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The Coming Tribulation

A History of the Apocalypse

by Dr. Robert D. Luginbill

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This multi-part series is a verse by verse exegesis of the book of Revelation, and investigates all aspects of the coming Tribulation, including:

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Coming Tribulation    Part 1:     Introduction (Revelation 1:1-20) 
   (size:  394K    word count:  43K)      Adobe Adobe PDF

Coming Tribulation

   Part 2A:  The Seven Churches (Revelation 2:1 -3:22)
   (size:  644K    word count:  61K)      Adobe Adobe PDF

Coming Tribulation

   Part 2B:  The Heavenly Prelude (Revelation 4:1 - 7:17)
   (size:  2.09MB    word count:  54K)      Adobe Adobe PDF

Coming Tribulation

   Part 3A:  The Tribulation Begins (Revelation 8:1 - 11:14)
   (size:  1.91MB    word count:  75K)      Adobe Adobe PDF

Coming Tribulation

   Part 3B:  Antichrist and his Kingdom
   (size:  2.59MB    word count:  55K)      Adobe Adobe PDF

Coming Tribulation

   Part 4:     The Great Tribulation (Revelation 11:15 - 15:8)
   (size:  751K    word count:  63K)      Adobe Adobe PDF

Coming Tribulation

   Part 5:     The Second Advent and Armageddon (Revelation 16:1 - 19:21)
   (size:  551K    word count:  70K)      Adobe Adobe PDF

Coming Tribulation

   Part 6:     Last Things (Revelation 20:1 - 22:5)
   (size:  814K    word count:  104K)      Adobe Adobe PDF

Coming Tribulation

   Part 7:      Preparing for Tribulation (Revelation 22:6-21)      Adobe Adobe PDF
   (size:  301K    word count:  34K)     

Coming Tribulation

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Linked Outlines

Part 1:  Introduction (Revelation 1:1-20)

I. Definition and Overview of the Tribulation
    1. Scope and Methodology
    2. Definition and Terminology
    3. The End Times and Motivation
II. The Tribulation in Context: Satan's Rebellion and the Plan of God
III. General Character of the Tribulation
IV. The Biblical Sources for the History of the Tribulation
    1. Hermeneutic Issues
        a. Prophetic Foreshortening
        b. The "Day of the Lord" Paradigm
        c. The Cycle of Judgment, Restoration, Replacement
        d. Typology and Sequence in Old Testament Prophecy
    2. Biblical Sources for the End Times
        a. Old Testament
        b. New Testament Books (excluding Revelation)
    3. The Book of Revelation
V. The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Revelation 1:1-20
VI. Conclusion: The True Focus of our Hope

Part 2A:  The Seven Churches (Revelation 2:1 - 3:22)

The Seven Churches: Revelation 2:1 - 3:22
1. Ephesus: Initiation (2:1-7)
2. Smyrna: Persecution (2:8-11)
3. Pergamum: Accommodation (2:12-17)
4. Thyatira: Compromise (2:18-29)
5. Sardis: Corruption (3:1-6)
6. Philadelphia: Revival (3:7-13)
7. Laodicea: Apathy (3:14-22)

Part 2B:  The Heavenly Prelude (Revelation 4:1 - 7:17)

I. The Heavenly Prelude: Revelation 4:1-11
II. The Lamb and The Scroll: Revelation 5:1-14
III. The Restraining Ministry of the Holy Spirit
IV. The Seven Seals: Revelation 6:1-17
   1. The White Horse: Antichrist's Conquests (1-2)
   2. The Red Horse: Civil Discord (3-4)
   3. The Black Horse: Economic Constraint (5-6)
   4. The Pale-green Horse: Accelerated Mortality (7-8a)
   4b. Summary of the Four Horsemen (8b)
   5. The Slain: The Great Persecution (9-11)
   6. The Earthquake: Divine Judgment and the Second Advent (12-17)
V. The Sealing of the 144,000: Revelation 7:1-8
VI. The Multitude in Heaven: Revelation 7:9-17
VII. Signs of the Coming Tribulation

Part 3A:  The Tribulation Begins (Revelation 8:1 - 11:14)

I. The Seventh Seal: Revelation 8:1-5
    1. The Seven Archangels with the Seven Trumpets
    2. The Incense for the Prayers of the Saints
    3. The Angel with the Censer and the Golden Altar
    4. The Saints and their Prayers
    5. The Thunderous Voices, Lightning, and Earthquake
II. The Great Apostasy
    1. Definition, Etymology, Process and Prophecies of the Great Apostasy
    2. The Situation of the Church and "church-visible" on the Eve of the Tribulation
    3. The Causes of the Great Apostasy
    4. The Refining of the Remnant
III. The Trumpet Judgments: Revelation 8:6 - 9:21
    1. Vegetation Stricken (8:6-7)
    2. The Sea Stricken (8:8-9)
    3. Fresh Water Stricken (8:10-11)
    4. The Heavenly Lights Stricken (8:12-13)
    5. The First Woe: Demon Harassment (9:1-12)
    6. The Second Woe: Demon Destruction (9:13-19)
    7. The Hardness of the Unrepentant (9:20-21)
IV. The Angel and the Little Scroll: Revelation 10:1-11
V. The Two Witnesses: Revelation 11:1-14

