end.  Praise the Lord!
  • For Abby for success and blessing in her new efforts in ministry, and for her cousin Danny's health. *Please also pray for her health, strength and perseverance in stressful and challenging circumstances.
  • For our friend Bartek, for the recovery of his health, and also for success in gaining citizenship in the UK [*praise here as his petition was successful!]. *Also, please pray for empowerment and help for his father in his evangelization ministry.
  • For help and support for Yuhanna and his family in the midst of continuing trial and testing, and for the salvation of his wider family. And please pray in particular for financial help and help for a better job for his wife in the midst of this crisis.  **[update: 12/18: please pray for success for a critical initiative that would overturn much wrong and right the situation for our friend and other affected; *next 60 days are crucial]. *Yuhanna also asks for prayer for his wife and children find a sound biblically based church and for the Lord to display the fruit of The Spirit in their lives; and also for Charlotte to find employment.
  • For Ramsey, for success in his job application process [praise here! please keep him in your prayers].
  • *For the empowerment of our friend Curt's ministry; for his health, the health of his family [praise for good news here - please pray for Curt's own health], and for his finances. *Critical: please also pray for immediate deliverance from false accusations.
  • For our brother Abishai's help and guidance in preparing for ministry, as well as for his healing and help with his business to provide for his family's basic needs, and for the health and healing of his young daughter [praise here!].  Please also pray for his brother, a believer, to be led to the truth on important issues of doctrine. And please also pray for the health of his wife and children, and of his father in law.

  • For our friend Betty's help and deliverance [praise the Lord for answered prayer!].
  • For our friend Carol's recovery, encouragement and for help in her professional life.
  • For our friend Vau's father for healing from critical illness, and for Vau's encouragement [praise here!].
  • For our friend John's family's deliverance from cult influence [praise for some good news here, but some members are still entrapped]. *Please also pray for John's health and that of his wife as well.

  • For our friend Kathleen's recovery from a terrible accident.
  • For our friend Steve for strength, protection, providence and deliverance – more needful now than ever.
  • For help and deliverance for our friend Cindy's daughter.
  • *For our friend Brittany's healing from cancer, and for her spiritual recovery and encouragement.
  • For our friend Ken and his family's protection from persecution for seeking the truth.
  • For the family of Jewel, a recently martyred pastor in Bangladesh (please see the link).
  • Ken Young's ministry and for his health (please see the link).
  • For Christian congregations being persecuted in Sri Lanka (please see the link).
  • For our friend Neal's help in and healing from devastating illness.
  • *[For young Joel, a newborn with Zellweger syndrome . . .]; from the family:  little Omari Joel passed on June 4, 2018 at the age of 5 ½. There are no words to express our gratitude for your prayers, and your love will always be remembered. Your prayers were blessed with love, grace, and an eternal relationship with Jesus. May God continue to bless you each and every day, and thank you for bringing our family into your family. Amen. Many blessings, keep family in your prayers!!!
  • For our friend Mark's successful surgery and swift recovery.
  • For the healing, blessing, encouragement and vindication of our brother, Nihal
  • *For our friend Mike's encouragement and God's blessing on his livelihood to provide for his family (urgently needed at present!).
  • For Helen's healing from cancer and for her comfort in the loss of her family members.
  • For pastor Don's wife Jessie's healing from cancer.
  • For Clyde's encouragement and deliverance in severe testing.
  • For John, for help in getting more hours or work or a better job.
  • For our friend John's help in coping with a difficult medical condition (cadasil).
  • For our friend Paul's father-in-law, for deliverance from cancer.
  • For healing for Leigh's dad's health (praise for betterment here - she thanks everyone for their prayers), for her daughter's healing from hypothyroidism and celiac disease, and for encouragement and help for her.
  • *For the salvation of Judah's friend, and for help for Judah in overcoming spiritual obstacles and for help in preparing for ministry.
  • For Tom for help in the development of all skills necessary for an apologetics ministry combating atheism in particular. *Please also pray for the salvation of his grandmother.

  • For the deliverance of Michael's wife from extreme charismatic influence.
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  • For our friend Karl's mother's salvation.
  • For our friend Oscar's continued spiritual growth and help in securing suitable employment in spite of serious satanic opposition.
  • For Richard Khum and Mission Training School in Myanmar (richardlkhum@gmail.com).
  • For Ashley and help with her marriage.
  • For Wen and family in a new area without suitable Bible teaching.
  • For Zach's healing, deliverance and comfort from severe cult abuse and control, and to be led into God’s truth.
  • For the salvation of Danny's mother and for her healing in extreme pain; for healing in body and mind, and for his protection and blessing on his family and for their reconciliation.  Please also pray for Danny's living situation, and also for his job situation where he is experiencing persecution.
  • For deliverance for John's friend from the JW heresy.
  • For our friend who wished to remain nameless, for her protection and the protection of her children from a hostile and aggressive "ex".
  • For the deliverance of Jay's friend from the influence of a noxious cult.
  • For our friend Anna and her family's comfort in the loss of her daughter, and for the comfort, encouragement and salvation of her two children.
  • For our friend Sheila's healing from the effects of a chronic condition.
  • For our friend Sandra, suffering from multiply myeloma [praise here! please keep her in your prayers].
  • For David's wife who is recovering from back surgery.
  • For friends Lynette, Angie, Marcia, Dan and Jeffery, all of whom are presently under heavy spiritual pressures and in need of prayer and encouragement.
  • For our newly converted brother Jacob in India, for healing for him and for his daughter, for his material needs, and for the salvation of his parents.
  • For our friend Tommy, for a roof over his head.
  • For the protection of Crystal and her family.
  • For Billy's mother to be led into all of God's truth.
  • ***For Resi in transitioning from Roman Catholicism and for help in serious financial difficulties.  Please also pray for our friend and his cooperative to be successful.  Prayers also please for family who does not share his faith. And please pray for our friend's protection from persecution in a place where standing up for the truth and not following the crowd results in suspicion and shunning.
  • For Kim and her family, and for her daughter's deliverance from a cult.
  • For Leigh – she thanks everyone for their prayers (the Lord has taken her father home in a peaceful way).
  • For Ryan's salvation.
  • For Brian's healing from sleep apnea [praise here!], protection on a hazardous job [praise here too!], and continued spiritual growth.  *Please also pray for help with potential heart problems.

