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Question #1:

Hello Dr. Luginbill;

I'm from Uganda. I came across ichthys ministry in 2016 but only became serious with it in March 2020. I trust that indeed the tribulation will start in 2026 or even before as you sometimes say. Now I find myself reluctant to work; for I have a little money that can push me for two years, I think to myself that after the 2 years I could sell my property raising money capable to push me and my family for 3 more years, placing me in year 2026 i.e at the start of the tribulation, a time I think we wouldn't be able to work but look up to GOD entirely for our protection and provision. I ask for you advice.

Meanwhile I'm studying the word of GOD, not an easy assignment given my background; from a Protestant church to the "saved's" as we call them in Uganda: to a one prophet Samuel kakande of the synagogue church of all nations, whose church services are full of healing miracles, prophecies and deliverances from "demonic oppression"; To a music for Christianity church senior pastored by Gary Skinner a Canadian born.

Findings your ministry I realized I had to learn, relearn and believe. I pray the Holy Spirit leads and guides me on this journey. Even through limitations of sin [omitted] being my worst impediments: fighting them, falling back only to fight them again, how I pray for victory over this once and for all.

Response #1:

Good to make your acquaintance! I'm pleased to learn of your deliverance from various and sundry problems and opposition to be now pushing forward in the truth for Jesus Christ. Bravo!

On your question, every time I have discussed the time-line, I've always made it very clear that this is an interpretation of the biblical evidence. That is to say, while I am personally convinced of it, the Bible itself does not provide this date; the interpretation is based on certain assumptions (which I do believe are correct), the alteration of any of which would change things (see the link). The most obvious and weighty of these is the Tribulation overlap, namely, the position I take that sees the Tribulation as shared jointly by the end of the Church Age and the not-yet-elapsed final week of seven years of the Jewish Age (see the link). If this turns out NOT to be the case (as explained at the link and at other places at Ichthys I do believe that it IS the case), that would push back the date of the Tribulation an additional seven years. Further, the Lord is within His rights to change things at any moment in terms of the time-line, either moving it up (the Tribulation could begin at any time), or pushing it back (it may be even farther out than the scenario just discussed).

What is the upshot of these considerations? I have provided commentary on the biblical details according to the gifts and guidance given me. Believers need to listen to the Spirit and make the best decisions for their own lives and life circumstances based upon the Spirit's guidance and their acceptance and consideration of the truth. For me, that means, in terms of my own personal application, to live my life one day at a time – because regardless of when the Tribulation occurs, we never receive more than one day at a time from the Lord. So we need to make every day count. That being the case, I also proceed as if I will be given day after day, without worrying about the end – because I cannot know what will happen in the future for me personally in specific terms (we all know and accept what the Bible says about things generally).

So I reflected on all this and concluded that the righteous and the wise and what they do are in God's hands, but no one knows whether love or hate awaits them.
Ecclesiastes 9:1 NIV

So on the one hand, the day to begin getting right with the Lord is "today"; the day to begin putting Him first and getting started with the spiritual growth, progress and production He wants from us is "today". But in terms of a longer view, in my opinion we should not allow what we know about eschatology to dissuade us from doing the other good things we would normally be inclined to do. Do we worry that we don't have enough time left to get married, to raise a family, to get an advanced degree, to start a business, to start a church, etc.? If we let that sort of thinking dominate, we would be sore tempted to do nothing:

Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.
Ecclesiastes 11:4 NIV

There is a time for everything (Eccl.3:1-8). There is a time to get married, and time to refrain, a time to seek an advanced degree, and a time to be finished with one's education, and there is a time to work, and a time to retire. Spiritual growth informs our decisions on all such important life decisions. We take these decisions because for all manner of reasons they are the right ones for us to take at the time as the Spirit shows us – irrespective of when the Tribulation may or may not occur.

None of this is to say that we shouldn't be placing "all bets" on the Lord and on His truth. Indeed we should! It was placed on my own heart to give up a slot and a stipend in graduate school to go off to seminary on the other side of the country with everything I owned crammed into my little Datsun B210 – even before I had been officially admitted and with no clear idea how I was going to make it work financially. But I knew that it was the right thing to do at the time as a necessary step – a step of faith – to prepare for this ministry. I have never regretted it. We only have so much time here on earth to do what the Lord wants us to do, regardless of when the Tribulation may or may not occur.

So we do what we do in humble response to what the Lord is telling us. If that is our standard, then it doesn't matter how many days He has given us – or when the Tribulation takes place.

(4) Show me, LORD, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is. (5) You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you. Everyone is but a breath, even those who seem secure.
Psalm 39:4-5 NIV

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12 NIV

Do feel free to write me back any time.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob Luginbill

Question #2:


Regardless of your busy schedule you have given me a Word and wisdom packed response in no time, May God Bless You..

May the Holy Spirit lead me as I take on this life one day at a time, for I cannot afford to do nothing or even worse go backwards:

I pray that the fear of God and the love of His word be my portion in knowledge and wisdom till He calls me home or Jesus Christ returns.

Response #2:

My pleasure!

Feel free to write me any time.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #3:

Shalom Bob,

In Rev. 14:11 is the greek verb "worship" which is used as a present tense, actually understood to be a futuristic present tense like John 4:25; 14:1-3, and probably others?

If it is then this would seem to spell an eschatological problem for the nonsensical doctrine of eternal Annihilation. They make a lot of theological noise about this verb "worship" and passage being in the present tense - suggesting a Great White Throne event here on earth. They applaud Young's Literal Translation of this passage.

and the smoke of their torment doth go up to ages of ages; and they have no rest day and night, who are bowing before the beast and his image, also if any doth receive the mark of his name.
Revelation 14:11 YLT

In Yeshua Jesus,

Response #3:

If you mean that the "bowing down" continues forever, that is not what the Greek says or means.  I can tell you that unbelievers who take the mark won't be worshiping the beast in the lake of fire – that's certain!

Question #4:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the suggestions. Have you heard about Robert L. Thomas's commentary on Revelation? I am working through it right now, and I think you would like it. So far he is the only published guy I found who takes a careful, extremely detailed approach, but also is a firm believer, futuristic, and premillennial. It is true that he is pre-trib rapture, and takes a late date (as most do), but I have found him very helpful.


In the Lord,

Response #4:

I also had classes with Dr. Thomas at Talbot (that was before he went off to "Masters Seminary").

His "Harmony" of the gospels (done in cooperation with Stan Gundry) is also quite helpful.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #5:

Hi Bob,

The playlist for my own teaching series on SR4 is here. I'm quite happy with how things are proceeding. Last week's Q&A videos were about all the problems with monasticism, and this week's teaching lesson was on the vanity of life (one of my favorite sections in SR4).

The playlist for the recordings of our wider group's study of BB6A is here.

My own teaching videos are quite organized, but we (or rather, me) have also started making an effort in the group study as well to get much more organized (including posting slides and timestamps for all the videos), starting from from Week 56 onward. I actually consider the Week 56+ videos from this study on BB6A as well to be part of my own personal teaching ministry, as I've started giving a formal teaching introduction to every topic before we open discussion. These are now just as a good resource as my own videos, in my opinion. I've started editing them more to break them down too, so each video stays under 25-30 minutes, which should make them much more accessible.

Between these two series, I'm putting out 5 videos a week (a little over 2 hours of highly-organized video content a week), which translates to 20 videos a month and 240 videos a year (!). If I can keep up the pace.

I consider this YouTube arm of my ministry as being launched and in full production-mode, so I would certainly appreciate if you linked to the channel/these playlists on Ichthys for the visibility. It's up to you, of course. (You can hold of on linking the written website portion of my ministry until I finish everything there and am ready to launch that, which is still not quite yet).

The SR4 series of mine is following the Ichthys study quite closely, and I think it might make sense to link to my playlist on SR4 itself, but again, it's all up to what you think is best. I'm biased, of course!

Your friend in Christ,

Response #5:


I've linked both of your YouTube collections to 1) the emails page; 2) the special topics page; and 3) the landing pages for SR and BB respectively. Do let me know if your URLs change for any reason.

Thanks for the update, and keep up your great work for the Church of Jesus Christ!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #6:

Dr. Luginbill,

Please accept this note of thanks for the time investment you've made to preserve this material. I expect to have many hours of blessing ahead, reading and absorbing these studies.

In my professional life, I am also a web designer, so should you ever require any assistance, please don't hesitate to call on me.

Response #6:

Good to make your acquaintance, my friend. And thank you for your good words and kind offer! I will keep it in mind.

Yours in Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior,

Bob L.

Question #7:

Thank you, Robert.

I am just beginning the Satanic Rebellion, and reviewing the outline, can't help but to see the striking resemblance to Dr. D.G. Barnhouse's work, "The Invisible War", which I have read 3 times and truly appreciated his insight.

