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Question #1:


I'm starting to think more and more that the tribulation will be less a Third Reich dictatorship but instead be more of a summer of love type scenario. I'm starting to think that the New Age is going to be a huge part of it. The New Age teachings are already syncretic and varied enough to encompass all false religions and also lukewarm and apostate Christianity. It's the new age that now disturbs me more than the leftist/ Commie totalitarian threat.

There are always people wanting to overthrow a dictatorship but less people want to overthrow a worldwide "peace movement". I can't help but think that this commie extremist threat won't last long and I'm wondering whether the antichrist won't overthrow "tyranny" to look like a hero, a false saviour.

There is a current false teacher doing the rounds called Pastor Locke and he has a huge following now. He is telling his congregation to rebel and overthrow police and government if needs be. He even threatened online to "bear arms" if his services ever are shut down through Covid restrictions. So many Christians especially in the States are fixating on "Freedom" especially constitutional rights and freedom of religion. They may be completely forgetting why we are here and what we are supposed to do with our time here. Isn't it a battle against our flesh rather than a fleshly battle? How can we preserve things that are clearly going to be destroyed as it is all passing away. We aren't supposed to focus on the body and the temporal are we?

I've noticed this whole dominionist theology really getting stronger and also this idea of revolution. I almost got caught up myself in the early days but then I realised that it was actually Satan who was the first rebel and first to lead a revolution against God.

I wonder if the antichrist will conquer the world to then "bring peace" through his false light of spiritual "freedom" with the whole "we are god" lie?

I've noticed that the Emergent Church despite claiming to be post-modern and unsure of anything (lie) that they heavily embrace Catholic mysticism through teachings by Loyola and Merton. Makes me wonder whether the Emerging Church ("of the antichrist" as I think of it) is not just another part of the still ongoing Counter Reformation.

I'm still working my way through your excellent Satanic Rebellion series and not up to the Tribulation section yet. I was trying to look for "the harlot" or the woman who rides the beast but couldn't find it in your studies. Could you please guide me to where this section is?

Just sending you some thoughts I've had recently but these are more from current trends rather than the Bible so obviously it is more important to be shaped by Scripture rather than trying to force Scripture into a theory I already have..

I'm trying to not be too anxious before time. I am learning to not worry about death and dying and to trust our Lord and Saviour even with this my biggest fear. Indeed now my big fear is actually losing faith/ salvation and eternity with Jesus. This is actually the worst thing that could happen to me. It comforts me through that no one can snatch me from His hand, I would have to want to walk out of it instead. I am also comforted that those who love the Lord and have the Holy Spirit will not be deceived and will give plenty or warning and guidance although obviously we need to do a lot of learning and trusting now to have the oil in our lamps to get through it all.

Many thanks in advance my friend.

Still praying for your Uni situation vis a vis Delta variant and the jab.

In Him,

Response #1:

Very astute observations, my friend! We will find out soon enough, if calculations are correct. Yes, I have always maintained that Christians getting into politics is a huge mistake . . . and rebellion!? How is that biblical? It won't even be a good idea in antichrist's world state. Even if antichrist's regime does start off with love and peace, it ends in persecution and the execution of a third of the Church actual.

The Satanic Rebellion series (link) is a prolegomenon to the study of Revelation which is contained in the Coming Tribulation series (link). The passage you ask about in Revelation chapter seventeen is in CT 5 (at the link).

*Big news today: I went ahead and got vaccinated (J&J one shot only type). What tipped the balance? I've always said it was not a spiritual issue and that believers should do what they personally feel is right to do. Then I heard Admiral Brett Giroir, former assistant health secretary under Trump, say that the Delta variant is so contagious that everyone not vaccinated will get it eventually. Not that I was worried about "getting it". I wasn't yesterday and I'm not today. But the fear is back over here in the states. KY Gov. just mandated masks in all state buildings and U of L is going ballistic. We might go remote again. If we do not, all not vaccinated types will be required to wear masks everywhere, stay six feet away, and be tested continuously. The only thing missing was covering the lip and shouting "unclean, unclean!" in the presence of others (as required of lepers under the Law: Lev.13:45). So I decided I'd better do it. God worked it out. There were only three doses of J&J left when I showed up (my own pharmacy was already out and not restocking). As it is, I will be considered "fully vaccinated" when zero week starts two weeks from Monday. But with the other two we have, Pfizer and Moderna, I'd be still over two weeks out from getting shot number two when classes begin; and that second shot would have happened with classes in full swing (many I know did have trouble with Pfizer knocking them out for days). And in the meantime, I would be "unclean!" My family here was thrilled about it . . . then immediately started worrying about reactions. That is where we are. In fact I'm feeling just fine 24 hours later; maybe a little bit fatigued. Also, the J&J vaccine is not mRNA containe in petroleum globules; it's an adenovirus (cold) modified to tell cells to make spike protein instead of more adenovirus. There have been side-effects with this one, but there have with the others as well (just under-reported). In any case, I'm feeling a good deal of relief and full conviction that I made the right decision . . . for me (I don't presume to even suggest to anyone else what they should decide on this subject, and it frankly appalls me that our govt. and "opinion leaders" have no qualms with castigating anyone who made a different choice. For me personally, I need this job if I'm going to continue with life-as-it-is which is how I have based this ministry. Quitting didn't seem a good option at this point for many reasons.

I hope you don't find this all overly hypocritical as I have indeed expressed personal reservations about getting vaccinated (I don't take back anything I said previously). All other things being equal, I would have refrained, but I went ahead for the reasons stated above.

Keeping you and your health in my prayers daily, my friend. And thanks so much for your prayers for me. The Lord has given me peace on this – and that is what we all crave.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #2:

Dear Sir,
I have a quick question as I know you are a sincere Christian writer with a good knowledge of many things.

1. What is your view on the covid vaccine? I have not taken the covid vaccine as a result of distrust in the government and the official story about covid. There are people out there who believe that covid is a government hoax and that the vaccine is gene therapy intended to kill billions of people. Have you taken the covid vaccine? I am no scientific expert so I am trying to get views and knowledge from sincere sources. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

Yours thankfully

Response #2:

Good to hear from you again – it's been a while.