  • For help for Steven in successfully carrying a heavy and difficult academic load in preparing to minister to the body of Christ.
  • For the opening of Daniel's heart to the gospel and his salvation in Jesus Christ.
  • For Becca's family, for help with serious medical and financial troubles (praise here for answered prayers!).
  • For the salvation of John's two unbelieving sons.
  • For Charles' granddaughter, for the perseverance of her faith and for her deliverance from drug addiction, and for the salvation and spiritual growth of another granddaughter.
  • For Bogdan's salvation and receptiveness to the truth.
  • For Clinton, for spiritual growth [praise here for completing his degree and landing a good job!].
  • *For Chris, for the preservation of his job in the midst of budget cuts [praise here! Victory! Job retained!], and for his health and protection on the job. *Please also pray for Lisa's health.
  • For the salvation of Mitch's wife.
  • For help for Sam's recovery from cancer and deliverance from extreme insomnia.
  • For Cary, for encouragement in persecution abroad, and for health and strength.
  • For Ania, for her salvation and spiritual growth in the truth.
  • *For our friend Odii, for help in finding a way to make a living without compromising his principles in a difficult field (social media). *Please pray for the success of his business as a base for ministering the Word.   **Please also pray for his fiancée and her family for protection from violence in the place where they live.

  • For Alex' and Chris' mother, for her salvation and the opening of her heart to the truth.
  • For our friend Carmen, for the protection of her granddaughters, and her encouragement and strength in negotiating a difficult trial; for her boy Josh's recovery and for encouragement for him to turn to the Lord for help.
  • *For Amber's continued spiritual growth and encouragement, and for her healing.  Please also pray for the salvation of her grandmother.
  • *For Sande's encouragement and perseverance in proclaiming and teaching the Word in the face of significant resistance. Please pray also for his health and the health of his mother and grandmother (suffering from aplastic anaemia and spinal stenosis respectively).

  • For Christine, for help and protection in a longstanding debate with several JWs, and for Melina and Sandra, for their salvation and deliverance from the WT.
  • For Christian, for the prospering of his consultancy in order to have more time to prepare for and engage in ministry [praise here!  please continue to pray for the success of his business].
  • For Kim, for help for her and her family in struggling with severe financial pressures and for moving forward with spiritual growth.
  • For Brooke, for peace and blessing her marriage, and for her spiritual growth.
  • For Filip, for salvation in Jesus Christ and spiritual growth thereafter.
  • For Mélanie, for her healing and help in finishing her degree under difficult circumstances, and for encouragement to move forward with spiritual growth.
  • For Jeffery, for the salvation of his two sons.
  • *For Dorota's healing from inoperable cancer, and for her salvation [*praise here as she has responded to the Lord! Please pray for her course of chemotherapy].
  • *For old friend and seminary colleague, pastor Mark, for his healing from cancer and its complications.
  • For Peter, for the deliverance of his family from cult influence and to be led to salvation in Jesus Christ.
  • For comfort and encouragement for Charles and his wife Joan who was just diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer.

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    Bible Versions, Bible Translation, and Bible Reading II

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    No, Hebrews does not teach that you lost your salvation.

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    Have I Lost My Salvation? (III)

    The Battlefield Within: Fighting the inner spiritual Struggle.

    Putting Christ in Christmas: Loving Jesus, the Star and the Magi, Wonderful Counselor.

    Old Testament Interpretation: Moses and Zipporah, David's disastrous Census, the Destruction of the Midianites, et al.

    Healing, Miracles, and Dreams: Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff by biblical Means

    153 Fish: Explaining some Difficult New Testament Passages

    Kenosis: Our Lord's Self-Limitation during the 1st Advent

    Biblical Anthropology II: 'Soul sleep', & dichotomy vs. trichotomy

    Biblical Anthropology I: The Nature of Human Beings and Human Life according to the Bible.

    Genesis Gap: Questions and Answers II.

    Culture and Christianity VII: Jury Duty, Witnessing, Biometry, Military Service et al.

    Culture and Christianity VI: Halloween, Holidays, Aliens, and Christian Applications.

    Angelic Issues V: Michael, the Angel of the Lord, Christophany, demons, cherubs, and Satan's revolt.

    Angelic Issues IV:  Satan's Revolt in the Plan of God.

    New Testament Interpretation: Melchizedek, 'Forsake not Assembly', 'Women Remain Silent', Water-Baptism, Tongues, Prophecy, Intervention of Departed Believers.

    Lost my salvation II?

    All about Ichthys: Mutual Encouragement in the Lord. 

    Genesis Questions.