I am thankful to see similar material in the form of a Bible study.

My only concern is what appears to be a pre-tribulation rapture position. Is this so? When in the course of redemptive history has God ever denied the church an opportunity to testify by their 'suffering for His Name"?


Response #7:

As to "My only concern is what appears to be a pre-tribulation rapture position. Is this so?", you can't read very far into Ichthys and imagine this is a pre-Trib rapture fallacy site. Here's one link that will lead to more: "No Rapture"; for the most recent longer posting on the subject, see the link: "The 'rapture' and other eschatological issues".

Classic also is "Three False Doctrines which Threaten Faith"

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #8:

Hello Brother Bob, good to hear from you. We are doing well, and pray you are good also.
Thanks for the heads up on Peter #35. Have read some already, and you point out many things I have glossed over.

What a year the world has experienced. Who would have thought that its focus could have been UNITED in a blink of an eye? These are exciting times for a Christian, as there seems to be a hint of awakening. God is up to something, and as always he wants us to be a part of it.

One of the interesting things that happened for me during covid was I began viewing other churches on youtube, and found there are many preaching the gospel of the Truth of Christ. I have 4 that I try to view every Sunday

Matthew Maher, Coastal Christian, Ocean City (150) The Restraining Orders of God | Matthew Maher | Coastal Christian Ocean City - YouTube

Allen Jackson, World Outreach Church, Murfreesboro, TN (150) A Message to the Front Lines, Part 2 - YouTube

Gary Hamrick, Cornerstone Chapel, Leesburg, Va (150) Church in America, Wake Up! | Jeremiah 6:16-19 | Gary Hamrick - YouTube

Keith Miner, Grace Fellowship, Pickerinton, Oh Messages · Grace Fellowship

Blessings on your day and work in the cause of Christ

Your brother and friend in Jesus oue Hope

Response #8:

Good to hear back from you!

I'm happy to learn that you two are doing well. Things are pretty good here in Louisville too. The university is finally getting back to normal and I'm anticipating the first peaceful year in a long time now.

As to "These are exciting times for a Christian, as there seems to be a hint of awakening", I'm pleased to hear it! I've noticed nothing of the sort (the opposite in fact). So I'm encouraged by your optimism, my friend! I pray for you and your Bible ministry daily.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #9:

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. I need them desperately. In fact, truthfully I need to be more intentional and personal with my Lord and savior. How I wish it was easy to meet again over coffee and share our hearts and experiences. My optimism comes from a heart felt stirring in my soul in spite of what I see and know is wrong. I hear pastors preaching the truth, from The Truth, about the Truth of Christ and it brings me hope. All the unbelievable things that have happened during covid came in the twinkling of the eye.

The whole world was united (focused) on the problem. Man kind massed its resources and claimed victory, but God is up to something, and we in our lifetime are going to be part of it. We need to tighten our seat belts as it might get bumpy! My call is to not be just a hearer of the word, in the face of all this, I must be a doer of his word. Our God never fails, nothing is too hard for him, and He is bigger than all this mess we're in. If He can make the rocks cry out, he can put words in my mouth to point the way to him-. He will enable, and raise us up at just the right time

2Cor 5:17-21 we are His messengers

Response #9:

It really would be good for Christians to get moving spiritually. The Tribulation is not very far off now, and it does take more than a few days to become spiritually prepared. Noah had 120 years to build the ark. We don't have nearly that long. It probably is going to get VERY "bumpy".

Thanks for your good attitude and zeal for the Lord and His truth, my friend.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #10:

Hi Bob,

Osiyo! (greetings in Cherokee) Thank you for your email. Hi from Arizona - WET Arizona. We are getting the wettest summer monsoon season I have ever seen since moving here back in 1984. But that is answered prayer; we had been shriveling under lack of rain and record breaking heat.

Some time ago during my lunch hour at work I had been checking out your weekly mail questions and answers and found it very encouraging and I learned a lot. However, over the last few months it seems the subject has parked immovably on eschatology issues. To be frank, I am not really a big fan of studying that particular subject; seems that everyone has their own take on the end times, and it tends to boggle my brain. I concentrate mainly on my daily walk with Jesus and let the future events play out, knowing He is in control. It would be great if the rapture comes before the tribulation, which I tend to believe it will - but if somehow it does not, then as He has been faithful through the 40+ years I been walking with Him, He will be then also. Hope you understand. I do read ALL of the Bible, including the book of Revelation, so I get doses of eschatology from such reading.

Some things have changed in my life since becoming a believer. I no longer believe instrumental music has to be "Christian" to be acceptable. Nor does worship music have to be western or Anglo style to be acceptable to the Lord. I have been in Native American worship services where they were singing to Jesus with drums and vocables (i.e. hey-ya wey-ho... same thing as la la la to carry a melody). I have also learned that anyone who claims to be a prophet, is usually not, and any group that claims to be the only way to God is akin to a grenade with the pin pulled - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. And I no longer call myself "Christian" because that term has been mutilated and misused to the point of not even being valid any more. I just tell anyone who asks that I am a follower of the Jesus way, or that I walk with Jesus Christ day by day.

It is amazing how the Lord will do things. We have quite a few Navajo and Hopi Native people living in the neighborhood. And there is a plant that grows that they use for tea that is hard to find. My neighbors have to drive up to the rez to get this tea (called greenthread by botanists). I have not seen it growing around here except an isolated spot or two. But wouldn't you know it - this tea grows wild in my BACK YARD prodigiously - in two locations out there. How it got there, I got no idea but it became apparent to me that the Lord put it there. Years ago I was taught how to prepare this tea in little bundles for use and the Lord put it on my heart to harvest it from my yard and make it into these bundles, put them in small ziplok bags and give them to my Native neighbors and other Native people as the Lord opens the door. They know I am a believer, and I give it freely with no strings attached; it always puts a big smile on their face, so by that and other things (including praying for them to come to know Jesus) they might realize that the Gospel is not a white man religion, but rather how much their Creator loves them. It is a little thing, but you never know what God can do with little things.

Thank you for your ministry; I will check in on it once in a while and I have been reading the Peter lesson. The Lord gave me a loving wife from the Philippines; they are such a beautiful people - in spirit and heart. But don't mess with them. Ask Magellan - who was clobbered by a Filipino warrior who had only a loincloth and a spear (just Google Lapu Lapu). I got no respect for those who carry a cross in one hand, a sword in the other and the glint of gold in their eyes.

Well, bro - I have rambled enough. God bless and have a great week!

In Jesus,

Response #10:

Thanks for the update, my friend! Good to hear that you've gotten plenty of rain! All we hear over here is that the west is on fire – and we're getting the smoke drifting in to make us believe it.

On the "Eschatology" postings, they have plenty of other things included as well. Peter #36 will have a comment on what you mention here too, namely, the name "Christian" – which, as it turns out, is NOT in the Bible (in scripture it's Chrestian with an "e" meaning "goody-goody", a derisive term which believers adopted in despite of their opponents (converted by the RC church to "Christian" later; see the link).

Keep up your good work for the Lord, my friend!

Your friend in Jesus Christ,

Bob L.

Question #11:

Bro. Dr. Bob,

Since the inception of your ministry on October 22, 1997, I started reading questions and answers and all that you have written at your website ichthys.com. Before that, I was reading Col. R.B. Thieme Jr.’s ministry but I recognized that you have teachings that superseded his teachings like the pre- tribulation rapture and others. I recognized you as the gifted Pastor-Teacher anointed by God to teach the Holy Bible in their orthodox context knowing that all that you wrote and are teaching are supported with exhaustive related Bible verses both in the Old and New Testaments. With your knowledge of Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic and teaching Classics at a reputable university, the more that your teachings and answers to all question are very credible.

I am sharing Ecclesiology: Study of the Church, short meditation and verse of the day to more than 300 FB friends every day for many years already knowing that one third of Christians will lose their salvation during the second half of the 7 years tribulations and we would like reach them.

To God be the glory!

Response #11:

Thanks SO MUCH for this, my friend!

I'm very encouraged by your ministry of the truth. Indeed, we would like to reach everyone – especially early enough on for them to be able to get in some good prep before the "balloon goes up".

I'm very appreciative of all your kind words.

Keeping you in my prayers daily.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #12:

Hi Bob,

Just a quick question..

I haven't got to your Tribulation series yet but I have looked at bits and pieces in the past. I seem to remember your identifying the USA as Babylon. I know when I first became a Christian a lot of people I was looking at thought it was revived Rome (due to the Papacy) but that only made sense because of the wearing of red and purple vestments and the blood of the saints due to the counter reformation.

The thing is I had a feeling it was Jerusalem but that was because of the verse "that great city" and I know that Jerusalem has been described with that term before. I also thought that the whore would be the religious system of Jerusalem because God has often referred to Israel as like an adulterous woman (whore). With the whole symbolism of being the bride of Christ and sticking with Jerusalem as it is the only place and people that God has ever had a covenant with.