Starting with "Eschatology Issues XXXVI" and going forward to the most recently published in this series, "Eschatology Issues LXXIV" (and the thirty-some other "Eschatology Issues" in between), you will be able to read that over the last year or so, ever since the vaccines began to become a major topic, much ink has been spilled at Ichthys on this subject (hundreds of pages). So I invite you to take a look.

My bottom line is that this is not a spiritual issue. Christians will have good reason to be vaccinated and good reasons not to be vaccinated. Having heard some very qualified experts suggest that there are still a great many unknowns about this new mRNA technology and also about the specific "vaccines" themselves, I would never suggest that there was anything wrong with refusing to get one. I also do not know enough about it to tell people not to get them, and would not want to be responsible for someone who is otherwise vulnerable to this disease not receiving a preventative which might actually help them. This is a personal decision and only has spiritual consequences if a person acts contrary to their conscience (i.e., failing to get one if they really feel they're endangering others by doing so; getting one because of being pressured even though they may feel it's wrong to do). Since it's not a spiritual issue per se, and since there is so much that is not really known (despite official pronouncements), I don't give advice on this issue. However, as mentioned above, that hasn't stopped me (and certainly not others) from writing a great deal about it and sharing helpful links in the postings mentioned above.

There's a new posting of one kind or another every week at Ichthys, and I invite you to make it a regular part of your spiritual growth.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #3:

Hi Bob,

Yes, self-isolation means we haven't been able to go out at all (apart from the garden). At least with lockdown we were allowed out for some exercise. But just tomorrow to go and then liberation day! I can't wait.

It's so good to hear how the Lord is taking care of you and your loved ones and our brothers and sisters in Him too. He has taken care of me and my family throughout all of this pandemic in amazing ways. He has been so gracious and generous in ways far above anything that I have even asked Him for and He continues to do this. The love and protection He has poured out on me and my family brings tears to my eyes even now. And I share all of this to give praise and glory to His name. Our Lord is so good - absolutely nothing compares to Him.

At the same time, I've been through some testing. It's been hard - so hard at times and I don't mean at work but in other ways that I never ever expected. But the Lord has been with me through those times of anxiety and sadness and disappointment and tears. He is still using these times and experiences to teach me lessons and to help me to grow spiritually. He is strengthening my character. He is helping me to continue to do the things He wants me to do even when I'm in the middle of the testing and the chaos all around me in this world. I haven't been perfect but I've never given up pushing on and pushing forward as best as I can. And it's only in the power of the Spirit that I've been able to do this. I can do nothing apart from Him but I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)

This hasn't been so much about the Lord protecting me and my family from any harm from a virus or from a vaccine - that's been the easy part for me because I never had any doubt about that and He has never let me down on that score and I know that He never will. But there have been other more challenging tests for me personally - things that the Lord knew needed working on in my life. He knows each one of us individually and intimately and knows exactly what kind of tests we need to strengthen us and to help us to grow spiritually. He knows what is good for us even though it's hard when we're going through it. (Romans 8:28). And it's not just the tests we're dealing with, it's whatever the enemy throws our way too. We're always in the good fight!

Today I feel so happy and so grateful to the Lord for sending these tests my way. I feel happy that I had grown to a point where He knew I could handle it. I feel I've been stretched to my limit but not beyond. And that's the truth - He really won't put more onto us than we can actually bear. (1st Cor. 10:13) Each test puts me in a place where I have to focus and rely on the Lord even more - not looking to man or myself but to the Lord. The Lord is the only One we can trust and rely on 100%. He will never let us down and He will never leave us or forsake us.

My faith has grown - just like exercising a muscle. It's painful at the time but much stronger in the end. To know that I have made more progress and grown spiritually means everything to me. I'm loving the joy that all of this has put in my heart and I'm holding on to it no matter what! (James 1:2-4)

I'm not quite through it yet but I'll keep walking closely with the Lord and He will bring me through. I'm going to write it all down too. Everything the Lord has taught me along the way. It's important to remember. It truly has been a gift from Him. A gift to help me to prepare for the harder times we have ahead of us.

It's true that the Christian life is not for wimps. And we're not wimps - we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us. (Romans 8:37) He has it all under control. We just have to give it all over to Him, trust in Him and rest in Him.

I hope and pray everything goes well for you and your student tomorrow.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and encouragement.

In our dear Lord Jesus

Response #3:

In this country, even the worst convicts get some daily exercise time. So I'm glad your imprisonment is soon to end!

Thanks so much for your great email! I always draw such encouragement from your solid faith and joy in the Lord, my friend!

Tomorrow should be interesting. My former student has some sort of Marxist interpretation of Mycenaean societal relationships based upon distribution of artifacts in various bronze age cemeteries worked out with what looks like calculus (I would know?) and many tables and graphs. He's in the anthro dept. and I'm only on the committee for Classical input so I won't have too much to say tomorrow. Good thing I can "not say it" remotely!

Great news about all the answered prayer! God IS good!

Keep fighting the good fight, my friend, and know that I have you in my prayers daily (thanks so much for yours as well!).

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #4:

Hi Bob,

I must have done something REALLY bad not to be allowed any exercise time. Can't wait to be released from prison tomorrow!

How did today go with your student? His thesis sounded interesting. It took me a minute to figure it all out but I think I got a grasp of what it meant eventually. The only calculus I'm any good at is the hard stuff we remove from patients' teeth! Any more than that and you've completely lost me. I've seen some teeth that look like old tombstones in a cemetery too! Not sure they'd like my thesis either.

Lots of people getting sick in my ambit, friends and relatives both. So it's keeping me busy - all these unwell people coming my way. I'm still thankful to the Lord that I haven't been sick at all. Good job really!

I'd be very happy for you to post my last email, Bob. It was one of those sit down and type what's in my heart emails. One that just seems to flow out easily and where I really sense the Spirit helping me to write it all down. And do you know what was strange today, Bob? I was about to start my housework and thought I'd look on YouTube at the recent lessons Steven has put on there. I often like to listen to some teaching while I'm working. He has a lesson and the title is God will not test us beyond what we can bear; testing builds faith, forcing us to rely on God. Straightaway it reminded me of the email I sent you yesterday and so I wanted to listen to it. I was so surprised, Bob, because most of what they were saying was what I had written to you and a couple of the same verses too. I couldn't help thinking that this wasn't just a coincidence. I really feel that this was from the Lord giving me some encouragement and affirming everything that I had written to you. It was amazing and another boost from the Lord to help me through the testing.