    Fallen Angels, Demons, Nephilim, and the Devil's Methodology.

    End Times Interpretation II.

    Salvation, the Gospel, and Unbelief.

    The Bible and the Canon: The Inspired Word of God.

    End Times Interpretation.

    Grace versus Law.

    Communion and the Spiritual Death of Christ.

    Sinlessness and 1st John.

    Israelology, Anti-Semitism, the Remnant, Gentiles, Lost Tribes, Jewish Myths.

    "Soul Sleep" versus our true Heavenly State.

    Christology Questions III: The Angel of the Lord, the Lamb Slain, monogenes.

    Angelic Issues III: Demons, Satan, Elders, Female Angels and Guardians.

    Against Universalism III: Unbelievers in the Plan of God.

    Waters Above, the Firmament, and the Genesis Gap.

    Marriage "Matters".

    In Need of Guidance and Encouragement.

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations V.

    Servants, Slaves, Disciples, and Ministers.

    Baptism: Water and Spirit II.

    Bible Interpretation III: David's Anointing, Stephen versus Genesis, Triplets, This People, and more.

    Evangelism in Principle and Practice.

    Scripture versus Personal Experience.

    Calvinism, Covenants and Catholicism.

    Culture and Christianity V: Temporal Authority vs. Biblical Application.

    False Doctrine of Absolute Eternal Security III.

    The Dangers of Messianic Legalism IV: Unclean and Impure?

    Things to Come III: The Wrath of God and the Fate of the Beast's Army.

    God Works All Things Together for Good.

    The 7 Trumpets, the 7 Kings, Nephilim, Antichrist and Revived Rome.

    The Coming Tribulation and the Kingdom of God.

    Sin, Confession and Forgiveness.

    Mutual Encouragement in Christ.

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations IV.

    Culture and Christianity IV: Doing one's job as 'unto the Lord', the peril's of 'heroic medicine', Christian perspectives on legalizing marijuana, when lying is not a sin, and when life begins.

    Eschatology Issues V: "It is not for you to know the times or the seasons".

    Ichthys and Contemporary Christianity.

    Gospel Questions V: Help my Unbelief, Respecting our Enemies, etc.

    The Two Witnesses of the Tribulation: Moses and Elijah.

    The Apostles, the Jerusalem Council, and Legalism then and now.

    Aspects of the Christian Walk: Gambling, Lying, Christmas, Judging, Worrying, et al.

    No Rapture

    Believers in the World: Using our Free Will to Respond to the Lord

    Christology Questions II: The Serpent Lifted and the Cross, Jesus' Infallibility, Destroy this Temple, the Sign Spoken Against, His Glorification, the Spirit's Anointing, and the Necessity for His Humanity.

    Paul's Jerusalem Error, Worshiping Truly, the Priesthood of the Believer, and Peter's Vision of the Impure Food

    Christian Trials and Testing

    Gospel Questions IV: The Prophet, the rich man in Hades, Peter's wife, the 'eleven' and the 'twelve' apostles, 'the world could not contain' (Jn.21:25), and progressive revelation.

    Eschatology Issues IV: Israeli politics, 'This Generation', Signs of the Times, the Beast presently alive?, 'Flee Babylon', Preparing for the Tribulation, and 'was, is not, will be'.

    John's Water-Baptism versus the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

    Eschatology Issues III: Over-focusing on Revelation, the Seven Churches, Enoch versus Elijah, and the Symbolism of the Menorah

    The Purpose of Chronicles, Cyrus the Persian, the Chronology of the Exodus Plagues, Qumran and Isaiah, Nebuchadnezzar's Madness, and Jeremiah 31:22, "A Woman will Embrace a Man".

    Aaron and the Golden Calf, Mount Zion, Moses and Zipporah, the high priest's attire, and the ark of the covenant.

    Aspects of the Genesis Curse on Animals, the Tree of Knowing Good and Evil, Jacob Wrestling with the Angel of the Lord, and Kainam.

    The City of David, the Star of David, Solomon's Wisdom, and the Song of Solomon.

    The Israelites at Kadesh and 'not entering the Land of Promise'.

    Genesis Gap: Questions and Answers.

    Sin and Spiritual Transformation.

    Cults and Christianity IV

    Cults and Christianity III

    Cults and Christianity II

    Cults and Christianity.

    One Baptism: the True Meaning of Peter's Words at Acts 2:38.

    Apostasy and the Sin unto Death, the Conscience and Sanctification.

    The Plan of God and Individual Salvation (excerpt from BB 4B)

    In Your Anger, do not Sin:  Ephesians 4:26 and the Sin Nature

    Bible Interpretation II: Easter, Abiathar, the Hyssop-Blood Cross, Baal, the Scarlet Thread, Names of God, Adiaphoria, and Mezentius.

    Spiritual Warfare II

    Culture and Christianity III

    Have I Lost my Salvation?

    On the Firing Line: Encouragement in Christian Trials

    Eschatology and the Old Testament

    Prayer and our Walk with Jesus.

    Issues of Canonicity II: Aramaic, Enoch, KJV, and the Pastorals

    Bible Vocabulary and Bible Word Studies

    Satan, his Demons, and the Gnostics

    Antichrist: Alive and Well and Living on Planet Earth?

    The Nature of Angels

    Our Eternal Future: Life after Death for Believers in Jesus Christ

    Giants and Nephilim, Sumerian Myths, and Sea Monsters

    Dreams and Visions II

    The Golden Rule

    The Divinity of Jesus Christ

    Free-Will Faith and the Will of God

    Some Sensitive Topics III

    The Spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy: explaining James 4:5.