I know that God has used pagan nations to judge Israel for her spiritual adultery so I wondered if that linked to her being trampled underfoot. Am I getting the trampling underfoot and the outright destruction of Babylon mixed up then? I suddenly realised that I must have!

The thing is though that there would be so much going on in one place that it can't all be happening in the same city, so I guess my initial reading falls apart!

In Him,

Response #12:

Babylon is a place, not a system (e.g., Rev.14:8; 17:18; 18:10; 18:21). It is different from Jerusalem which is damaged but not destroyed (Rev.16:19); whereas Babylon is completely destroyed (Rev.18:1ff.), because the beast and his underlings destroy it (Rev.17:16-17); whereas Jerusalem is not completely destroyed but in terms of Babylon's destruction, "Her smoke rises up forever and ever!" (Rev.19:3). Babylon as a city "reigns over the kings of the earth" for the Great Prostitute sits on waters which represent "all peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues" (Rev.17:15). We know that the biblical south will be the confederation against which antichrist makes war and that the east doesn't enter into the picture until Armageddon. The north is the seven come ten kingdom empire of the beast (revived Rome) . . . but where is the west? Babylon also represents the west. In any case, if you read CT 3B, I think you'll find all the clarifications there.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #13:

Thanks for all this Bob!

I'm currently building an archive of our email conversations and trying to sort them out by topic as a resource for me to look over. I am trying to be more methodical and organised about this and my study as I am willing to do the work and I feel (funnily enough) excited at the prospect of really getting my head down and studying in earnest once more and working my way through your wonderful ministry and pick up on my videos again.

Just so as you know that you haven't laboured over me in vain! I have grown a bit and I love the Lord more and more each day. There have been times that I have wanted to go home early but right now I do want to put in a good fight, I want to walk in the works that God has prepared for me, I want to grow and learn and to put into practice. I suddenly find myself despite all the recent pressures, worries and flak, I find myself a willing student who wants to dedicate the time, study and application to grow up in the Lord! Amen!

I'm not looking forward to the Tribulation. There have been times I have felt almost paralysed by fear about going through it but I am learning to accept that God is still on the throne and that it will all work out for good and the more I stay in the Word, in prayer and spiritual growth and study, those old fears melt away and my weakness draws me closer to God's strength. Amen!

Your friend in Jesus,
p.s. I've had the rest of your website printed out into folders as a hard copy. I will take some photos of them to show you how great they look!

Response #13:

Thanks for the e-card, my friend! Four plus years! Time sure does fly, doesn't it? I have definitely seen the growth in you, my friend. The mustard seed is putting out limbs and branches already. Keep up the good work for Jesus Christ!

In Jesus,

Bob L.
p.s., you printed it ALL out!? That explains the spike in lumber prices . . .

Question #14:

Hi Professor!

Thanks so much for checking in with us and for the new study. We always look forward to your weekly email posting as well. I ended up purchasing a laptop computer last year after only using my smart phone for years. I wanted to tell you this thing has 3 little dots in the upper right corner and then a drop down menu appears that I can choose to have anything read aloud to me. It even has options to change the voice and speed of the reader. Its not as good in some ways as your mp3 files because this man reading has no idea what to do with the bible abbreviations but I do like that it keeps the words on the screen for us to follow along with and I can back it up to read it again easy enough. This is how we have been doing the bible study with my son's family as well as other studies on our own. I do what they call "screen cast" to our television so we all can follow along with the text. I still use the mp3 audio files since I can carry it with me from room to room or even in the car we play it through the blue tooth. I know much evil has come through these technologies but it is wonderful to have these abilities to study the Word of God.

I found a YouTube channel run by a man named Robert Dean. Very close to your name. Do you know him or his work? I have seen he shares some similarities with you in his back ground as far as studying R.B. Thieme . He is a very good teacher but is firmly caught up in OSAS and pre-trib rapture. I actually find it amusing that he will say something is a difficult passage and then spend the lecture squirming trying to make it say what theie doctrine says instead of what the text actually says. Today he said the apostasia that must come first is actually the rapture! Falling away is now falling up? So sad that he has so many other teachings that line up with yours but yet misses so many other marks. I actually like his teaching in the Old Testament as he seems pretty good with geography stuff (lots of maps) and history. He recently did a series on Judges but I find its best to tune him out when he is in the New Testament. I want you to know that you are my teacher, I can't (even if I wanted to) believe what someone else teaches. Do you feel like its still a bad thing for me to listen to him if I am recognizing his errors and have committed to only your teaching as being the truth? I do think I need to improve on my ability to be in silence more often but am not currently good at that so you can see it is difficult to find anything of worth to listen to. And even though I listen or read something of yours daily it is too difficult to do all day. Just too much there and it takes my full effort when I do. I do enjoy Pastor Omo as well.

I have been involved with the group that has the forum and it has been such a blessing to us. We meet over zoom once a week and I feel like we have such a wonderful bond with you and each other. We are all so happy to have the truth of scripture that you have provided for us. Your ears should be burning on Saturday evening as all we talk about is you and our Lord Jesus. I think that our discussions have led me to be more vocal at home and even among strangers about the Lord. Steven has really dug in lately and started doing shorter videos that will be easier for folks to watch and follow along with your studies. I hope that as soon as we have finished our Peter series on Sundays we can use his videos to work through parts of the Satanic Rebellion.

That's all for now, God bless

Response #14:

Thanks for the update!

I don't think I've ever heard of this particular "Robert Dean" (that's a pretty common combination; Luginbill much less so).

I appreciate your enthusiasm for the Word of God! I don't have any problem with you listening to others (especially Curt Omo): you clearly have your head solidly on your shoulders in all this, so I'm not worried about you being led astray.

Keeping you and your family and your Bible study efforts in my daily prayers.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #15:

Thank you Robert for your email

I believe God is opening my eyes and heart to so much these last 4 years. I am trying to live more like Christ but finding it so hard. God has gotten the BIG SINS out of my life and rather miraculously I must admit but as my walk goes on. He shows me the many little sins that are so much harder to deal with. Judgment, lack of mercy, lack of patience, long suffering...I could go on and on. I can't take any credit for the things He has delivered me from, I find these much more difficult than those BIG SINS that controlled my life for so many years. Your prayers are always welcomed and appreciated and I hope you never stop! I am so blessed by your studies and the knowledge and wisdom God has given you and certainly blessed us with. I have always been on the outside of the current church and many of their teachings and find that my excitement of the revelations that God has shown over the last 4 years certainly turns most Christians off. Please pray for me that God will help me find the way to share with patience and wisdom so that the truth about the "rapture" and end days will help prepare instead of causing dissension. I love the Lord but don't always live in that truth. Please keep me in your prayers.

Love in the Lord.

Response #15:

I appreciate your spirit in the Lord, my friend!

None of us is perfect. None of us is ever going to BE perfect . . . this side of the resurrection. But we all have the duty to pursue sanctification daily and fight that fight. You are doing so – good for you!

Keep your servant also from willful sins; may they not rule over me. Then I will be blameless, innocent of great transgression.
Psalm 19:13 NIV

I will be keeping you in my prayers, my friend – and I appreciate yours (and your efforts to share the truth as well).

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #16:

Hi Bob,

It's so good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing, I will try to get on and take a look. It may have to wait until midnight or a midnight this week but I'll get it done. Looking forward to it. Thanks for your prayers, I've been patient but just recently I feel like I'm losing strength like I've never felt before.

Overwhelmed with real estate and making a bit if money but what I'm having to go through to get it makes me rethink the whole thing. I've been really frustrated with people. The self-centeredness, greedy, dishonesty, hate...I really dislike real estate. I guess I'm just always complaining. I should be happy regardless but can't seem to figure it all out. I think right now the hardest thing is working so hard and living in a camper. We have had a prayer answered on having work but now it's too much work...listen to me complain. I sometimes get to bed at 1 or 2 in the morning. I need to figure out how we can still make money and not be working 24/7. If only we could have some sort of normalcy.

Just wanted to let you know I think of you often even though I may not be writing much. Hope you are doing well. How is your family? How has your summer been?

Response #16:

Wow! You've impressed me! I used to have to get up at 3:30 some days at OCS and that is as bad as I ever thought it could get. You remind me of the man in the comedy skit who had to get up half an hour before he even went to bed!

I couldn't do real estate. But everything down here on planet earth has its problems. I'm hoping and praying for things to brighten up for you guys. I'm confident that for good Christians who honor the Lord the way you do, there will be relief and deliverance.

You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance.
Psalm 66:12 NIV

Praying for that place of abundance not to be too far off.

