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The Day of the Lord (2Pet.3:10)

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Question:  Hi Bob, I sure hope I can get through your studies in my lifetime - they are really in depth and I am a slow reader. I must say in regard to all the commentaries I've read you beat them hands down. You're the best I have ever had the privilege to read. Please tell me when 2nd Peter 3:10 verse takes place. I have asked the Lord to bless you as you have blessed me.

Response:  I very much appreciate your kind words - and your prayers even more. I'm a slow reader too (it has proved to be an advantage if an annoyance at times - care and speed simply do not go together in my experience anyway). My stuff is a bit dense (this is a universal assessment). I hope to live long enough to find a way with God's help to make my writing "pithier" without sacrificing the details (not sure if this is possible, but it is a goal).

As to 2nd Peter 3:10, your careful eye has come across one of the passages that causes problems for eschatological schemes that take the Bible at its word. The first installment of "The Coming Tribulation" has helpful things to say about this particular scriptural phenomenon ("prophetic foreshortening") which, however, is far more common in the Old Testament than in the New. Peter here (and Paul too, occasionally: cf. 2Thes.1:5-10) "telescopes" the entire "Day of the Lord" (i.e., the last millennial day of human history - also explained in CT #1) into the blink of an eye (it is, after all, in this context where he repeats Moses' dictum that with the Lord a day is the same as a thousand years: v.8). I would translate "The Day of the Lord will come like a thief, during the course of which the heavens will pass away with a blast ..." - the "Day" begins with the Second Advent, but the dissolution of the old heavens and earth for the new happens at the end of the Messiah's millennial rule, that is, at the end of the thousand-year "day" which is the Millennium (Rev.20:7 - 21:2).

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Yours in Jesus Christ,

Bob Luginbill

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