    Faith: What is it?

    The Seven-Fold Spirit of God.

    Free-Will Faith in the Plan of God.

    Putting the Word of God First.

    Free-Will Faith.

    The False Doctrine of "Soul Sleep" II.

    The False Doctrine of Absolute Eternal Security II.

    The Plan of God

    The Dangers of Messianic Legalism III

    The Dangers of Messianic Legalism II

    The Dangers of Messianic Legalism.

    The Gift of Tongues: Part 2

    The Gift of Tongues: Part 1

    Mega-Churches, Emergent Christianity, Spirituality and Materialism.

    Epignosis, Christian Epistemology, and Spiritual Growth.

    Jephthah's Daughter, Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage.

    Christian Unity and Divisiveness.

    Death, Martyrdom and Resurrection.

    Blessing, Cursing, and Prayer.

    Freedom and Responsibility.

    Fighting the Good Fight of Faith.

    Only-Begotten, Mother-of-God, On-this-Rock: English-only Interpretation is Dangerous.

    The Greek Text of the New Testament and some Issues of Textual Criticism.

    What does the name 'Christian' mean?

    Some Jewish Issues.

    Christians Beware: Internet Frauds and the Need for Spiritual Discernment (part 2).

    Christians Beware: Internet Frauds and the Need for Spiritual Discernment.

    Sin and Forgiveness.

    Spring Special: The Millennial Regathering and Purging of Israel.

    Life Begins at Birth.

    Culture and Christianity II

    Culture and Christianity I

    The Saved and the Unsaved

    Last Things and Last Judgments

    The Local Church and Personal Ministry IV

    The Local Church and Personal Ministry III

    The Local Church and Personal Ministry II

    The Local Church and Personal Ministry I

    More on Antichrist and his Kingdom

    Antichrist and Babylon

    Prophecy Questions.

    Theological Questions

    Heavenly Things.

    Dysfunctional Churches.

    Some Sensitive Topics II.

    Christmas Special: The Judgment and Reward of the Church.

    What is God's Will?


    Thanksgiving Leftovers.

    Combating Legalism VI

    Combating Legalism V

    Combating Legalism IV

    Combating Legalism III

    Combating Legalism II

    Combating Legalism I

    Aspects of the False Doctrine of Institutional Security

    Chronological Order of the Books of the Bible II

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations III

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations II

    Biblical Languages, Texts and Translations I

    Gospel Questions III: Least in the kingdom, Millstones, Pennies, Pebbles, Babes, Rhaka, Tallits, and the Crown of Thorns.

    Gospel Questions II: Jesus' Turning Water to Wine, Sweating Blood, Walking on Water, Washing the Disciples' Feet, and the Promise of Freedom."

    Things to Come II: Genesis Rapture, Daniel's Weeks, Seven Kings, Signs of the Apocalypse, Tribulational Suffering, Seven Seals, the Bride of Christ, and Mystery Babylon.

    Things to Come: The Half Hour, the 144,000, the Book of Life, Rewards, the Beast's Kingdom, the Great Apostasy, and the so-called 'Partial Rapture'.

    Satan and the Existence of Evil.

    The Holy Spirit: Blasphemy against, Restraining Ministry, and Gender.

    Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Growth

    Christian Love, the Golden Rule, Christian Military Service and Self-Defense.

    Issues of Canonicity: Apocrypha, Enoch, and Inspiration.

    Church: The Biblical Ideal versus the Contemporary Reality.

    Numbers, Letters, and the Mark of the Beast.

    Gospel Questions I: Jesus' Life, the Gospels and Cherubs, and who Wrote Matthew.

    More Questions about Genesis.

    Naaman, Nero, Nineveh, and Senacharib.

    The False Doctrine of Absolute Eternal Security.

    Choosing Hell: Questions about Salvation and the Love of God.

    The Chronology of the End.

    The Route of the Israelites in Crossing the Red Sea.

    Some Issues of Transmission, Translation, and Transliteration: The Camel and the Needle, etc.

    Aspects of the Life of Christ: Jesus' siblings, the man born blind, et al.

    Jesus is God and man.

    Jesus is God.

    Redemption, the Blood of Christ, Christ our Passover, and The Passion of the Christ.

    Eschatology Issues II: Angelic bodies, heaven and hell, Satan and the Nephilim, etc.

    The Book of Job and Biblical Interpretation.

    Some Questions about Eternity.

    Who Controls our Thoughts and Emotions?

    The Day of the Lord.

    Sleep as a Euphemism for Death.

    Literal Hell.

    Christ's Preaching to the Spirits in Hell (1Pet.3:18-20), & Michael's Rebuke of Satan (2Pet.2:10-11 ).

    Recovering from Sin.

    The Timing of the Resurrection.

    Dispensations, the Church, the Rapture, and the Destruction of the Universe.

    Christianity versus Contemporary Kitsch.

    Purpose Driven Life, Oprah's New Age Religion, et al.

    Lot, Esau, and Cain: Learning through Negative Examples.

    Against Universalism II: Only Believers are Saved.

    Against Universalism I: Free Will and the Image of God.

    Courage in the Fight.

    Demon Influences.

    Sabbath Questions.

    The Seven Edens and the Eden of Adam and Eve.

    Opposition to the Genesis Gap from the Creation Research Institute et al.