Everyone is fine and I've gotten a lot done this summer – not as much as planned but that is par for the course. Summer is coming to a rapid end as we have meetings coming up in mid-August and then all the fun begins anew. I am also hoping and praying that Covid doesn't flare back up (or the reaction to it anyway) as it nearly killed the university. We lost some 700 students who didn't come back because they didn't like online teaching. I taught in person, but most of my colleagues didn't have the same perspective. We're supposed to be "back to normal" in the fall, but we've seen how easily people – and especially those in power – can get panicked and change everything at the drop of a hat.

Keeping you guys in my daily prayers.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #17:

Dear Bob,

Thank You for the reply. Yes I will use the link for future reference. Also I would like if I could subscribe so that I would receive your mails automatically. There is an icon but that doesn’t work that way.


Response #17:

The "subscribe" icon is an RSS feed which, for certain browsers (if you have the right app installed) will notify you of new postings.

But I don't send out these studies via email except on request. I would quickly be labelled a spammer and shut down if I did anything like that (only ACTUAL spammers have the means to get away with it).

But if there is ever anything in particular you want me to send you via email in PDF or RTF, do let me know.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #18:

I've realised that many of the things I have just mentioned you have already covered in your ministry (it's always about digging around on your site before sending off an email!)

I know that Satan uses the fear of death against us and he has created a whole medical system and "science" to compound these fears that lead us to trust man over God. I've noticed that he either blinds us into thinking we will live here forever (eternity in our hearts) or hits us repeatedly over the head with threats of our mortality at every opportunity.

I realise that at the moment I am facing the whole "epignosis" thing which you have covered on your site. I know intellectually that we shouldn't fear death but that needs to become "full knowledge" for me.

One of your correspondents put it in a delightful way, saying "it's all really real isn't it!" Yes it is really real! Jesus, the Bible, eternal life, Satan and the spiritual battle. It is all really real and it still doesn't fail to take my breath away, the wonder of it all! To think I was once absolutely blind to it all and now I find myself catapulted into the spiritual trenches with all the flak and fury going on all around me but at the time I know "Be still and know that I am God".

I realise we are to live by faith and not by sight because everything we have here is clouded by lies from the evil one. Our eyes are literally deceiving us everyday. With growing and maturing faith and testing we trust God more and more through growing faith and we learn to less and less regard what our eyes are telling us.

I won't panic about my lack of full knowledge on the issue of death but will keep keeping on with it and trust the Lord to get me through it as He has done with everything else!

I know that I can trust Him but now I have to actually do it!

He told me to wait on the vaccine and I have never wanted to take it and always thought it worse than Covid and He has shown me day by day that this is the case. Everyday I have seen something bad in the news about the vaccine (whether it was about it's efficacy or an injury.)

I tried to take things into my own hands at one point when I panicked, I tried to buy Ivermectin from my bank from a place in India. The transaction failed and neither the bank nor the pharmacy understood why the transaction wouldn't work they were puzzled but I knew why, God was telling me that I wasn't to panic and try to deliver myself. So I am waiting on the Lord again. It was my version of Operation Hagar.

I'm never taking the vaccine (especially not the MRNA type), I will wait on the Lord's deliverance. I was more wondering about mask wearing now that things were changing here. I will pray on this too and ask the Lord. I know that my family will still wear masks in shops etc.

It has suddenly dawned on me, what with half of Europe submerged under flood water and the other half of the world consumed by wildfire that we can't prepare for any of these things physically, particularly the Tribulation.
I am realising that only spiritual preparation is worthwhile.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I fear death more than I thought I did (the manner of it) and Satan is really exploiting this. I need to work on this fear spiritually and trust God as even if I do not lose my life over this issue, the Tribulation will be a time of a great many people dying and I may be asked to die for my faith. I realise that my faith is lacking in this area but then it is the ultimate fear of humans and that is why Satan has used this fear in most people's lives to powerful effect.

I know that death has now been swallowed up by Jesus' atonement and our Lord has triumphed over death and the world.

As always this is a faith issue so I need to deal with this like everything else, by spiritual growth and application and trusting Him.

So I will pray about mask wearing and other precautions and what I should do and when but I'm definitely not taking the vaccine as I will fail to trust God's command of me.

The enemy is exploiting my main fear (death) but I realise that if I grow in faith to trust God over this then it will be the final barrier to faith removed. When I no longer fear death and trust the Lord completely then the devil will have no power over me at all so I need to grow in faith and apply it to this ultimate fear.

I noticed that God wants me to grow quite quickly. I'm not sure why but then again the tribulation is only round the corner.

Thanks Bob, I know I will come through this fear and temptation from the devil to "save my flesh" and once I do then there will be no looking back and full steam ahead for our Lord! Amen!

In Him,

Response #18:

Thanks for all your good words and sharp insight, my friend.

"I know that I can trust Him but now I have to actually do it!" That is the Christian challenge in a nutshell – for all believers who really are interested in emulating the great believers of the Bible in doing what God wants us to do in this short life. We have a duty to trust Him absolutely and we have the right to do it too. The Lord is absolutely 100% faithful and could never be otherwise, perfect Lord that He is. Our job is to accept that. It can be hard to do because "things happen" in life and we need to train ourselves to remember that He is in control whatever happens, that it is all part of the perfect plan, and that He will indeed work everything out for our good if we love Him and trust Him to do so. We also have many personal experiences of Him doing just that and can also witness that He has never ever let us down – if we are evaluating our lives in a correct and godly way with the correct priorities.

So hold steady on your good course, my friend! The only reason ANY of this matters is as it relates to our faith – how we respond to what happens . . . and how we respond to the Lord.

Keeping you in my daily prayers,

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #19:

Thank you Bob,

I'm just reading through your weekly emails now.

I know now that I have chosen the rougher terrain by choosing the no vaccine route but it was the route the Lord chose for me! I want to fill you in on something that is very worrying. There is a way of thinking now that many who have had the vaccine are now saying that the unvaccinated are not human, have no soul and do not deserve to live. I wish to say it was only the odd troll here and there saying this but this viewpoint is gaining traction.

Gov officials are going on tv to say that the unvaccinated are "murderers" and have no place in society. The unvaccinated have been likened to unclean petri dishes and yes even to vermin. Does this sound familiar?

You were right in your estimation that the unvaccinated will soon have to wear the yellow star. ___ was deeply offended at the comparison with the scapegoated Jews but what else is happening to people who are unvaccinated? We are now being treated like vermin.

Someone said that you have to be prepared to be jabbed to "get the perks". Perks? We're not just talking about bowling alleys here. In France you can be refused medical treatment and even groceries if you haven't been jabbed! This is pure evil.

It is a medical apartheid and it is 100% of Satan because if it were of God then other drugs that have very high efficacy against Covid with less side effects than Ibuprofen would be allowed in the country as an alternative. The truth is safe drugs are banned, doctors who talk about them are struck off and you are heavily censored for even talking about them. They use algorithms on Social Media so that no one can actually tell others when they have had a vaccine injury or death!

Albert Pike who was one of the highest ranking Freemasons and a satanist said that WW3 will be civil wars in every country and that they would be "fomented".

Jesus said there will be "wars and rumours of wars".

I'm in a interesting position as I am getting to hear both sides of the argument all the time. The fact is the unvaccinated are not just angry about this treatment, they are FURIOUS. I am pretty upset myself but not getting carried away with the whole rebellion thing.

The word on the street is that civil war is coming. Certainly the UK is on the brink of it. I hear a lot from these voices and they won't take it for much longer. The vaccinated think that they are going back to bowling alleys and pop concerts and some pagan idyll. That's not going to happen. You know we're not "going back" there is no going back from this, there is only going forward and through.

We said before that it is only the spiritually blind that think the pre-Covid era to be an idyll!

This is what bothers me, not Covid nor the vaccine but the total societal and economic free fall that we are all careening towards. Anyone can see that none of this is sustainable (I don't mean in a ecological way but in a socio-political and economic way.)

I often go to YouTube just to read comments from regular folk to find out what is really happening on the ground. Sure there are bot and trolls to side step but the prognosis is very grave.

People are saying their businesses are on their knees and that they can't keep going, a large enough proportion of care workers, lorry drivers, NHS doctors and nurses, police, army and service workers say they will NOT take the jab and are threatening to leave in droves.
If this happens then all essential workers will lose at least a third of their co-workers. This will mean the ones who stay on will have to do three times the amount of work in the same amount of time. It also will mean that the employers will be left with three options 1) struggle to work with skeleton staff 2) lower the standards of training and skills needed for employment 3) financially incentivise new employees.

Due to the economy being on the brink of tanking, they are very unlikely to go for number 3. So they are more likely to stick with under employment with a fully vaccinated crew or give other vaccinated people with less or no training the job instead.

This is a very terrifying scenario. Add to the mix that the hatred for the unvaccinated is now being met with a same ferocity on the other side.

