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The Trinity, the Date of the Tribulation and Calvinism

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Question #1: 

I was wondering if there are any Bible passages that you think might be especially relevant to pointing out there's a Trinity. If so, could you or someone point them out? Also, are there any passages that can tell me about the nature of Christ.

Response #1: 

For Trinity passages, start with Matt.28:19 which really cannot be explained in any other way but the Bible understands three equal Persons as one God:

Then Jesus came over and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me, so go and make all nations my followers by baptizing them [with the Spirit] into the Person (i.e., "name") of the Father and [into the Person] of the Son and [into the Person] of the Holy Spirit, and by teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.
Matthew 28:18-20a

Let me assure you that Jesus is both God and true Man in one Person, and there are many scriptures which are very clear on this point:

You too should have this attitude which Christ Jesus had. Since He already existed in the very form of God, equality with God was [certainly] not something He thought He had to grasp for. Yet in spite of this [co-equal divinity He already possessed], He deprived Himself of His status and took on the form of a slave, [and was] born in the likeness of men. He humbled Himself, becoming obedient to the point of death, even [His] death on [the] cross [for us all].
Philippians 2:5-8

This point is developed further at the following link:

        Where does the Bible teach that Jesus is God?

And you will also find detailed treatments both of the human-divine natures of Christ and of the Trinity in general at the following link:

        Bible Basics #1: Theology: The Study of God

There are also some e-mail responses of a somewhat more brief nature that also deal with these subjects posted to the site.

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        Christophany in the Exodus

        Jesus Christ in the Old Testament (Christophany: Gen.3:8)

Best wishes in our Lord Jesus Christ, the unique God-Man,

Bob Luginbill

Question #2:

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your letter and for your care about me and our ministry. I understand your concern about your country, and I also understand that for a person who loves the Word of God it's difficult to be an eyewitness to spiritual indifference. My experience proves that most US missions here are more concerned about fund raising at home rather than about soul's saving here!? In the beginning It really shocked me, but today I just try disregard such facts. God planted us all in just the right place where we can bear the most fruit. Therefore, let's work sincerely for His glory! This approach is sensible because final judgment will be in His hands!

Response #2: 

I completely agree with you that God has put us in exactly the right place for what He intends to accomplish. At some point the ax has to understand who is wielding it. And you are so right, it is that final judgment which should concern us, it is that prize of "well done" from our Lord that we should esteem more than anything in this world.

Yours in Jesus Christ,

Bob Luginbill

Question #3:

Would I be reading your material in part 5 of the Satanic Rebellion series aright to conclude that 2026 is going to be a really big year? Is there any point in making plans for 2027?

Response #3: 

Well, actually, one of the main reasons to write up these things is to help Christians to the conviction that they DO need to "make plans". As to the date, as I say explicitly in SR#5, it's based on some definite assumptions in interpretation (spelled out there - I do believe them, but people should know where it comes from). God certainly has the sovereign right to delay what seems to be laid as the time-table (or speed it up). So the bottom line is that the end times are always imminent (and have been since the cross). Given that reality, "what sort of a people ought we to be?" is one that requires a careful and heartfelt answer - one of the reasons why we have been given such detailed info on the Tribulation (it's good motivation for us every day).  Here are some links to the various places where this subject is discussed in detail:

The Chronology of the End Times

Specific Chronology of the Seven Days of Human History

The Tribulational Overlap

The chronology of the date 2026.

How certain a date is 2026?

Yours in Christ,

Bob Luginbill

Question #4:

Hi Robert,

I saw the site on the Internet. I would like to talk to someone and convince them that Calvinism is not taking the Scriptures to one of the extremes. It was portrayed as such on the website – Calvinism stresses one side, while Arminianism over emphasizes the other. Shouldn't this be: Hyper-calvinism over emphasizes? Pelagianism is the other over-emphasized position?

Response #4: 

Thanks for your e-mail re: Calvinism. Calvin was a great man, and the Reformed tradition an honorable one. I too would hope that everyone who professes Christ would be interested in finding out the "true biblical position" on every point of doctrine. I certainly don't find this tradition extreme - my remarks were made in the narrow context of the issue often called "eternal security". In my own reading of Calvin's own work, I do not find any comfort for those who feel that a believer can commit any number and type of sin for any length of time, no matter how horrendous, without fundamental consequences to that person's faith. Yet there are many who lay claim to the tradition who make exactly that argument (and that was the point I was attempting to refute). Sorry for any unintended offense.

Yours in Christ,

Bob Luginbill

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