    Mary 'Full of Grace'?

    Changing the Name of God?

    The Beast:  Some Questions about Antichrist.

    The Book of Revelation:  Some Questions.

    Red Hot or Lukewarm? Bible Teaching versus Sermonizing.

    The Last Judgment and the Great White Throne.

    Baptism:  Water and Spirit.

    Spiritual  Marathons.

    Christology:  Some Questions on the Life of Christ.

    Regarding Ichthys.

    Train up a Child in the Way he should Go.

    War, History, and Politics.

    Unbelief and its Consequences.

    Dreams and Visions.

    Explaining and Defending the Trinity and the Person of Christ.

    Free Will and Faith under Pressure.

    Angelic Issues II.

    Science and the Bible.

    Bible Interpretation I:  Academics, Versions et al.

    Faith in the Word of God: the Basis of all True Worship.

    Aspects of the Resurrection II.

    Faith and Encouragement in the midst of Fiery Trials.

    Some Sensitive Topics.

    Jethro, Amenhotep, Iraq, the Catacombs, and the KJV.

    Eschatology Issues: The Fig Tree, Ezekiel 38, Joel 3, and the Trumpets.

    Christ the Rock, the Rooster's Crow, and the Cross.

    Applying Faith II: Production, Forgiveness, Circumcision, Truth over People.

    Applying Faith: Eating, Drinking, and Vacation.

    The Tree of Life, Communion, and the Virgin Birth.

    Grammar Questions.

    Can Prayer Be Offered From Heaven? & Some Genesis Questions.

    Walking the Path of Faith through the Light of the Word of God.

    Salvation on the battlefield, truth revealed to infants, and damnation.

    Preparing for Tribulation.

    Divine Sovereignty and Divine Judgment.

    God's Free Gift of Salvation.

    Should Christians wear Jewelry?

    The Lord's Prayer.

    The Events Surrounding the Birth of Christ.

    Cremation or Burial?

    Zechariah, Demon Possession, Marriage, Spiritual Experiences, and Bible Prophecy.

    No Grounds for Divorce?

    The Shape of the Universe, Hominids, and the Genesis Gap.

    Taking Personal Responsibility: Interest, Bankruptcy, Gambling, and Employment.

    The Seven Churches, the Judgment Seat of Christ,  and other issues in Eschatology.

    The Canonicity of the book of Hebrews.

    Great White Throne, the Last Judgment, and the Outer Darkness.

    Political Action versus Biblical Christianity.

    Study Tools and Methodologies.


    The Gospel and the Kingdom of God.

    Pursuing a Deeper Relationship with Jesus and Christian Epistemology.

    The Origin and the Danger of the Pre-Tribulational Rapture Theory.

    The Divinity of the Spirit and the Percentage of those who are Saved.

    Should Christians ever consider getting a lawyer?

    Pastoral Authority, Popes, Pat Robertson, and Pelagianism.

    Some Questions on Church Polity.

    Apostles and Evangelism

    Luther, Arminius, Calvin, Kant, Ironside, Tutu and Thieme.

    Angelic Issues.

    Transmutation, Resuscitation, and Resurrection.

    Is the Soul a tertium quid?

    More on the Documentary Hypothesis and More on the Rapture.

    Enoch's Walk with God and Some Questions in the Gospels.

    The Influence of the Renaissance and Rationalism on the Church and Cutting off Arms in Malachi 2:3.

    Sabbath Observance.

    1st John 5:20 & Romans 6:23.

    Eschatology Questions.

    Baptism and Following Jesus.

    Where is Armageddon?

    Assurance of Salvation.

    The Cross, Sin, and the Devil in God's Plan.

    More on: Spiritual Gifts; Hats & Hair; the Age of Accountability.

    Daniel 9:25 and Daniel 11:30.

    Who will populate earth during the Millennium?  and  Asking for Wisdom: James 1:5.

    Was Judas Saved?, The Gospel of Judas, and Issues of Canonicity.

    Is 'My Son' Israel or Jesus in Hosea 11:1?  &  How do you Prove Sin to Someone?

    Did Matthew Write his Gospel in Hebrew?

    Christian Crowns, Pagan Names, and the Time of the Cock-Crow.

    Child-like Faith, Mark vs. Matthew, the Mahdi, and 'Who was with God in the Beginning?

    True Orthodoxy and False Creeds.

    Foot-washing, Bitter Herbs, Baptism, and Borrowed Faith.

    All Things Charismatic.

    Friday versus Thursday Crucifixion.

    Jesus' Cursing of the Fig Tree, Apostasy, and 'Feng Shui'.

    The Genesis Serpent, Using "it" to refer to the baby Jesus, and more on Tattoos.

    Combating Gnosticism.

    Resisting the Devil.

    Why did Jesus choose John over James to take care of His mother Mary?

    Antichrist's 'desire of women' in Daniel 11:37 et al.

    Do recent catastrophes have a divine origin?

    Does God really want us to be sick and poor?  Revisiting the prosperity gospel.

    Why did our Lord Jesus arise from the tribe of Judah?

    What will our relationship be in heaven with children who died young?

    The baptism of the Holy Spirit as distinct from speaking in tongues.

    The Grammar behind the Genesis Gap.

    The Great White Throne Judgment.

    Moses and Zipporah.

    The Victory of Faith.

    Does God's choice of us eliminate our free will?

    Why does God allow bad things to happen?

    The Bible as "divine", roof prayer, and tattoos.

    Character in Hebrews 1:3, et al.

