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Masons and the Bible

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Are the Masons wrong according to the word of God?


I am no expert on the subject of Mason doctrine or beliefs. If you have specific doctrinal points that Masonry teaches and would like my input on them, I would be happy to help. I have known good Christians who were Masons and good Christians who were very much opposed to their "beliefs". I put "beliefs" in quotes, because it is my (not very well-informed) understanding that for most of its members, Masonry is something like a fraternity. Fraternities often have lengthy constitutions containing much nonsense that is not known to most of their members and would be repudiated by most of them if specifically brought up. In other words, being a Mason probably doesn't mean you adhere unreservedly to "Mason doctrine", whatever that might be, any more than being a Republican or Democrat means you adhere without objection to the latest party platform (in fact probably even less so in the case of organizations like the Masons). Nevertheless, there is the issue of association to be considered here, and I think it fair to say that a Christian should investigate the stated "beliefs" of any organization he or she is contemplating joining. My own experience and biblical position predisposes me in general to join as little as possible for that very reason.

Walter Martin's book, Kingdom of the Cults, has a section on Masonry which is helpful. As I recall, he finds great fault with their doctrines from a biblical point of view, but acknowledges that many members don't take the "teachings" seriously (and are mainly unaware of them).

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Hope this helps in some way,

Yours in Christ,

Bob Luginbill

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