He has blessed me so much and seems to be sending lots of people my way who need prayer, encouragement and support. Most of them are unbelievers too so I'm doing the best job I can for the Lord.

I best let you go now. Keeping you in my prayers and thanks so much for yours.

Have a lovely weekend!

In our dear Lord Jesus

Response #4:

Only one more "wake up" and you'll be free! Hooray!

The defense went very well indeed. It was a good thing I was on the committee because the other two had limited knowledge of Greece (not to mention Greek), so I was able to bring in some broader perspectives.

I went ahead and got vaccinated today (J&J one shot only type). Thank you for your own courage, consistency and good example on this issue.

"You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."
Matthew 5:14-16 NKJV

Thanks again for being a bright light!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #5:

I have a compulsion and obsession to try to predict the future. When you told me to stay far away from the occult... I didn't listen, even though I knew I should have. When I was on a plane, I divined in my mind that the plane would land in 5 seconds, and I said it out loud...and it did. Now im worried that because I said it, some demon actually acted on it. Since then, I've been feeling this oppressive and torturous presence, that I believe is the demon. Also, when I was deleting a sound recording, I had a compulsion to sacrifice it to a demon, and acted on it. I believe they knew I meant to do it, and I think I remember murmuring it out loud by accident. Now I'm worried that that device it was recorded on can only glorify demons and the devil now. I have a request: can you please cast out the demons that are influencing me?

Response #5:

Demons do NOT know anything about the future, any more than we do. Only God knows what is going to happen. Blessedly, He has shared the most important things about the future with us who belong to Him.

"There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the LORD, and because of these abominations the LORD your God drives them out from before you."
Deuteronomy 18:10-12 NKJV

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you are playing with fire. I urge you to repent of all such things and cast them out of your life once and for all!

And many who had believed came confessing and telling their deeds. Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver.
Acts 19:18-19 NKJV

If you refuse to do so, it may well be the end of you.

Please do not contact me ever again if you intend to continue dabbling with the demonic.

I commit you to Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #6:

I intend to stop and repent. But there are several passages of Scripture that speak of the occult having real power, and demons knowing the future. Please read this link.

Response #6:

"I intend to stop and repent."


"But . . . " – no "buts"!!!

No offense, but I'm not going to read such drivel.

If you have a specific question you want to ask me about, forward the reference.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #7:

I want to ask about this passage. It seems to imply that some demons know the future, unless I'm missing something?

16 Now it happened, as we went to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling. 17 This girl followed Paul and us, and cried out, saying, “These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.” 18 And this she did for many days. But Paul, greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And he came out that very hour. 19 But when her masters saw that their hope of profit was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to the authorities.
Acts 16:16 - 19 NKJV

Response #7:

I honestly don't understand how anyone could draw such a conclusion from this passage. Anyone listening to Paul could have said the same thing.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #8:

I came to the same conclusion as you while I was waiting. One last question about demons: im worried that they might know I offered some things to an idol or meant to do witchcraft because of my behavior. I'm trying to repent,, this is just concerning past acts. I only did it in my mind, once again, but I tend to do some flinching or pained sound under my breath in response to it, because I realize that was stupid and wrong. Also, I answered some questions to someone, and meant for it to be witchcraft. I don't know why I was overcome with this compulsion. I'm worried that the demons might know that, and now I cursed that person. I said and did nothing before that that might let them know it was meant to do that or initiate it, but demons are far more intelligent than us, and they know my impulses and temptations better than I do.

Response #8:

Demons are angels and angels have great abilities – but they are not God.

As to being intelligent, if demons were that smart, they never would have so stupidly followed Satan – now, for their arrogant stupidity, they will share his fate.

Demons can't read your mind – but they can listen to what you say . . . and read your emails no doubt!

But NONE of this matters. We Christians are involved in a spiritual combat in which, counter-intuitively but absolutely we are to live our lives just as if demons did not even exist. We're given all the information we need to be able to interpret events, but we can't personally do anything about the enemy . . . other that to fight the fight that Jesus has given us: grow spiritually, walk closer to Him daily, carrying our crosses and following Him.

We leave the "air support" to the elect angels who are watching over us.

All this is covered at Ichthys in various places. Best first read: SR 4: Satan's World System (at the link).

And again, my advice: confess your sins, repent of your past behavior, then MOVE ON, "forgetting what lies behind" as we are commanded to do (Phil.3:13), and moving forward with spiritual growth: growth is a daily necessity, so please get to it . . . and consign all this other stuff to the dustbin.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #9:

Thank you. Also, I know satan and the demons can't read our thoughts, but can he put thoughts and desires into our heart and mind? I find evidence for this in the Bible. First, there's the famous example of satan tempting Judas to betray Jesus. There's the incident of Ananias and Sapphria under the devil's influence, or satan inciting David to take a census in the Old Testament. Am I misunderstanding these passages?

Response #9:

We can be tempted, but we can't be controlled in our hearts. Even in the case of the Gadarene demoniac who was possessed by a legion of demons, they couldn't prevent him from coming to Christ and falling down at His feet in hopes of deliverance. That was a physical action the legion of demons in him could not control. How much less what the man thought, even though he was possessed?

Believers can't be possessed, but they can give in to negative influences, and the same is obviously true of unbelievers. We don't need to worry about them (especially not Judas!). As to the other examples, incitement can take place in many ways (and exactly how it happened in these cases is not specified in scripture). One of the favorite ways the devil has of influencing us for ill is to have someone encourage us to evil (cf. the lie told by the serpent to Eve: "You will not die!"). The entire system Satan has constructed is aimed at just this sort of evil influence and just these sorts of lies. This is all covered in part 4 of the Satanic Rebellion series, "Satan's World System" (at the link).