    Exorcism, et al.

    "Are the children of unbelievers lost if they die before receiving Christ?"

    How not to get "left behind".

    "Is baptism necessary for salvation?"

    "The nature of life after death."

    "The personality of the Holy Spirit."

    "The dragon of Revelation 12 and the talking idol of Revelation 13."

    "Bound by Satan in Luke 13:16, language and the Tower of Babel, Daniel's 70th week, and the number 12."

    "Infirmities and Diseases in Matthew 8:17"

    "The Leftover Baskets of Bread and Fish in John 6."

    "Waiting for the Ascension" and "Amos 4:11".

    Why was Canaan cursed?

    Should Christians have a competitive attitude?

    John "leapt for joy" in the womb - or did he?

    Satanic Influence in Video Games and Television.

    Moving Mountains:  Matthew 21:21

    Not a hair shall be lost? Luke 21:16 versus Luke 21:18.

    The reign of antichrist:  7 years or 3 and 1/2 years?

    The Trinity in Scripture.

    The Ark of the Covenant.

    "Doubts about the Nephilim in Genesis 6" and "Ezekiel 9:4 and the Mark of the Beast"

    "Word Counts in the Bible", "Him whom they Pierced (Rev.1:7)", and "Necromancy".

    "Waiting for a Savior" and "The Direction East in the Bible"


    Is there a purgatory according to the Bible?

    Your desire shall be for your husband: Genesis 3:16.

    Have I committed the unforgivable sin?

    Is the local church meant to be a patriarchy?

    Why doesn't the Bible mention all of the prophets of the children of Israel?

    The True "Victorious Life".

    Tohu in Genesis 1:2 and the Cause of the Darkness.

    Why Doesn't God Prevent All Children from Dying?

    Why were Christians being regarded as "evil-doers" in 1st Peter 2:12?

    The Scofield Reference Bible.

    Phylacteries and the Mark of the Beast, and "What about Joseph?"

    Feeling desperate and alone.

    Is Tithing net or gross?

    Assembly of the local church, and Jesus' use of "I AM" from Exodus 3:14 in John 8:58

    The "burden of the Lord" in Jeremiah 23:32-40, and judgment for idle words in Matthew 12:36-37.

    The importance of spiritual resiliency.

    Does God use disease to discipline us?

    Recovering from Cult Exposure.

    Variability in Christian Testing and Personal Tribulation.

    Is there any value to the Apocrypha?

    The Communion Ceremony outside of the local church.

    The Christian Walk, the End, and Tattoos.

    Should Christians honor Sunday as the new Sabbath?

    Chronological order of the books of the Bible.

    Doubt, light, missed opportunities et al.

    Addicted to Sin.

    Corporate prayer in Matthew 18:19:  "when two agree on earth".

    What does the Bible say about humor?

    The value of cumulative prayer.

    Our Heavenly, Pre-Resurrection, Interim State.

    How could a loving God order the destruction of the Canaanites?

    Should Christians observe the Torah?

    Church Polity and three other passages.

    Walking with Jesus.

    Tongues: does 'no man' understand?

    The few saved, the door in heaven, visions of heavenly realities, and Christmas.

    Spiritual Warfare.

    Christian suffering and spiritual maturity.

    Aliens, antichrist, and eschatology.

    Does exceptionally sinful behavior indicate that a Christian has lost salvation?

    Should Christians celebrate Jewish festivals?

    The Deaths of the 12 Disciples / Apostles of Christ.

    Categories of Sin in Psalm 19.

    Some brief answers on a variety of topics.

    Pastoral Support, Pastoral Preparation, and the Purpose of Assembly.

    Eternal Rewards.

    Encouragement, Isaiah 6:11-13, and the Hope of Repentance.

    Questioning the Genesis Gap.

    Dinosaurs, the Nephilim, Noah, et al.

    How much should we pay our pastor?

    More about Women Preachers.

    Is it wrong for me to celebrate Easter?

    The Remnant in Isaiah 6:13.

    The Big Distinction.

    The Day of the Lord in 2nd Peter 3:10.

    The Day of the Lord.

    Church History.

    The Sealing of the Holy Spirit.

    Visions of Angels: Colossians 2:18.

    Waiting on God's timing:  patience in testing.

    "Your Throne, O God":  Psalm 45:6.

    Moses striking the Rock.

    Procreation and Creation.

    What is meant by the phrase "the Lord's footstool"?

    1st Peter 3:3-5

    A conversation about divorce and remarriage.

    Faith in the midst of the fiery trial.

    Hebrews 10:26 again, and two other notes on Arthur Pink and the Greek word diakonos.

    What is the correct translation of Isaiah 59:19?

    Is the star of Acts 7:43 the star of David?

    Some questions about Nimrod and Christmas trees, Tongues, and Healing

    Is Jesus the only One ever to restore sight?

    What happens to people who were born and died prior to the birth of Christ?

    Which is better, the King James Version or the New King James Version?

    What is the minimum necessary to be saved?

    How can we know whose interpretation of the Bible is right (Part 2)?

    How can we know whose interpretation of the Bible is right (Part 1)?

    Psalm 22:1, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"

    The "Mind of Christ" in 1st Corinthians 2:16

    Simeon and Simon, and the two crows of the rooster

    Ichthys, saints, and the Last Adam

    Does Hebrews 10:26 teach loss of salvation?

    Eternal security: where does one draw the line?

    Who are Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38-39?

    How did John the baptist come to doubt Jesus?

