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Are there Female Angels?

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Zechariah 5:9 makes it sound like there are angels that are women?  Are there female angels?


Probably so.  Although Zechariah 5:9 is the only place in scripture where we have specific evidence of [possible] female angels, it certainly makes a certain logical sense that where there is the male (and all the other angelic references are to males) there ought to be the female (given what is obvious and well-known from God's construction of this world in which we live). But, of course, that is not the same things as specific scriptural proof. On the other hand, the Bible only has to say something once to guarantee that it is true. Here is what I have to say about this verse in part 4 of the Satanic Rebellion series:

"The question as to whether there are female angels is not specifically addressed in scripture. However, in Zech.5:9, two winged woman take the woman "wickedness" away to Babylonia in a basket. While it is true that "wickedness" is a personification rather than a true person in that context, the two creatures who transport her seem to be angels, functioning in a typically angelic way, and they are clearly described as female. Jesus assures us that in the resurrection, we will not marry (Lk.20:36), but this does not mean that we shall no longer possess gender. Finally, angels cannot produce angelic progeny, but this does not mean that they do not possess gender; they are commonly described as "the sons of God" (e.g., Job 38:7), referring no doubt to the military assembly described below, in the same way that "sons of Israel" does not imply that there are no Jewish women. In Genesis chapter six, verses 1-4 , we have an occasion where some of the fallen angels do produce half-human, half-angelic progeny (a violation of God's order of things for which they are subsequently cast into the abyss, a subject we shall discuss in detail in the following installment to this series)." [= footnote #28]

The fact that the fallen angels are able engage in reproductive activity (albeit completely illegitimate and subjecting them to severe divine response) thus also argues for there being another gender. And the fact that there are no other instances of female angels being described in scripture outside of the passage in Zechariah is also understandable when one takes into account that most angelic activity on earth is of a military nature, with the forces of the Lord engaged in an cold war (destined to become "hot" in the Tribulation: see "The Coming Tribulation" series at the link) – in God's nation of Israel and in heaven (no doubt), this is the province of males.

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This is about all I can say on the subject at present – hope you find it helpful,

Yours in Christ,

Bob L.

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