I think the plan was always about chaos and civil war that the Antichrist will bring "order" to. It has worked a charm as both the vaccinated and unvaccinated have swallowed the bait and now despise one another. What a clever trick Satan has pulled! Create a pandemic and then make the cure the real weapon! That is what he did! How many families has this divided? How many are losing jobs, homes and food over this?

Agreed it is not the mark of the beast but it is the best practise run we will ever have this side of tribulation! You said that the "unmarked" will be skunks at a garden party? It's already here! I know why people are so tempted to say it is the mark because for all intents and purposes it operates the same way. No job, no travel, no leisure, no health care and no groceries. Someone even said that there will be no home deliveries of food to the unvaccinated! Trying to starve people into compliance! Talk about a cashless society, this is social credit "coin". If you have the vaccine, your social credit is good, no vaccine then you are as good as skid row!

Remember when you went to a restaurant and say "Do you take Diners Club?" Nowadays you say "Do you take Moderna?" Chilling stuff! Human bodies have become banks for the vaccine "coin"! Maybe the more boosters you have the more "coin" you get. Maybe the "boosters" will travel first class and the regular vaxxed only get second! Wow!

So this is the trial run for the real one but it's already going to get pretty tough for the unvaccinated and I'm sure they will not take it lying down.

See how the devil plays both sides! It's shocking and like you Bob, I am sickened at the discrimination that the unvaccinated are given. It is shocking and of the devil. I've already myself been getting it fairly tough but I keep telling myself that this is excellent tribulation training. After all what did Jesus say, that we will be "hated by all nations". The unvaccinated are already getting a taste of what that feels like, I know I am. My hope is that both the unvaccinated and vaccinated both see how evil this system is and see that only Jesus is the answer to all of this!

The vaccine ain't the answer, nor the pass, nor the ID, nor the New Age, nor civil war, nor rebellion, nor overthrowing the government, nor build back better, nor new normal or returning back to the old normal! It's come to Jesus time folks!


I have just been thinking about what I wrote.

You know how most anti-vaxxer figure heads are New Agers? Well I think this oppressive system of vaccine apartheid will get worse and worse before the tribulation. I think this will spur on civil war in every country of the world. I think that by the time the antichrist shows up he will probably be on the anti-vaxxer side and will fight against lockdowns and vaccine mandates and the great reset (which will be the next form of tyranny brought in as well as Climate Change lockdowns and Social Credit scores).

I think he will be seen as a freedom fighter and a friend of the people and will actually throw the "Cabal" (Illuminati) under the bus and destroy the system that Satan created.

I think the mark will then be willingly taken by people who marvel at him being the (false) messiah and it won't be forced on people. Perversely however it will mirror exactly what we are seeing now with the vaccine mandates. The mandates are clearly tyrannical but the mark of the beast will be seen as being part of the resistance to tyranny.

Anyone who refuses the mark will then be seen as a "lover of tyranny" and so denied being able to buy or sell, then be imprisoned and then put to death. This is when the people who will do the beheading will believe they are "offering service to God."

So what is happening now is that Satan wants people to think this is truly the mark so that next time people will fall for the real mark. It's a decoy!

What is chilling though is that I fear that they may go all the way with the illusion that this is the mark and that means there will be people arrested for not having the vaccine and probably people will be beheaded too. Maybe this will also help to enable the great apostasy.

So this is a dress rehearsal before the real thing but made to look like the real thing, the ultimate "false flag"! As people often say, even if 9-11 was a "false flag", people still died during it. So then people will die during this false flag also. In fact the more it looks like the Tribulation that people have been expecting (global tyranny) the more will fall for it and be thrown off balance when the real mark is brought in after there is "peace and safety".

I'm sorry to say this but I do think now there will be many deaths from the vaccines in years to come. I think there will be much sickness, suffering and death and it will only make the ones fighting against the vaccine stronger and more determine to fight and then support the antichrist.

Most anti vaxxers are new Agers or conspiracy theorists so they are already on the antichrists side! They already hate Babylon and want to see it destroyed. Satan has invested a lot of time and effort into creating the conspiracy theory narrative and the ones who know about it aren't vaccinated.

So if the vaccinated do get sick and die you are only left with the unvaccinated who have seen everyone die and know exactly why. They will blame the cabal that the antichrist will destroy. Most vaccinated people have no clue about conspiracy theory and trust government and science and are mainly atheists. So this is a quick and easy way of getting rid of many people who will never have faith in spirituality anyway.

Satan probably knows that he did too good a job with some people in the atheist department and some people will never believe in the supernatural even with their own eyes so I guess this is a good way of leaving only the "spiritual" left.

This is a daunting prospect for all of us. I hope I am wrong about the vaccines because everyone I love has taken it but the virus is not efficient enough at killing people. Getting people to line up for something that eventually kills them is much easier.

I know that whatever happens to any of us whether vaccinated or not. God will be with us. If we get sick from Covid or the vaccine, He can cure us or take us home. It's a win win always with believers but obviously the further we get down the line, the more we would prefer to be taken off home.

It all again boils down to what we do with the time we are given here then? None of us are promised tomorrow here, we never were, just passing through. So as always it's about our heavenly bank account Bob and knowing that He will never leave us or forsake us! AMEN!

In Him,

Response #19:

We may be on the verge of civil war, but if so I'll bet that a lot more goes into it than the vax/no-vax issue.

As mentioned many times before, I'm notoriously bad at predicting the future, so I don't try. I also try not to weigh in heavily on predictions. Could they be correct? Perhaps. But the kaleidoscopic nature of changing present events leads me to believe that predictions are likely to come true, if they do come true, only in the most general terms – in other words, too general to be of any help at present.

What we can say, I think, is that these present day developments do illuminate trends that are disturbing: the power and unity of governments and multinational corporations, the unity and power of the media to produce narratives irrespective of the actual facts, and the willingness of most people to fall in line and obey. However things develop, all of the above does indicate to me that any reservations a person might have had about the events of Revelation not being possible so soon as five years out are probably misplaced.

Meanwhile, in spite of all the trouble and dislocation of the past couple of years (only partly caused by Covid and Covid policies in this country), we believers still have marvelous opportunities for personal spiritual growth, drawing closer to the Lord, passing tests and helping others do likewise. In fact, I would say that our opportunities are actually greater than was the case some years back, because it is precisely pressures of the sort we're dealing with at present that put a load on faith. Faith seldom stays stagnant. It's either growing or weakening – just like muscle. If a person doesn't have a chance to exercise, clearly it's hard to grow muscle. But if a person is forced into a situation where exercise is part of life, then muscle will grow - - as long as the person keeps up the fight.

So that's what we all need to do. Keep up the fight. Keep reading the Bible and keep embracing good Bible teaching. Keep applying the truth we've learned AND believed. And keep ministering the truth to others. This godly approach not only makes difficult circumstances easier to cope with – it also builds our faith AND our "heavenly bank account" . . . which is really the only reason we're still here after salvation in any case.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #20:

Hello Bob,

I didn't find it hypocritical that you chose to get vaccinated, but I was surprised to read it. I realise that every one of us are put in very hard corners over this and I think we all need to be compassionate over whichever decision we each find ourselves making. I've never agreed on how the media have tried to coax us into polarities and a "them and us" attitude about the people we love and care for. It is a time where things change so rapidly and from one extreme to the next that I can understand a person changing their position due to circumstance as and when they change.

You don't seem to have changed your mind on the vaccine but believe it is the only way around the situation which is made almost impossible for you, as for all of us too. Our Lord will get us through though; whether we are worried about the virus, vaccine or both and will deliver us through whichever problems we come up against.

We have already talked about how this is not a spiritual issue. What I would say though is that being a leper or social pariah is not as terrifying as it may seem. I have been one myself quite a few times and survived it even before I became a Christian so it will be a lot more bearable now that I am one. It was being castigated and alienated from everyone I know including my family that actually saved me in that it brought me on my knees before God. He can always use the bad and bring good out of it. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

I just hope that you realise that one day your University may also demand their employees to take the Mark of the Beast and make it a condition of employment. We all know this day will one day arrive but I realise that knowing it on paper is a great deal different than facing it as a living reality. I'm sure you know this and are spiritually prepared for this future inevitability.

There isn't much they can take away from me as I have so little anyway but you have a great deal. I hope that you are ready even today to walk away from it all when the time comes as you know that it all will be worth it for us all eternally in the end.

Keeping you and yours in my prayers my friend in Christ.

In Jesus,

Response #20:

Thanks for all this, my friend!

"I just hope that you realise that one day your University may also demand their employees to take the Mark of the Beast and make it a condition of employment. We all know this day will one day arrive but I realise that knowing it on paper is a great deal different than facing it as a living reality. I'm sure you know this and are spiritually prepared for this future inevitability."