    Is Jesus literally seated on the throne at God's right hand?

    Are the Celts the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?

    Whatever happened to the "Genesis Gap"?

    "The baptism which now saves you":  1st Peter 3:21.

    Hebrew Language Study Tools.

    What type of healing is being discussed in Isaiah 53:5?

    The Origin of the Four Seasons

    2nd Peter 3:5: Doubting the Tribulation

    Tent-making and Galatians 6:6

    A Question about Ichthys books

    Biblical Metaphors and Symbolism

    Faith and the Pre-Tribulational "Rapture".

    Faith Healing.

    Bible translation and John 8:58.

    Melchizedek and the high priesthood of Christ:  two questions et alia.

    In need of encouragement.

    The centurion and the Syro-Phoenician woman.

    Who is the Meshiach?

    A Sadducean Question

    What is "heaven" like according to Christian teachings?

    Acts 20:28: Whose Blood?

    1st Corinthians 11:  Hats or Hair?

    Confession of Sin, Fellowship, and the Filling of the Holy Spirit.

    A Miscellany of Questions and Answers (Nineveh, the beast, tongues, demons, Sadam, etc.)

    Some Greek Questions in the Gospels (John 1:3; 2:19; 8:58; Luke 23:43)

    Is Man trichotomous, and does that mean that salvation is three-tiered?

    Questioning the Trinity

    The blood of Christ

    Christ knocking at the door in Revelation 3:20

    The futility of memory without God and eternal life.

    The meaning of Jesus' words, "I am" in John 8:58

    What does the Bible say about Heaven and Hell?

    Peace in 1st Corinthians 14:33

    Salvation and Church Affiliation.

    Several questions on the book of Hebrews.

    Does the Bible prohibit women from preaching or teaching in the Church?

    Should Christian leaders refrain from drinking in public?

    How to use the Bible translations at Ichthys.

    The Worship of Jesus:  a proof of His divinity?

    An Extended Conversation about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    Is water baptism required for Christians today?

    Are health and wealth a part of the gospel?

    Will those in Hades be able to see Christ's return?

    Feelings of Guilt about Remarriage.

    Who are the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?

    What does "the Word was with God" mean in John 1:1-2?

    Three questions on three verses in Isaiah (Is.21:4; 28:10, & 66:24).

    How important is education for a pastor?

    Does Hebrews 10:26-35 ("deliberate sinning" etc.) mean that a believer can lose his or her salvation?

    Availability and use of Ichthys materials: several questions.

    Is there any difference between demons and fallen angels?

    Confronting atheism.

    Two questions about Judas Iscariot.

    Three Questions about Tattoos and Salvation.

    The Hebrew word for 'one' (`echadh) and the uniqueness of God.

    Did the witch of Endor really conjure up the spirit of Samuel?

    A Question about the "Waters Above".

    Why did God the Father wait so long to send Jesus into the world?

    How does being "slain in the Spirit" relate to being baptized in the Spirit?

    How do you prove the existence of God?

    Where does the Bible teach that Jesus is God?

    Is it ever Justifiable to Tell a Lie (part 2)?

    Seeing double in Matthew.

    Mary, Joseph, and Nazareth.

    Is the Westminster Catechism a Good Reference Tool?

    What does it mean "the spirit returns to God" in Ecclesiastes 12:7?

    Is there any Connection between biblical Gemstones and Moral Characteristics?

    Are Miraculous Gifts Operational Today?

    Jesus Christ in the Old Testament (Christophany: Gen.3:8).

    Can those in organizations which teach "salvation by works" be saved?

    Is "helpmeet" a wrong translation in Genesis 2:20?

    Our will and God's WILL.

    Cast thy Bread upon the Waters:  What do the seven and eight portions in Ecclesiastes 11:2 mean?

    Was Cain Satan's literal "seed"?

    The Demon Possessed Girl in Acts 16:16.

    The "Sin unto Death" in 1st John 5:16.

    Is death just a natural part of human life?

    Communion and the Blood of Christ.

    What does it mean in 1st Corinthians 7:14, "the unbelieving husband is sanctified"?

    The Re-institution of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Millennium.

    Secular Documentation for the Exodus.

    The false doctrine of "soul sleep".

    The Author of Hebrews and Jesus' Perfect Completion of His Mission.

    The Trinity in Isaiah 63:10-15.

    How old was Jesus at the time of His crucifixion and resurrection?

    Five Smooth Stones: 1st Samuel 17:40

    How can we know the Bible is true?

    The name "Jesus".

    Habakkuk's Prosperity Prayer: Habakkuk 3:17-19.

    Jeremiah 31:22: "A Woman shall Compass a Man".

    The New International Version of the Bible and some issues in Bible translation.

    Is "the Prophet" of Deuteronomy 18:18 Muhammad?

    The One True God and the Trinity in the Old Testament.

    Are those in Hebrews 6:4 who "crucify the Son of God afresh" lost?

    Are New Bible Translations Part of a Conspiracy?

    What exactly is the "red heifer prophecy", and how does it relate to the events of the end times?

    Where did the waters of Genesis 1 go?

    Interpreting Revelation

    Sin, Baptism, and the Book of Revelation

    Tithing and the Book of Life

    The Dangers of the Prosperity Gospel.

    English and the Tower of Babel.

    The "Seven Thunders" of Revelation 10:3-4

    The fate of the unrighteous dead in Isaiah 66:24

    Who are the "sons of the kingdom" in Matthew 18:11-12?

