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I am really enjoying your web site, but would like to know more about you and your background. For example, do you have a church connected to your Internet ministry? By the way, I found an "ichthys" while visiting a German portal - is this yours too?  Keep up the good work,


I'm very pleased to hear that you are enjoying the site. As to the German site, no, my site is the only ichthys.com out there, but there are a lot of "variations on the theme" in cyberspace (the names are similar, that is, not the content), and a couple of them are in Germany.

As to my personal bio, I'm not sure that I have too much to add other than what can be gleaned from my CV. You can find that on the site at this link: C.V. (or click my name on the "About ICHTHYS" page). I became interested in pursuing the Bible as my life's true work when I was in the USMC, and have focused my efforts there ever since. As a P.K., I was always around these issues from an early age (and saw the problems with the organized church as presently configured). After resigning my regular commission in the Marines, and following a second B.A. in Greek (with much Hebrew, Latin and German thrown in), I went to seminary in CA to concentrate on Hebrew and Theology (I did initiate a procedure that would have led me to a traditional pastorate, but it became clear to me in seminary that this was not to be my calling), then off to get another M.A. and finally a Ph.D. in Classics in order to deepen my mastery of Greek and ancient world studies in general. And I've been hammering away at these things ever since. I don't know that there's really much more to say - I hope the materials posted at the site will be able to speak for themselves as you scrutinize them. I do hope too that you will continue to find them useful for your own spiritual growth. As I say, I myself did try the traditional route, but found that rather than being a help the restraints of traditional organizations were a hindrance to my seeking of the truth and nothing but the truth from the scriptures in order to better follow Jesus Christ (but I guess that is probably obvious from these studies too).  The idea behind ICHTHYS is to make available through the Internet in-depth Bible teaching for those who may be having a difficult time finding it elsewhere (if I had a local church, I doubt that I would be able to do this ministry too because of time-constraints).  You might also check out these links:

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Again, I appreciate your e-mail and your kind words!

Yours in the love of Jesus Christ,

Bob Luginbill

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