Indeed! Very good points. When the time comes, we do have to be ready to give it all up for the Lord. I didn't see this as a spiritual issue (as I've mentioned). I've done (and refrained from) a lot of things in my life in order to make the job work . . . so as to be able to make the ministry work. And the Lord has always given me a middle path, a way to get through as He did here.

Feeling AOK so far!

I do want you to know that I respect YOUR decision . . . and admire your courage in the Lord, putting up with all the flak that has come your way.

I keep you in my prayers daily, my friend!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #21:

Been doing my investigation on Dr. M., and while I can't claim he's 100% fraud (yet), there are several troubling falsehoods cropping up, as I continue digging up info. on this guy! ( e.g., a lawsuit is presented by Baylor against Dr. M. for using Baylor affiliation while dishing out covid vax. false information, his "claiming" there is NO scientific evidence or reason for "healthy"people under 50yr. and those recovered to get vaxxed, then stating that 50,000 Americans have died from the vax. ). Actually, the "death toll", according to VAER ( the official gov't reporting system ), is 6,490 deaths, and it's unclear if the immunizations were the actual cause of death in all these cases.( Dr. Doozy!, probably related to Dr. Fauci?! ). When you "roll the tape" ( youtube ) the Drs. do come across as quite credible.... but when you get to digging.... whew! ( another story! ). Dr. M. is really touting hydroxychloroquine as a"wonder drug" for treating Covid-19, but as it turns out this med. is NOT recommended, unless you are enrolled in a study. Based on the data from the clinical trials NIH peer review report: it has been found that in the evaluation of the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of adults with Covid-19 that there is NO clinical benefit to hospital patients, and ( unfortunately to those of us who would wish otherwise ) NO evidence in preventing a person from contracting or developing Covid-19. ( so, no need to start this med. ). As I reported to you a couple weeks ago, Ivermectin does work to clear lung inflammation if you get Covid-19 and start treatment "early." I also found out that Remdesivir ( an antiviral ) is effective in treating patients to speed up recovery time ( per NIH report ). "Doctors of America'' ( a non-profit physician's organization ) is also refuting the credibility of Dr. M. In addition, I found some more info. from AFP Fact Check ( a French entity ) which is good at "sniffing out" the frauds in various venues. My conclusion, so far, is that rumors, myths, and misinformation about Covid-19 have spread as quickly as the disease itself. No need to panic or worry.... God has everything in control! This current state of affairs is only a drop in the bucket compared to what lies ahead....time for some more serious "spiritual" exercise ( gaining more truth, believing it, and putting it into practice ) to be properly prepared. I'm really looking forward to our rescue from all our troubles, with rewards following ( Rev. 22:12, 20 ) Hope things are going well for you..... praying daily that our Lord is supplying all your needs. Your friend in Jesus,

Response #21:


Question #22:

Dear Professor

Re: Covid Ness and the Study of Evil; this mass fraud/mass murder has being going on for a long time.

Same tactics, tacticians and beneficiaries. Satan is always the father of lies and since his world system is operating we should not be surprised at the ramp up of deceit (though actually the same methods used as for former “pandemics” such as the “Spanish” flu and also “AIDS” (where -with AIDS - unsurprisingly Fauci was a prominent player).

Perhaps the “Spanish” flu was just a cover up for “immunisations” gone wrong, though the cover up tactics, military style media operations, character assassinations were almost identical to today’s plandemic. The AIDS instigators were quick to “redefine” what a “specific” viral cause was by using a non specific model (= anything goes - twig the model to read what they want = same as, same as for “Covid”).

Satan, in his madness, seems to figure he has a chance to disrupt the required numbers to replace him and his demonic followers by eliminating huge numbers of humans.

The study of pandemics/plandemics is the study of how evil works to seduce with craftiness. Previous scriptures still come to mind: Genesis 3:1; Hosea 4:6a.

However, we are blessed to know through the same word of God that the crafty devil will fail:
Job 5:12-13. Psalm 83:3, 17.

I do realise that indeed huge numbers will die during the Tribulation as the devil has his last SHOT - that is, in ADDITION TO the Covid shots - and judgments are poured out upon the earth.

I am needing to read up the scriptures on those percentages again so that I do not get caught out being ASTOUNDED at what is happening then, as I am somewhat even now, that these things are ACTUALLY happening at this very moment. Seems somewhat surreal that it is even happening NOW and that so many are already beguiled by “the crafty one” - even before we are ‘in it for real’.

What chance we won’t be deceived when “the magic” of his rise, personality and guile and “achievements” will SEEM to be a hero of liberation, or promise of liberation - perhaps even a promise of liberation from this current madness - or a continuation of the current madness that is taking the world by storm. Depends on who and how many are left to what and whom he will tailor his appeal to. Much more persuasive then - than his rudimentary same old, same old tactics now - though his tactics seem to have most believing in a lie even now.

Strange people believe in an invisible virus that has never been seen (even under a powerful microscope) and so never isolated to study - that tiny, tiny nothing has them crippled with fear - and yet - have no faith in an invisible God who is BIGGER than the entire universe and whose handiwork is CLEARLY visible for ALL to see.

The false magician will astound people with miracles he is allowed to perform - but the world does not give honor to God who allows these performances for people who seek them, who for the most part have rejected the truth - and even to test the faith of the elect. We do notice that people are then quick to blame God for the plagues - a God they supposedly do not believe in. Now isn’t that totally living the lie! (They love the lie).

We need to continually brush up spiritually to be able to endure to the end. Thank you for your Ministry where we can indeed brush up and partake of spiritual food. It seems later than we think or are prepared for. We are living in Satan’s world system. Seek the kingdom of heaven so that we are not of the world.

Thank you for your prayers. Keeping you and yours in my prayers.

In Jesus our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student and friend

Response #22:

Don't know enough about the Spanish flu to offer an opinion. Seems that one did kill a lot of people, younger ones at that where there wasn't much doubt about what was the culprit (I'm aware that your link blame it all on vaccination for meningitis, but that seems a stretch to me . . . in my admitted ignorance of the subject).

As to "Strange people believe in an invisible virus that has never been seen (even under a powerful microscope) and so never isolated to study - that tiny, tiny nothing has them crippled with fear - and yet - have no faith in an invisible God who is BIGGER than the entire universe and whose handiwork is CLEARLY visible for ALL to see", that is an excellent observation, my friend! But of course belief in God requires only simple faith informed by the very clear evidence of His creation witnessed to us by the Holy Spirit (cf. Rom.1:18-20), whereas belief in the virus and everything they say about it takes blind faith in science based upon nothing other than a track record of changing "information".

We do have a lot of preparation to do! Thanks for the reminder.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #23:

Dear Professor

First Aid Made Simple: First Aid is a course we have to do every now and then though I hope to never have to use it and don’t want to makes things worse for the victim by not remembering important things in a time of crisis - so I might just take an example of a living breathing human being who has suffered a laceration and is bleeding.

Q1. Do I attempt to immediately stop the bleeding?
A1. CP. No. You don’t know what CAUSED the bleeding. Might have been a knife, a rusty bit of tin, a sharp rock, even a sharp wooden edge. Could be anything.

Q2. What should I do?
A2. CP. Nothing. Just let the person lie there bleeding.

Q3. When should I do something?
A3. CP. When the person has just about run out of blood.

Q4. What should I do then?
Q4. CP. Take to hospital.

Q5. What will hospital staff do?
Q5. Gown up, shield themselves from the patient in case any blood messes their clothing.

Q6. Will the hospital do anything else?
A6. CP. Yes. Ban all visits from loved ones so they don’t mess their clothes.

Q7. With lack of blood surely this patient would find it harder to live/breathe?
A7. CP. Ah! Here is our FINAL trump card - oxygen.

Q8. And stopping the bleeding?
Q8. CP. Oh no! We STILL don’t know what CAUSED the bleeding.

Q9. Does it really matter what caused the bleeding?
Q9. CP. YES! It DOES matter!

Q10. Why?
A10. Trillions of reasons [$$$] to investigate a NEW way of stopping bleeding. And BTW you should NOT be asking ANY questions.

Just an example of a simple Q & A anyone might think to think. Go on asking straight questions - BUT CP [Covid Protocol] does NOT let you ask them aloud and CP static noise makes sure your thinking is totally disturbed. Of course if persistent questioners don’t get the hint we have ways and means to subdue you completely.

Big Q. on Qs? Why don’t people keep asking more questions
Big A. The price. [see paragraph immediately above, esp. last sentence].

[you can go on adding many more Qs to the 10 above - and CP keeps getting sillier]?

Another BTW. My boss rang last night with a complaint from a pro vax parent that I had given a 90 second spiel on the bus (after I heard the radio news that children 12 y.o. + are now permitted by TGA to get the JAB). She basically said keep silent as she could see where the parent was coming from? Perhaps that may be a point, though I also see where all this CP is coming from. I then gave my boss a similar spiel. [it turns out she has been reluctant to submit to jabbing].