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #10:

[omitted email about consorting with demons]

Response #10:

[no response]

Question #11:

Correct me if I'm wrong: You're saying we don't have to turn from any sins to be saved, other than unbelief? We just have to have complete trust in Christ and we're saved? That's what it sounds like you're saying. Also, I'm very scared of the Tribulation. From how you describe it and what must be done to stay spiritually safe during those times in your Tribulational code of conduct, I'm probably a goner once I finally arrives if I'm saved, and if I'm not, if it comes within the next year or 2 like some people predict(I know I shouldn't put stock in such predictions, but bear with me), I fear I won't be ready and will be swept away by either the Great Apostasy, or miss out on the resurrection because of poor behavior in the Great Persecution. My main worry is that I won't be able to know God's will or find anyone who still preaches the Truth in the second half, or know which decrees are really from the 2 witnesses. In short, I fear the last 7 years before Christ's return will be truly unbearable for me and I'll be completely "crushed" under the weight of the unimaginable mounting trauma and horror of it all, and end up falling away or, perhaps, dying from a broken heart (this is a real thing that can happen). Honestly, if the Tribulation started now, I would probably just end my life ASAP.

Tell it to me straight, doc. Is it really gonna be THAT bad?

Response #11:

Reminds me of that old Steve Martin joke:

"How do you not pay taxes on a million dollars?   First . . . get a million dollars."

Worrying about the Tribulation if one is not saved or not right with the Lord makes zero sense to me. Fear God – then you will have nothing to fear:

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
Matthew 10:28 NKJV

I honestly don't feel comfortable having a conversation with someone who is in cahoots with demons in any way, so, "first", come back to the Lord. After that has "stuck" and you're moving forward spiritually, you may write me again.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #12:

Hello Dr. Luginbill, I pray all is well.

Just wondering:

1) In terms of the end times, how long could GOD delay the coming of the tribulation?

2) Did the addition of 4 to 5 days per year alter any timelines? ie with some era's not being exactly 2000 years (Abraham to Christ)

Response #12:

Hello Friend,

Good to hear from you,.

The western calendar doesn't affect any of the time calculations involved in figuring biblical chronology because a year is a year; that is to say, there has never been any doubt when the solstices or the equinoxes were. My interpretation for the start of the Tribulation is based on adding 2K years to the likely date of the crucifixion/resurrection of our Lord of 33 A.D. (see the link) to get the date of the second advent and then subtracting seven years for the Tribulation which precedes it. God can certainly make any adjustments He desires; but the plan is His and the information we have He gave to us. So I personally don't expect any alterations.

It is true that seven years for the Jewish Age, Daniel's 70th week, have yet to elapse. That is the Tribulation. My interpretation is that these seven years overlap with the last seven years of the Church Age (for reasons described at the link); if there were no overlap, the Tribulation would be seven years further out (I personally doubt it). If the date for the crucifixion/resurrection were actually later (very unlikely, in my opinion), that would alter things in direct proportion. If the Church Age were to last longer than 2,000 years, that would change things as well (I see no biblical reason for that).

As I always say, 2026 is an interpretation – but I stand by it for all the reasons mentioned here and in all the writings at Ichthys.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #13:

If 1000 years is "like" a day and a day "like" 1000 years, could this mean 1 hour is about 42 years (1000/24h)? How do we know when GOD means 1000 years and when he means 1 day if the two are alike?

Response #13:

Hello Friend,

First off, hours never equal years in scripture, but days often do. That is just the way it is. For one thing, the word "hour" doesn't occur in Hebrew.

Second, scripture deliberately compares days to years in many places (such as Daniels 70 sevens), but that never happens with hours.

For a primer on interpretation in regard to eschatological issues, you could have a look at CT 1's "Hermeneutic Issues" (at the link).

Finally, as to "how do we know", that is a question of biblical interpretation generally and depends on the context in each individual case. If it were a question of plugging a formula into a computer then there would be no need of the spiritual gift of Pastor-teacher. As it is, God empowers men with the gift and the training to be able to figure these things out – all that's necessary to do so is right there in scripture for those with the right tools. And a good teacher, in my opinion, will always point out the "how" in interpreting and teaching any passage. So while I can't do any more to answer this question in the abstract, I'm very happy to respond to questions about a specific passage or teaching of this ministry.

Believers without the gift of pastor-teacher and without the training to be Bible teachers can only go so far in "finding out the truth" for themselves. Every believer has the Bible and the Spirit and can and should vet whatever ministry they come to before giving it credence. This we all can and SHOULD do. But no believer will ever get anywhere spiritually by adopting the Smorgasbord approach and then playing referee with each individual teaching. That is a recipe for spiritual disaster and no growth will come of it (at the very least). So I always recommend the "fruit test". As our Lord said, "by their fruit you shall know them". If a ministry is tested and is producing good fruit, solid, substantive, orthodox Bible teaching, then that is rare in our Laodicean age. Such a ministry should be embraced like the "pearl of great price" and given the benefit of the doubt. When a teaching is given that is "hard" to accept, then if the other teaching has been good, believers who prize said ministry ought to at the very least set that hard one aside and come back to it later. But the comparison of ministries approach never works. It may result in a good deal of "book learning", but the thing is that ONLY what is both truth AND believed in the heart of the believer in question is of any use to the Spirit and of any consequence for spiritual growth and progress. Knowing four interpretations of some passage or principle and believing none will only confuse a believer, even if one of the four happens to be the truth.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #14:

Dear Professor

Thank you for your prayers.

Yesterday at our first stop at a fuel station at the top of the hill before descending into the city limits we were greeted with a mandatory face mask sign. On the way the radio news did not mention anything about it so it caught me out. Got some stares. My wife and son found some masks in the car and they donned theirs but I had already gone past the point.

Weird looking zombies with nose nappies everywhere. Everyone has been put in their place. Big babies in nappies (I think you call them diapers in the USA). Big Mom and Big Dad control diaper use and abuse of all babies statewide. At school, uniforms are so important, EXCEPT when they need CASH. Pyjama day was the latest for students AND teachers! Pyjamas and now diapers - W. H. O. would of thought we’d have all adults being babies - Wall to wall infants worldwide! Just the shot! Mission a success!

Here they have thrown people into jail for refusing to wear a diaper (nose nappy). Jail with bars same as a baby cot with safety bars! Lesson here for big babies who attempt to walk on their own. WHO WILL determine what is best for your safety and that you don’t stumble into others. Babies have thrown in the towel - Big Mom and Big Dad may give you a pat with the towel IF you are “a good baby”. DO AS YOU ARE TOLD. NO QUESTIONS! WHO could not fail to respond to such “soothing” sounds? A BIG parent IS a frightening sight for babies - worldwide.