    Why does Judah get greater honor than Jerusalem in Zechariah 12:7?

    Are there Female Angels?

    Longevity in the Millennium.

    How is the date of Easter computed?

    What is the meaning of the 1290 days versus the 1335 days in Daniel 12?

    What Church era are we now in?

    The mark of the beast.

    Christophany in the Exodus.

    Can you explain "help my unbelief!" in Mark 9:24?

    What does it mean to "overcome" in Revelation chapters 2 and 3?

    Are women required to wear veils or hats in church?

    Is the world about to come to an end?

    Does the Bible ever describe the earth as being round?

    Pre-, mid-, or post-Tribulation rapture?

    Pearls before swine.

    Recognizing the Messiah.

    The gift of healing.

    The origin and fate of the "giants" in Genesis chapter six.

    Christian suffering - Christian encouragement.

    Is speaking in tongues biblical?

    Is speaking in tongues a sin?

    Can you recommend a good commentary on the book of Romans?

    Aspects of the resurrection.

    The recipients of Peter's epistles.

    Pre- or Post-Tribulation "rapture"?

    The lives of the prophets.

    The old prophet who lied.

    Animal sacrifice in the millennium.

    Is it ever justifiable to lie?

    Who wrote the King James version?

    The meaning of the divine name יהוה.

    The so-called "documentary hypothesis".

    The relationship between the books of Kings and Chronicles.

    David's disastrous census of Israel.

    Aspects of the Unseen Angelic Warfare and 666, the Mark of the Beast.

    The 200 million strong demon army of Revelation 9:13.

    Deliverance through Childbearing in 1st Timothy 2:15?

    Some questions about the Tribulation.

    More on divorce and remarriage.

    Divorce and remarriage.

    The antecedents of ICHTHYS.

    What does it mean to "remember the Sabbath and keep it holy"?

    The manner of the apostle Peter's death.

    Wasn't Matthias the thirteenth apostle?

    Forward progress necessary for salvation and spiritual growth.

    The "seven days" of human history.

    1st John 1:9 and confessing sin.

    ICHTHYS and the role of traditional Christianity.

    Can you recommend a good survey for the Old and New Testaments?

    Where can I find more information on the "Genesis gap"?

    Is Church membership an issue in salvation?

    Can you recommend a church?

    Are these materials available for purchase as books?

    A bit of autobiography.

    What is your opinion of the Abingdon one-volume Bible Commentary?

    What is the significance of the number "20" in the Bible?

    The 144,000 of Revelation chapters 7 and 14.

    What is your view on predestination?

    Who is "true Israel"?

    The chronology of the date 2026.

    Does baptism play a role in being born again?

    Why does the devil have access to God while man cannot stand in His presence?

    The structure of the book of Revelation.

    What is your view of the rapture?

    What is meant by the "10 days" of Revelation 2:10?

    Dragons in the Bible?

    Are there apostles in the Church today?

    What is the meaning of the word "chosen" in the Bible.

    The Passover.

    What are the most common Bible names?

    What is the biblical significance of the number forty?

    What does the Bible have to say about witchcraft?

    How can I protect myself from false teaching?

    Didn't the devil know he couldn't defeat God?

    Are the Masons wrong according to the Bible?

    Six Questions.

    Can the faith of "backsliders" be restored?

    Are there biblical origins to mythology?

    What does the phrase "sides of the pit" mean in Isaiah 14:15?

    Can prayer be offered in the name of the Son?

    Election and John 6:37?

    Is it valid to celebrate Christmas?

    Can you give me some information on divine names in the Bible?

    What is the significance of name changes in the Bible?

    Is faith a "gift of God"?

    Is there a "gospel of Thomas"?

    Is the nature of Man dichotomous or trichotomous?

    Will the temple be rebuilt in Jerusalem?

    Does the Bible teach a literal Millennium?

    What does the word "good" mean in Genesis?

    Who are "the dead" who "rise first" in 1st Thessalonians 4?

    Are the Greek tenses in John 7:34 correctly translated?

    Is the devil "mad" to oppose God?

    Does the Bible require supporting the pastor financially?

    How can Jesus be a man and God at the same time?

    How did people atone for intentional sin in Old Testament times?

    What is the symbolism of the Lamb of God in Revelation?

    Can you recommend some word study tools for Bible study?

    Can people who commit suicide be saved?

    Are tattoos biblical?

    Is it "ichthys" or "ichthus"?

    What is the difference between wisdom and discernment?

    Marriage of Believers and Unbelievers.

    Is hearing believing in John 6:35?

    How certain a date is 2026?

    Is Paul describing himself in Romans chapter seven?

    Is tithing required for salvation?

    What is the evidence for the "rapture"?

    Is there any validity to the "prosperity gospel"?

    Who are the "Nephilim" in Genesis chapter six?

    Church attendance.

    Is there a literal "devil"?

    What does the Bible have to say about reincarnation?

    What is the unpardonable sin?

    Believing the Bible for Spiritual Growth.

    Why was the New Testament written in Greek?

    What about those who have never heard of Christ?

    What about elders and deacons?

    Eternal Security and "sinless perfection".

    Eternal Security and "salvation by works".

    Does the Bible teach ex nihilo creation?

    When did Jesus first know He was God's Son?

    Are there prophets today?

    Despairing of life.

    How important is baptism?

    How could Christ have been three days and nights in the grave?

    Do Muslims worship the One true God?

    What can I do about spiritual fainting?


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