Part 3B:  Antichrist and his Kingdom

I. Definition, Names, Sources, and Prophetic Types of Antichrist
    1. Definition
    2. Names
    3. Prophetic Types
II. The Origin, Character and Rise of Antichrist
    1. Origin
    2. Character
    3. Rise
III. The Kingdom of the Beast
IV. Antichrist's Alliance with Israel
V. The First Campaign against the South
VI. The Second Campaign against the South
VII. The Apparent Assassination and Resuscitation of Antichrist
VIII. The "Abomination of Desolation" and the "Session" of Antichrist

Part 4:  The Great Tribulation (Revelation 11:15 - 15:4)

I. The Seventh Trumpet (the Third Woe):  Revelation 11:15-19
II. The Woman and the Dragon:  Revelation 12:1-6
III. War in Heaven:  Revelation 12:7-12
IV. The Dragon's Persecution of Believing Israel:  Revelation 12:13-17
V. The Beast out of the Sea:  Revelation 12:18 - 13:3
            1. The Biblical Symbolism of the Beast out of the Sea
            2. The Kingdom of the Beast
VI. The Beast's Prophet and the Worldwide Anti-Christian Religion: Rev. 13:4-18
            1. The Anti-Christian Religion and its Worldwide Expansion: Rev. 13:4-10
            2. The False Prophet:  Revelation 13:11-15
            3. The Mark of the Beast:  Revelation 13:16-17
            4. The Number of the Beast:  Revelation 13:18
VII. The Great Persecution:  Revelation 14:1 - 15:8
            1. The Martyrdom of the 144,000:  Revelation 14:1-5
            2. The Three Angelic Proclamations:  Revelation 14:6-13
                        a. The Way of Salvation Proclaimed:  Revelation 14:6-7
                        b. The Coming Judgment on Babylon:  Rev. 14:8
                        c. The Need for Fortitude in Persecution:  Rev. 14:9-13
            3. The Harvest of the Martyrs:  Revelation 14:14-16
            4. The Vintage of the Persecutors:  Revelation 14:17-20
            5. The Vindication of the Martyrs:  Revelation 15:1-8

Part 5:  Armageddon and the 2nd Advent:  Revelation 16:1 - 19:21

I. The Bowl Judgments:  Revelation 16:1-21
        1. Sores (1-2)
        2. Sea Turned to Blood (3)
        3. Waters Turned to Blood (4-7)
        4. Scorching Heat (8-9)
        5. Darkness (10-11)
        6. Preparation for Armageddon (12-16)
        7. Earthquake and Hail (17-21)
II. Judgment on Babylon:  Revelation 17:1 - 19:4
III.  The Beast's Armageddon Crusade
IV.  Signs of the Second Advent:  Revelation 19:5
V. The Resurrection of the Lamb's Bride:  Revelation 19:6-10
VI. The Repentance of Israel
VII. The Second Advent and Armageddon:  Revelation 19:11-21
        1.  The Word of God (11-16)
        2.  The Invitation to the Slaughter (17-18)
        3.  Antichrist and his Armies (19)
        4.  The Seizure of the Beast and his False Prophet (20)
        5.  The Battle of Armageddon (21)

Part 6:  Last Things:  Revelation 20:1-22:5

I. The Second Advent Judgments: Revelation 20:1-3
       1. Babylon
       2. The Armies of Armageddon
       3. The Beast and the False Prophet
       4. The Incarceration of Satan and his Demons
       5. Fire upon Magog and the Coastlands
       6. The Regathering and Purging of Israel
       7. The Judgment and Reward of the Church
II. The Wedding Supper of the Lamb
III. The Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ: Revelation 20:4-6
IV. The Gog and Magog Rebellion: Revelation 20:7-9
V. The Final Disposition of Satan and his Angels: Revelation 20:10
VI. The Last Judgment: Revelation: 20:11-15
       1. The Destruction of the Universe and the Interlude of Final Judgment
              a. The Last Resurrection of the Saved and the Unsaved
              b. The Destruction of the Present Heavens and Earth
              c. The Judgment of the Sheep
       2. The Great White Throne of Jesus Christ: The Last Judgment of the Unbelieving Dead
VII. New Jerusalem and the Eternal state: Revelation 21:1 - 22:2
       1. The New Heavens and the New Earth
       2. The Descent of New Jerusalem
       3. The Advent of the Father
       4. The Passing away of the Old
       5. The Father's Proclamation of Encouragement
       6. The Nature of New Jerusalem
       7. The Foundations and Gates of the Wall
       8. The Interior of the City
       9. The River of the Water of Life and the Tree of Life
       10. The Blessed Eternal State of the Saved

Part 7:  Preparing for Tribulation:  Revelation 22:6-21

I. The Importance of Alertness: Revelation 22:6-21
II. A Tribulational Code of Conduct
III. Paradigms for the Tribulation
IV. Preparing for Tribulation
V. The Kingdom of God

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