I could go on, but I will spare you. This farce seen played out on the stage would be SO funny - yet because we are ALL on the stage, most don’t get it. Hilarious - that is, if the plot was not so DIABOLICAL!

In a former life on the chain gang in the meat works, one of the lads often sang “Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuck Cuck Doodalee OO” over and over to represent the insanity of the repetitive mindless task we were engaged in. He, and we, recognised some of the mindlessness of our daily task to keep meat on our plates. Wow! Today it IS mandatory to be mindless!

Perhaps a Broadway Hit Musical for those with talent - or a Hollywood Blockbuster Movie? Me thinks not - not in the short term anyway (please talent scouts prove me wrong on this one). And even if it was played, nappies (diapers) with treats, would still be the preferred mode of the compliant behaviourists. True agenda of the final solution remains hidden in plain sight!
The Book of Mormon musical was a huge hit over here - but I forget - fairytales and lies ARE the preferred diet of the world.

Thankfully there are those who are awake to the absurdity of the situation, even though many may still not understand the Biblical truths relating to “babying the masses”. The Bible refers to those who choose to be blind and so I relate this to choosing to be a baby(not seeing afar, and not understanding the truth) - for that comforting towel pat, or being completely wrapped securely warm in the towel. Well Big Mom and Dad are going to throw in the towel with baby wrapped inside.
The evil duo of the antichrist and false prophet will be first to be thrown alive into the lake of fire - towels useless in there - and whether a pat or a complete rap, babies by choice (those who are deceived by the duo) will perish forever.

This is not to have a go at all those wearing nose nappies (I am wondering whether I will have to in the city tomorrow - or get needlessly arrested and thrown into jail for crimes against hmn?). [Again, on yet ANOTHER issue, hard to believe this is actually happening] Probably not worth the time and effort to fight this one senseless measure, especially since those attempting to take the BIG players to court for Crimes Against Humanity have realised that the BIG players would love the battle to get bogged down over masks and other side issues and keep it away from the main issue which is THEIR Crimes Against Humanity of supering up the virus to be deadly for humans, and “vaccines” that are being “trialled” on humans, and their banning treatment of sick and dying patients. Realise this Plandemic is a planned performance. Preparation work however is different for unbelievers than for believers - unbelievers rely on the world, believers use it to draw nearer to God.

I pray that those who want to see, will see.

I do occasionally think of the ticket to escape in the middle of the Tribulation to Jerusalem, hoping the vaccine passport won’t be in vogue by then; or even that it wont be so bad to permanently vacate the premises before the Big Event. I seem to have missed out on a few of what the world calls big events, so missing out on another earthly event would almost be par for the course. The only time I have had a grandstand seat was when my son paid my seat to an international cricket match in Perth. I did enjoy that.

We need to be receptive of the Lord’s will for each one of us. Let’s pray we all can.

Thank you for being here for all of us out in internet land. Let’s pray that it continues long into the Tribulation (for those of us who are still around).

In Jesus our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student and friend

Response #14:

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble keeping up with your family, especially under the circumstances. I'm keeping them in prayer now too.

It is beyond annoying. When the virus was just getting started, I saw a clip of a Chinese psa wherein a man was walking about outside without a mask. The police accosted him and snagged him with what looked like an extra large dog collar device with an extra long handle and put some sort of bag over his head. I remember thinking how glad I was not to live there. Guess I can add Australia to the list. Not that things didn't get equally nutty in the states. We're out of the "mask mandate" phase now and the "vaccine passport" seems to have evaporated as well [that was a month ago; things different here as of posting]. But now people are starting to get nervous about "Delta". We shall see.

In any case, studies I've heard about (new ones that strangely agree with old ones), indicate that masks don't do any good – in fact they are not only unhealthy generally but can accelerate disease transfer it turns out. No apologies from the powers that be, however.

Wouldn't we ALL like to escape the Tribulation (or the worst effects of it, at any rate)! That goes a long way toward explaining why the pre-trib "rapture" fallacy is so popular (and hard to give up, even if a person chances to read the Bible).

Thanks for all the updates! Early days of subbing for our chair have been pretty quiet. Hope that continues. I'm finally making some progress on the research writing and I hope for that to continue throughout July. If I can finish two good pieces, I'll be in very good shape. I'm hoping to have all of the first half of August freed up for fall class prep (meetings start the middle of the month).

Thanks as always for your prayers and good words, my friend!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #15:

Hi Dr. Luginbill,

I want to ask something about spiritual growth, how do I grow? My father read a lot about your works, and he also taught me some things and I actually learned more than in the church, I'm from a missionary baptist church. I listen from my father a lot and learn but if I'm alone I can't exactly do anything, like, I don't exactly know where to start. I want to grow spiritually, I really do. That's why I'm asking you what do I do? In what book in the bible do I start? Should I start from Genesis until I reach the book of Revelation?

Response #15:

Good to make your acquaintance.

I usually recommend new adherents to this ministry to start with the Peter series (at the link).

There is a good deal about spiritual growth in the weekly email postings (I also recommend trying to keep up with these weekly).

The most concentrated study on spiritual growth is BB 6A: Peripateology (at the link).

In terms of Bible reading, which is also important (but not a substitute for Bible teaching), have a look at this link: "Read your Bible" . . . and also this one:  Bible Versions, Bible Translation, and Bible Reading IV

You're welcome at Ichthys any time!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob Luginbill

Question #16:

Dear Brother Bob,

Ichthys appears to have been tagged as not secure in Google Chrome and Firefox, which are my main browsers. I used Opera in my Android phone to access and download successfully.

Thanks for the prayers brother Bob, they are very much needed and welcome.

Yours in our Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Response #16:

Ichthys.com is on a secure server – which cost a lot of time and trouble to set up, not to mention money (on both Firefox and Chrome there should be a "closed lock" on the left side of the URL line at the top of the browser to indicate this). So it's distressing for me to hear that you're having this problem. My guess is that there is something amiss with your browsers and that you need to reset them.

