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The Waters Above

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Question:  I have a question about the "waters above" as you discuss them in The Coming Tribulation Part2B. If I am reading your words right, you are saying that there is a water belt above the universe between God's heaven and the universe? Satan can penetrate these waters and stand before God as stated in Zechariah chapter three? Also I thought the waters of the deep and the water canopy flooded the earth since the geographical surface was shallow in height. Then the Lord forced the earth to erupt and raised the mountains up and the water drained down to lower elevations.     Thanks

Response:  Yes, you seem to be reading it right. The diagram I provide in CT: 2B (in the section "the waters above") lays it out as you report: scripture describes a barrier of waters between the third heaven (God's heavenly temple) and "below" this barrier  the universe and sky, beneath which lies the earth. In Revelation this barrier of the "waters above" is called a "sea". Let me try to address your other concerns individually:

1) A belt of waters (the "sea above") above the universe is indeed the only way I know to take the rather straight-forward statements in Genesis chapters 1-2 (see SR#2 "Genesis Gap") about the "firmament" between the two bodies of waters; that firmament is said to contain the sun, moon, and stars, and so is clearly more than the atmosphere of earth (Gen.1:14-16).

2) Satan does enter into the presence of God at the moment (cf. Job 1-2), and will not be thrown down to earth until the middle of the Tribulation (Rev.12:7-9). We human beings are structurally imperfect having a sin nature (even though as Christians we are marked out for eternal life); Satan and his angels are structurally still perfect (even though by their actions they have marked themselves out for damnation). So they are in a different category from the corrupted material world in which we live and of which we are a part, and thus are technically qualified to enter the holy place of God, at least for the moment. When these fallen angels stop playing by the rules (cf. those in the Abyss after the Nephilim incident of Gen.6), they are forcibly kept out of circulation by being confined to the Abyss (cf. the plea of the "legion" of demons asking Jesus not to send them there: Lk.8:31). And, as mentioned above, the devil will likewise be expelled from heaven in the middle of the Tribulation (please see the links:  "The devil's current access to God's presence" and "How is Satan allowed to appear before God?").

3) As to the construction of earth, I don't find anything in scripture about changes of elevation as a result of the flood. The only thing like this that I can think of is the fact that Jerusalem and its modest hill will be exalted above all the mountains of the earth at Christ's second advent (cf. Is.2:2). It is often asked "where did those waters go to?" re: the Genesis flood drying up. I would have to say that a large portion of them may have come from and returned to this belt of upper waters by divine means (and there is also, of course, the fact that the "fountains of the deep" house waters beyond what may be appreciated).

I hope this is at least some help in clarifying what you rightly surmise to be some rather complicated issues, issues which I have done my best to lay bare, but which, as this e-mail shows, could stand further elaboration. I will make a note to do so as I come across more information in scripture.

Yours in the One in whom all of the treasurers of wisdom and knowledge reside, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Bob L.

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