Q. Surely the time for the prudent to keep silent has not arrived already!? Or has it?
A. =?
[mind you eating still remains popular, if not a necessity]

You could devise many more Q & As on different aspects of this plandemic such as how the voluntary jab has shifted to coercion, mandatory, compulsion etc.

Now they have basically shut down main news media “dissent” they want to obliterate anything that goes against their 24/7/365 static crackling. [an article was remotely deleted from my phone - the news clip sent to me by my friend of a fit Queensland miner who suddenly came down with “a mystery illness” after having an AZ “vaccine” and is in a critical condition in hospital. None of the specialists [experts] has any idea of what it is, though after a long talk with each of them they did concede to his wife that the most likely cause is the “vaccine” - but we aren’t ALLOWED to SAY IT because the TGA has not investigated. Same TGA that does not admit to deaths following “vaccination” having anything to do with the vaccine.

Another BTW according to my boss, I drove through water deeper than I should have yesterday but there was no way to turn around - road narrower than the length of bus and no way was I backing up in the driving rain to who knows where to try to turn around - some folk still do the 110 kph limit - even I do the 100 kph bus limit unless it looks unsafe.

Our climate “experts” here have been telling us to prepare for increasingly dry winters. Already quite a few new rainfall records have been set with Perth getting very close to its all time record for this month - a slightly less than a “50/50 chance” of exceeding it the “experts” were now saying today.

Q. Perhaps I will rely on the Covid “experts” instead?
A. Definitely NOT!

Q. Perhaps it reminds the “CP ers” of the persistent kid asking why, why, why?
A. CP. Yours is not to question why, but to do or die.

[we can take that only one way from them]. Well, its back on our heads lads.

Taking the same answer from a Biblical perspective our “doing” is our spiritual growth in faith in our Lord Jesus.

Keeping you in my prayers.

In Jesus our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student and friend

Response #23:

I used to be pretty good at first aid – theoretically. I trained up my patrol in the BSA and we won second place in the district meet. Of all the problems we negotiated we only lost one half a point (the lad who went to the "Dr." missed one small thing in his notes). One patrol in another troop was perfect. Still, we proudly displayed the pennant on our patrol flag forever more (a year and a half as far as I know since I moved on to ROTC in high school).

Good points all! It really does reduce the whole thing to absurdity . . . of a very dangerous kind. We are having a monster spike in "Delta" cases here in the states and it looks as if they're getting ready to pitch the whole thing right back into the dumpster. My university lost 700 students who couldn't hack online last year and if they pull that again this year after trumpeting "return to normal" it may be the end for us. Trusting the Lord to work this all out for the good. I really wonder where all these cases and more to the point all these positive tests are coming from. There are no more "test here / test now" sites and operations all over the place, and with so many people vaccinated (it is supposed to help with Covid at least) and with so many others having had the bug (I personally suspect I've had it more than once), I'm really skeptical about the numbers. But you are correct. It's heresy and treason rolled into one to even ask questions or express doubts.

Should be an interesting fall.

VERY hot here and hotter to come the next two days (37-38 in your way of expressing things – never liked metric . . . or much of anything else that came out of the French Revolution).

Keeping you and your family . . . and driving . . . in my prayers, my friend.

In Jesus,

Bob L.

Question #24:

Dear Professor

I wasn’t expecting to be confronted by a 1st Aid champion - so just as well you are a friendly champ! As you can tell I am not much good at it.

A 10 minute segment on ABC TV on Covid said our nearest neighbours, Indonesia, have had well over a hundred doctors (don’t recall if it included nurses) who have died of Covid - with 50% of them having been fully vaccinated. (Perhaps after midnight the ABC let this one slip thru). Didn’t mention if the other 50% were at least partially vaccinated. PCR Tests. In Sydney they are ordering people who are close contacts and even if they test NEGATIVE to the virus to isolate for 14 days. On the NSW govt website I couldn’t see any exemptions for those who had been vaccinated. Also you need 2 negative tests to “be free” (though they are extending their lockdown for another 4 weeks in any case). Never mind, a solution may be at hand as the ABC gave the platform to Australia’s leading policy think tank - the Grattan Institute. Proposed is an $80m lottery with $1 million given away weekly to those who are vaccinated. That should bring the Vax rate up to around 80% (fits well with the $80m figure). ABC opened the text lines for comments - ALL favourable - with additional suggestions for those who don’t join in the party -

1. make those who don’t take up the offer to pay for their own vaccinations (i.e. force them to have it anyway)
2. Children vaccinations are normally compulsory- why not adults?
3. Ban non Vaxed from a huge swath of normal activity.
4. Strategies that would amount to naming and shaming
5. Banning them from working in many sectors.
6. Vax passports.

Oh. Our ABC, The champions of free speech and balanced viewpoints! (I think not).

I can’t help notice the similar theme now in play to what has played out in past history, and will shortly come into play with even more forceful “righteous indignation” all too soon. [That is before the real righteous indignation to replace the pretend one].

I still wonder how many humans will be left alive at Jesus’ second advent? Since the scriptures say that except for the shortening NONE would be left, numbers surely will be fairly minuscule?
Matt.24:22 and also considering Luke 21:25-26
I took the fear and foreboding to not only refer to the perilous state of the earth, but also that the human numbers were so few that any additional catastrophe would surely annihilate the few remaining of the human family. Oh, those that trust in their silly eyes!

I bet most of us would prefer a grandstand seat (hence the ever popular, but fast running out of time for - false rapture).

When even now the “civilised” (silly eyes) world is going completely nuts, surely this nonsense can’t be allowed to continue much longer.

Keeping you in my prayers.

In Jesus our dear Lord.

Your student and friend

Response #24:

"Second place" is hardly championship stuff. I've been blessed not to have to put it to serious use except for once in my life that I can recall.

It is the case that institutions tend to close ranks and protect their own, even when it is obvious that their own are the true villains. It happens over here in every organization I know of. The victims are almost always the ones blamed – unless the perpetrator has the bad sense be on the right of the political spectrum. That is no doubt what Epstein types always virtue signal leftward.

I fully expect very few to be left when the Lord returns (and very many more eliminated at Armageddon and the baptism of fire shortly thereafter). But if it is His will for us to make it through, so we shall – regardless of the best efforts of the beast and his followers.

It would be nice to watch it all from the bleachers indeed instead of having to go through all that's coming. But as my old mentor used to say,

"You cannot choose your battlefield. God does that for you.
But you can plant the colors where the colors never flew."

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #25:

Dear Professor

Good to read your emails and thank you for being upfront about taking the J & J jab. I was saddened somewhat at the news but understand where you are coming from as I have seen people also do the same to keep their jobs and for some it was their concern over variants. Mostly, however, they say it has been for the first reason of losing their job. Some of my family have also been vaccinated. I am particularly concerned about establishment designs to “vaccinate” children.

There is a regime recommended by Dr Bryan Ardis for those who want to protect themselves from Covid 19 AND to help prevent the worst side effects of those who have already been injected with the “vaccine”. I have downloaded his treatment recommendation and intend to start using it in our family - yes I do trust him rather than Fauci - and he is one of several doctors who recommend a similar regime. At least one of these doctors had to remove this information from his site of suffer dire consequences and he prefers living for awhile longer [oh such confidence these criminals who threaten any diversion from known death causing drugs have in their magic - and magic powers of persuasion). Remdesivir, was the only Fauci approved Covid 19 hospital drug treatment - which is KNOWN to cause the WORST possible outcomes for patients! And he KNOWS it!

I intend to hold out from being “Vaxed” as long as I can (forever is the aim) and hoping and praying the lid will soon be blown off this monumental criminal scam.
When things come to the crunch (especially the crunch crunch, munch munch -eating or not eating) the pressure certainly has its way of sometimes deciding for us - but I am hoping to hold out. [as I may have already mentioned, I was warned almost immediately after I said a few words on my bus about the danger for children of the “vaccines” verses not being jabbed]. Strange how a few words with a view bring such sudden retribution!

We also have here in Australia a respected high ranking army officer directing our Vax campaign and our friendly soldiers being invited in to “help” carry out “the mandate”. Combined with the handsome doctor who chants “we aren’t safe until we are ALL “safe” it is indeed an “impressive campaign” but has the opposite affect on me - and many of us oldies - as the Covid cast presenter laments that despite their “best efforts” so far only about 40% of us oldies have submitted to being vaccinated. Our group was targeted first as being the most vulnerable.

Thank you for your Ministry.

Keeping you in my prayers.

In Jesus our dear Lord and Savior.

Your student and friend.

Response #25:

I will be saying some prayers for you to be able to "hold out" indeed! It's not a spiritual thing, as I've always said, but there's no question that the whole thing has been far overblown. As mentioned once or twice, I've yet to see them hauling carts down the street collecting up the dead. In D.C., the mayor reimposed masking everywhere even though there were only a handful of Covid deaths all last month – a lot fewer than the homicides!