In any case, I'm glad you were able to find a "work around".

Keeping up the prayers – thanks for yours as well, my friend!

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #17:

Thanks for the prayers Brother Bob. I was already able to access weekly emails posting at Ichthys.com so there must have been a temporary glitch at my end. Sorry for causing you distress over this.

Praying for you and joining you in prayers for our brethren in Ichthys.

Yours in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,

Response #17:

Oh, OK.

Thanks for clearing that up!

And thanks for those prayers!

In Jesus,

Question #18:

Hi Dr. Luginbill,

How are you? I apologize for not emailing you back sooner - I don't check this email very often. This is the one I check everyday.

If I had seen your email back when you first sent it I would have replied that I am doing very well. We got through our busy selling season at work and librarians are gearing up to start buying print books again so financially I am doing well. I also took a 9 month course this spring to start learning Koine Greek. It was really fast paced and I probably bit off more than I could chew at the time, but enjoyed it.

[omitted re: Covid pressures anxiety]

Please keep me in your prayers for healing. Also, can you add my mom to the prayer list for healing, too?

Please let me know if there is anything I can pray for you and your family.

In Christ's Love,

Response #18:

Thanks for sharing your new email address. I've lost contact with many folks over the years when they switched addresses and I never found out about it.

I'm happy to hear that your job and business are recovering. A lot of small businesses never will.

I don't think anyone should feel bad in any way about getting upended (in one way or another) by the Covid reaction and lockdowns. Never seen anything like it in my longish life. Never READ anything of the sort to have happened before either. I suppose that the tech didn't exist in the past to blanket the world with "information" as recently happened, and I also think that the world wasn't in a tech-state previously to facilitate fascistic controls to the extent we see now is this case. A good preview of the Tribulation no doubt. I can tell you that it was VERY hard on my students, and these come in all age categories. I did what I could to try to stay "normal" in my classes (that wasn't possible in the spring of '20 when it all went remote), but many of them and most of my colleagues were made to be scared to death of this bug. The way that phenomenon and the policies that went with it turned everything inside out, it's no wonder that the entire country probably needs to have Prozac put in the water supply – with the exception of believers who have no need to be worried about anything.

I've added your mom to my personal list and also on Ichthys.

I pray for you daily, and am very happy to hear that while things are not perfect, they are looking up from the last time we chatted!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #19:


Just reading this week's emails and reading about the gentleman about his MP3 recordings of your studies [link]. Please tell me I would be struggling without them!!

I am currently reading the ones for the Satanic Rebellion. Although I have printed this and the Coming Tribulation into a folder, I find listening to them such a blessing. Sometimes I struggle because of depression and spiritual attacks. At these times of testing these mp3s have been so invaluable. (I also have an MP3 player that only plays Scourby's reading of the KJV which is amazing!)

Please tell your friend that it was his mp3s that have got be back on the good fight of faith more than once and I probably would have struggled without them. It has literally been listening to these recordings of your work that have got me back on my feet again today after mourning and struggling of late.

I find I process the information much better listening to it a few times so that when I do have the energy or stamina to read it over, I already have the comprehension already there!

I'm sorry that he isn't getting much feedback from others but I would find things so much harder without them and they truly are a blessing from God and give Him all the glory!
Please share this feedback from me!

I am only one person after all but all his hard work, I can't imagine how difficult making these files are, I greatly appreciate it!

Many thanks,

In Jesus,

Response #19:

Thanks for the great testimony!

I'll let our friend know – I'm sure he'll appreciate it greatly.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #20:

Good morning, Bob. I hope you are well.

That is good advice to stay with one bible teacher. I will continue my bible study and am grateful for your prayers and good counsel.

I just want to thank you for the time and heartfelt advice you have given various brothers and sisters on the topic of marriage.

I was divorced at a young age with a couple of young children and never remarried although I always dreamed of having a loving life’s partner and faithful best friend. My divorce wasn’t my choice even though I was so, so miserable being in it. I never felt I belonged there.

When things got really out of control, Prayers for peace and reconciliation seemed to be hitting a brick wall. It wasn’t until the prayers changed to ‘God’s will be done’, that I was suddenly removed, as if by an invisible hand, with my young children, out of the marriage home. Sadly, the end of the marriage was the beginning of peace for me.

God bless you and your beautiful ministry.

All for our dear Savior, Jesus Christ,

Response #20:

I'm sorry to hear of your past troubles, but I rejoice in God's deliverance of you. It seems that the trouble led you to the Lord, and there is no better result than that – and no better demonstration of Romans 8:28.

Putting things in the Lord's hands is always the best thing to do whenever there is a heavy load to bear. He bears our burdens . . . when we let Him do so (Ps.55:22; 68:19; 1Pet.5:7).

And God does answer our prayers. Always. Just often not in the exact way or at the immediate time we would wish. There are always good reasons for what He does and the way in which He does it, and it is a blessing to be able to see this after the fact – how much more so trusting that it will be so before the fact!

It seems that in all these things the Lord has "worked it out for good" for you, my friend. We all have things our hearts cherish, but sometimes these are not in God's will for us. People who react and turn away from Him because of that show that they loved the world more than Him; good Christians like yourself who wait patiently for His deliverance and experience it in His good time will be rewarded for their patience and faith.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #21:

I read the marriage questions on ICHTHYS. It looks like more than half of people my age (30s) are still unmarried. I distinctly remember at one of those school dances the Vice Principal saying we were too young for love, but if most of us are still single approaching 40, and lonely and anxious, it is just, I don't know. I feel like we are an experiment by our elders sometimes, but maybe that is just in my head.

I was also thinking that when you love someone, you tend to hurt when they do. With the Holy Spirit within us, I would imagine He feels our pain like that, is even knowing-about-it-beforehand subjecting Himself to it as intimately as possible by choosing to dwell with us every moment.

We are blessed, though, that God gives us good things to make our lives worthwhile (commands) when things just feel rotten.

I shouldn't blame and complain. Looking at history, life is awful, and only made not-awful by Him. People are born into horrible circumstances, sacrificed to statues, disfigured, abandoned, etc. Just the way of the world.

Response #21:

Yes, life is messy and difficult – but it constitutes a blessed opportunity for us who belong to Jesus Christ. Every day is another chance to put something more in our heavenly thesaurus (Matt.6:19-21).

"We are blessed, though, that God gives us good things to make our lives worthwhile. . ." Amen!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #22:

Hi Bob,

Hoping this email finds you well. Strange weather here for June. In London they even had a tornado which is very rare. There's been a lot of hail the size of golf balls bouncing all over Europe. It was pretty bad in Tubingen Germany where my new pen pal lives.

I was just reading an email from someone who has had to stop witnessing to family and it is exactly what I am going through right now. I've said before recently that my frustrations over this has mistakenly led me to believe that I was either not explaining myself well or forcefully enough. Sad to say that I have even fallen again into that "groove" of bible thumping around my parents as though I can "wear them down" with the truth. I realise that I am hurting myself this way as well as alienating them and even putting a stumbling block down over them reading the Word for themselves. I realise that the more "zealous" I am, the more likely I am to put them off as they find my zeal very off putting and strange.

Instead I will use my zeal and red hot moments to keep firm over my own spiritual growth and study so that I can then continue making my videos (which have ground to a halt lately).

In Romans chapter ten, what is Paul writing about in verses 6 and 7? Bring Jesus down from above or bringing Him up from the dead? I always struggle over these verses each time I read it.

Thank you in advance!

In Jesus,

P.s I'm reading through this week's emails on marriage/ divorce/ remarriage and I want to say a big thank you for your ministry and undivided attention to the truth.

It's so wonderful to hear the comfort your ministry brings when people realise what living under grace really means. I myself am only slowly beginning to realise how huge and wondrous grace really is as I didn't really begin to understand it!

So many false legalistic teaching out there that brings unnecessary fear or a heavy yoke that Jesus never gave us.

In fact it has helped me in realising my approach of witnessing to my family is all wrong. Understanding grace is making me much more humble about what I have in Christ and determined to grow and have a gentle and spirit filled witness to my loved ones!

In Jesus,

Response #22:

We can all always improve the way we approach these matters – and many of them are situational as well. It's always best not to do too much second-guessing. When we witness, we witness. Next time, maybe we'll do it better . . . as we grow and consider our techniques. But it is God who gives the response based upon what the people we're witnessing do in response to the Spirit.

On Romans 10:5ff., of course Paul is commenting on Deuteronomy 30:12-14. What Moses meant by this is found in the preceding verse: "For this commandment which I command you today is not too mysterious for you, nor is it far off" (Deut.30:11 NKJV). That is the point that Paul is making too, but he is applying it particularly to the good news about the now revealed Jesus Christ. So that is what is added as an explanation. An explanatory translation of the two verses that bother you would be something like, v.6: ". . . as if salvation were something so difficult that you had to go all the way up to heaven and bring Christ down to be saved -- when it's not that hard to be saved at all"; v.7: ". . . as if salvation were something so difficult that you had to go all the way down to Hades and bring Christ up to be saved – when it's not that hard to be saved at all". Then he goes on to explain that being saved is very easy – because the WORK was done by Jesus Christ: all we have to do is believe and claim the Gift.

I get this question "how exactly do we have / express saving faith?" fairly often – and we see here that it goes back to the beginning (best place for this at Ichthys is BB 4B, section II, "How to be Saved").

Keep growing and keep pushing forward, my friend! That is the way to the reward.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #23:

Hello. Bob,

What convinces you that the seals of Revelation represent only an outline of Tribulation? Why would it not also be a dual prophecy like the prophets? It appears to me that, since the cross, the four horsemen have only increased activity in recent centuries since.

In other news, it appears glyphosate destroys the nutrients and amino acids required to build our immune systems and also creates the symptoms labeled as "covid." Could this be the fourth horse and rider?

If this is a dual prophecy, we are in deep doo when Tribulation starts.

Yours in Jesus,

Response #23:

I think whatever the case we are in for some "interesting times" when the Tribulation does begin.

If you're making the point that satanic tyranny, war, dearth and plague are currently present in the world – and have been since the expulsion from Eden – I would certainly agree with that. But these will be taken to a level previously not experienced during the Tribulation which is "a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then" (Dan.12:1) and "such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be" (Matt.24:21). Just to take one example, as bad as Hitler, Stalin and Mao were, put together they weren't as bad nor were their actions as devastating as the Beast and his activities will be. So it's a matter of degrees – the Tribulation being so much worse that the degree creates new categories in effect.

We don't use weed killer. I did for a time years ago when they said it was safe, but I think it affected me (may also have ended up killing the cat). So I steer clear. I pull 'em up by hand instead.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #24:

Hello Bob,

No, I was saying that it seems to me that the effects of the four horseman as described in Revelation are increasing in intensity and in the past few years have expanded worldwide. For example, I don't know when population reduction became an issue but I remember reading a white paper JFK presented to the UN in early '63 on population reduction. That drive appears to be realized in pesticides, vaccines and "approved" drugs. Death and mortality appear to be increasing exponentially. (Pale horse?) It also appears to be actively encouraged -- the "vaccinations" in Africa or the contemporary push for covid "vaccinations are good examples. Wars have spread world wide and I suspect the world will soon be engulfed in a Russia/China/US shooting war which no one can win except the military contractors for awhile. (Red horse?) Food and basic commodity/service prices are soaring. (Black horse?)

It's all happened before but limited to countries and regions. I can't recall any time in the past when it was worldwide. The "New World Order" push I believe will increase steadily into Tribulation bringing all these evils with it.

I know of nothing in scripture that specifies these evils come only in the Tribulation. The term "latter days" I have understood to mean time after the cross. This may be mistaken(?) but it's the basis for my belief that troubles will only increase into the Tribulation. In fact, I believe that, except for the beast and antichrist who will step in to "heal" us and bring "peace", the ending of restraints will allow people to express their evil tendencies to the fullest. The second half of the Tribulation is another matter.

I agree. We are in for some very interesting times.

In our Lord,

Response #24:

There's nothing new in the tribulational trends described in the first four seals. What is different is the magnitude once the Holy Spirit's ministry of restraint is lifted (link).

Just some examples:

Rev.8:7: "And a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up." We've had droughts and fires before, but a third of the worlds forests and all of its grasslands destroyed in the blink of an eye is exponentially worse.