I also don't get the "all safe" nonsense. If the vaccines work and a person is vaccinated, why should he/she care if someone else has made a different decision – especially since there are many good reasons to go the other way (as I would have preferred to do myself)?

I find this "vaccine shaming" absolutely despicable, and a very foreboding sign of things to come.

I appreciate you in the Lord, my friend! Thanks so much for your prayers too!

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.

Question #26:

Dear Teacher

We have been asked to keep vigil tonight (see attached screenshot). It appears that things are getting worse here.

I thank God that safety and protection belong to Him not to the government which appears to be sacrificing the state to the terrorists. And I thank Him too that we have nothing bad to look forward to if things go differently than we hope.

Your student in Jesus Christ
*Here is the piece on COVID-19 now:

Should we believe the media about COVID-19? Should we accept the vaccines? Should we submit to whatever the mainstream media and scientists say? How much of all this has anything to do with the Tribulation and the Antichrist? What does it mean for our relationship with the Lord if we take the vaccines or don't take the vaccines?

These are only some of the questions that many of us have been wrestling with since the beginning of 2020. As the Lord helps us, we will explore the answers to them here.

It seems to me that the first thing to be said here is this:
10 Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'
Isaiah 41:10 (NKJV)

The Bible tells us rather explicitly and multiple times to not be afraid because God is with us. The Lord Jesus Himself also promised us that He will always be with us right up to His Return and to the end of the age.

There is no doubt that this is not an easy command to obey. We have a sin nature, and we are apt to be spooked by all sorts of things. It takes some effort on our part to remember that God is with us and that He is never surprised or overwhelmed by anything. He planned it all out perfectly and He is seeing His Plan steadily to the end without any need for adjustment since He took all things into consideration in making that Plan in the first place.

So we should not be afraid of diseases or vaccines or yet laws that may threaten our physical well-being. That is not to say that we will not be tempted to fear or that we will not fall to that temptation, rather it is to say that we should remember to encourage ourselves in the Lord like David did:

3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.
4 In God, whose word I praise-
in God I trust and am not afraid.
What can mere mortals do to me?
Psalms 56:3-4 (NIV)

In truth, there is nothing to fear. Not only will nothing that the Lord has not perfectly willed for us happen to us, but even when unpleasant things happen to us, they serve our good.

29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care. 30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.
Matthew 10:29-31 (NIV) (cf. Luke 21:18)

28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28 (NASB)

This admonition to resist fear means that we ought not to make our decisions regarding issues like this on the basis of fear. If we accept the truth of that, then we can move on to the question of what to base our decision on. Should we take the vaccine or not? How do we answer this?

The Bible does not speak of vaccines at all. But it does speak of taking medical measures for relief from illness.

14 Is anyone among you sick? Then he must call for the elders of the church and they are to pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord
James 5:14 (NASB) (cf. Mark 6:13)

23 No longer drink water exclusively, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.
1 Timothy 5:23 (NASB)

In so far, then, as it concerns specifically what our attitude should be toward medical aid, the Bible is clearly in favor of it in general. We have a responsibility to care adequately for our bodies which are God's temple. Our bodies are God's gift to us for carrying out His will here on earth for as long as we are here. Proper maintenance of its health is therefore prudent on our part. If it so turns out that to repair it and keep it functional, we must use medical intervention, it is not at all wrong that we do so.

Still, medical science is far from perfect. In fact, as with everything else in this world, it is offered and imagined as an alternative to God. Therefore, we will often find that the way that it is either offered or administered to us might offend us. Should we therefore not take advantage of it? Absolutely not. Others are free to think what they will of God and of the physical world and the benefits that God has built into it for us and them, but we are not responsible for their thoughts and attitudes, only for ours.

Additionally, we may find that sometimes medical interventions don't work as advertised. Is this a problem? Not necessarily. What it does say to us is that we should be prudent in our choice of interventions. We ought not to accept every medical help just because it is claimed to be good for us. It might actually not be. We have a responsibility to do our homework in that case. The fact that medical science is fallible is only good reason for us to pay close attention to what help we take advantage of in our walk in this world.

What about the matter of coercion either by law or by social pressure or yet by an employer's policy? While, of course, in general, we are to care little what others think of us as long as we are walking right with the Lord, the Bible does teach us that we are to walk in a manner that those around us see "good deeds" to glorify God for. The Bible also teaches us to obey the law when it does not require us to sin against God. And it teaches us also to respect our employers and obey them as if we were obeying God Himself.

16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.
Matthew 5:16 (NKJV) (cf. 1 Peter 2:12)

1 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. 4 For he is God's minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God's minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. 5 Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience' sake. 6 For because of this you also pay taxes, for they are God's ministers attending continually to this very thing. 7 Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.
Romans 13:1-7 (NKJV) (cf. Mark 12:17; 1 Peter 2:13-17)

5 Bondservants, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ; 6 not with eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but as bondservants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart, 7 with goodwill doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men, 8 knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord, whether he is a slave or free.
Ephesians 6:5-8 (NKJV) (cf. Colossians 3:22-25; 1 Timothy 6:1; Titus 2:9-10; 1 Peter 2:19-21)

Does this mean that if a law is passed that might put our health at risk or if a company policy is instituted that might harm us, we must not respond in some way? No. It only tells us what our attitude to authorities set over us must be. If, as the case here is, there is a government or company mandate to take the COVID-19 vaccine, we do have a right-where such laws are available-to ask for exceptions if that is necessary for us. There is nothing wrong in doing so. What we will find ourselves in trouble for is flouting the authority of the institutions that God Himself has sanctioned for our good.

As for society in general, we are not to let the opinions of others decide for us how we are to live our lives, but we are also here to bear witness to Christ, so we ought to consider what our actions and inactions might say to those who are watching us everyday. Does whatever we choose to do or not do communicate the truth about Jesus Christ to them or does it not?

All of this, however, is only to clear the air about what the Bible says about certain specific questions in this matter. What is most important to keep in mind in deciding about the vaccine here is that the Bible neither mandates it nor proscribes it. In short, the Bible is wholly silent on the issue. What this means is that this is a matter of application. It is that realm where each of us must make the best decision that we can on the basis of our spiritual growth.

1 Now accept the one who is weak in faith, but not for the purpose of passing judgment on his opinions.
Romans 14:1 (NASB)

We all have strong feelings about all kinds of things, but we are to be careful about legislating to others concerning matters that the Bible offers neither prescription nor proscription for. Because the Bible is silent about the COVID-19 vaccine, we are free to decide whether to take it or not according to the degree of our understanding of the Bible and the peculiarities of our specific circumstances. We need not act uniformly in the matter although we all ought to act in the same spirit. What we have offered above are discussions of the Bible's position on general questions pertaining to the issue, but the application of these general principles is up to each one of us.

One final thing that bears mentioning is the idea that the COVID-19 vaccine is on any kind of level with the mark of the beast. Even given the fact that much of what is happening at the moment is similar to what we have been taught to expect during the Tribulation, the two situations are not at all the same. The Tribulation is necessarily an exceptionally spiritual matter. It will be the last battle that Satan gets to put up before the Return of Jesus Christ. In fact, it will be his last ditch effort to frustrate that Return. What is happening now is occurring during a time of truce in the heavens between God and Satan. Since the Cross, both sides have been preparing for that final showdown with God calling out the Church from among the Gentiles to join believing Jews in His Israel and Satan fighting to deceive unbelievers more and more and trying to cause as many believers as he can to apostatize to swell his ranks and make life as difficult for the Church as he can manage. That is, God's Plan is proceeding apace and Satan continues to try (unsuccessfully) to thwart it. But there is no pitched battle at the moment: only a battle for the hearts of men, if you will.

During the Tribulation, on the other hand, the issue won't be to gain influence over men: The battle lines will be rather stark, very little middle ground will remain. Rather, the issue will be to restore God's rule on earth through Jesus Christ on God's part and to prevent that restoration on Satan's part.

Therefore, this will be a special time where very little gray will remain in the matters of this life. At that time, a "mere" tattoo on the forehead or the back of the hand will effectively end a person's chance of spending eternity with God. Today though, that is not the case. The vaccine is not even remotely a tattoo of the name or number of the Antichrist (who is still not even known). So, this is not a spiritual issue at all. The only sense in which it is is the sense in which we have to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in making our individual choices and applications in the matter.

Response #26:

I'm happy to hear that you and yours are alright, but clearly the situation is dangerous . . . and no doubt stressful. I'm keeping you two and your families in my prayers about this.

Excellent work on the essay! This is the "last word" on Covid vaccines in my opinion. I will probably put it up this coming posting. Thank you for getting to this when I know you have a lot on your plate, my friend.

In Jesus our dear Savior,

Bob L.


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