Rev.8:9: "And a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed." Nothing like this has ever happened before – in terms of magnitude.

Rev.8:11: "A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died" A third of all fresh water in the world poisoned is unprecedented.

Rev.8:12: "A third of the day did not shine, and likewise the night." A one third reduction in light has also never been experienced before.

Rev.9:15: "So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind." That's many billions of people at present. No pandemic has ever come close.

And this is just a selection from the seven warning judgments before the Great Tribulation even begins. Everything else about the Tribulation is likewise so much worse than anything ever experienced that it becomes a different category just on account of its magnitude (cf. the difference between a murder and a holocaust).

Seals go on the outside of a book and in this case they not only keep it closed but give a preview of what is inside. These seals are directly connected to the "book" which is in fact THE book of Revelation – which is in turn literally "the [book] of the Revelation of Jesus Christ".

So yes we are living at the end of all things, and in one sense the second advent and the Tribulation which precedes it have always been "imminent". But beyond all question no one has experience of what the Tribulation will be like. We can only say that rule by the Beast will be worse than that of any previous tyrant (seal one); that the widespread nature of war and lawlessness will reach to an unprecedented degree – and that is saying quite something in light of the last two world wars, e.g. (second seal); that economic dislocation, government control and dearth will be on a scale never yet seen (third scale); and that mortality will also be far more severe than ever before in human experience (except for the great flood): everyone who participates in Armageddon, for example, will be destroyed, and the baptism of fire will eliminate all who have taken the beast's name/number, so that I fully expect the Millennium to commence with only some millions out of the present billions currently alive (fourth seal).

In any case, the seals are on the book and thus related to the book so are specifically, in terms of interpretation, meant to be taken as applying to the Tribulation which precedes our Lord's revelation at the second advent. We can see and get a feel for the trends of the four horsemen here and now (analogous things have always occurred), but we're actually in an even worse position than the blind men and the elephant in attempting to gauge the Tribulation itself from them before the fact – because it is an unimaginably large elephant.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #25:

Hi Bob,

Once again I must thank you. I thought the seals were simply seals and the scroll was the preview. I've read Revelation many, many times in both KJV and NIV and never once picked up on that. You have given me an entirely new perspective which requires a serious rethink. Thank you.

In Jesus,

Response #25:

My pleasure!

Always good to hear from you, my friend.

Keeping you in my prayers,

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #26:

Thank you so much. I heard rumors that Hollywood is run by powerful occultists and that ritual child abuse and witchcraft are a major part of the art. What are your thoughts on this?

Response #26:

Wouldn't surprise me, but I think worrying about that is a huge distraction.

What you need is to commit to a disciplined program of spiritual growth. I suggest starting with the Peter series (link). If you do half an hour a day, that would be a great start. Add in a systematic program of Bible reading, and if you could keep up with the weekly email postings (link), that would also be very helpful – then expand from there when you're able.

It's all about spiritual growth. That is the only way to gain the peace, joy and hope that should characterize every Christian life.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #27:

Hi Bob,

I'm sorry to hear about the spike in crime in Louisville but glad to hear your street seems to have been okay. It reminds me of all those protests and how your street wasn't troubled by them. I know the Lord will always protect you and your family and you're in my prayers.

This world is only going to get worse. I read in the news this week that the Methodist church has become the largest denomination in Britain to permit same-sex mariages. I also read today about the US announcing plans for a third gender option on passports. Adding an option different to male and female. Allowing people to self-select male or female on their passport. There are several other countries that have options other than male or female on official documents too.

It's just getting worse and worse isn't it? I feel like all this whatever is being shoved down our throats - like they're trying to force everyone to think it's great and normal. The fact that they're having to push it to me shows that deep down inside they know only too well that it's unnatural. And if you don't think it's okay then you're in the wrong. There's a lot of unbelievers as well as believers who don't think it's normal either, but the more they push it and the more it's accepted then eventually people will get used to it and think there's nothing wrong with it at all - it will become "normal". It isn't natural - it's not the way the Lord created us to be. (Romans 1:26-27)

At least we have the hope of our Lord Jesus returning soon. And some of us will be blessed and be taken out of this horrible world sooner.

I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling 100%. Is it the same as just recently, Bob when you weren't feeling too well? Good old chicken soup! Homemade is delicious. I drink quite a lot of OJ too.

Take care of yourself, Bob and I hope you have a good weekend. Thanks for all your prayers too!

Your friend in Jesus

Response #27:

It is very true that we seem to be living in East Germany or some other communist country where all manner of anti-God and anti-truth doctrines are not just making the rounds but considered essential to believe and promulgate on pain of becoming an "un-person" if you don't. Sort of like the Cultural Revolution in China or Nazi indoctrination under Hitler's regime. We're seeing it a great deal here in the states. My own university has launched an aggressive "anti-racism" agenda . . . which means in essence that unless one sees this issue through the exact same lens as the propagandists and proceeds in lockstep then one is a racist . . . even if black or oriental or etc.

It's very clear that the evil one is having some great successes in shoving his lies down the throats of entire countries and cultures with very little push-back. That is true in this country because the elites, big business, high tech, the media, academia and more are all behind this. It gives one pause. If we didn't know that things won't go on like this much longer, we'd be dismayed that "things can't go on like this much longer!" For believers who know something about the Bible and true teaching about the end times, it is possible to view all this in a more detached way – because it all just confirms that our Lord will be returning very soon, and hallelujah for that! So it becomes a matter of academic debate just how antichrist will rise to power. A good friend thinks it's more than likely that the beast will arise from the right rather than the left. After all, horrible left wing success usually beget horrible right wing reactions. You don't get the Nazis without first having the Communists.

I'm agnostic about it. Antichrist could arise from the left as well as from the right – and it is also possible that the devil's plan is for the beast to somehow combine both movements into one. They do have a lot in common. They are all fascist totalitarians. All they need to coalesce is the right leadership (by which I mean the wrong leadership of which none will ever be more wrong).

Doing better today. Took it easy. We're into the weekend now and I'm planning to get a little extra rest – since I don't really have any idea what next week will bring once my chair is off-line [update: it went very well].

Thanks for the prayers!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

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