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The Satanic Rebellion

Background to the Tribulation

by Dr. Robert D. Luginbill

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This series is a prelude to the "Coming Tribulation" series and explores Satan's fall from grace (part 1), God's judgment and the Genesis gap (part 2), the creation and fall of Man (part 3), the devil's world-system (part 4), and the seven millennial days of the Plan of God designed to bring history to His perfect conclusion (part 5):

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   Part 1:     Satan's Rebellion
   (size:  193K    word count:  22K)   
Satanic Rebellion Adobe 1 Adobe PDF

   Part 2:  The Genesis Gap   
   (size:  108K    word count:  12K)
    Satanic Rebellion Adobe 2 Adobe PDF

   Part 3:  The Purpose, Creation and Fall of Man   
   (size:  342K    word count:  36K)   
Satanic Rebellion Adobe 3 Adobe PDF

   Part 4:  Satan's World-System, Past, Present and Future   
   (size:  2.33MB    word count:  68K)   
Satanic Rebellion Adobe 4 Adobe PDF

   Part 5:  Judgment, Restoration and Replacement   
   (size:  5.55MB    word count:  67K)   
Satanic Rebellion Adobe 5 Adobe PDF


Satanic Rebellion part 1
Satanic Rebellion part 2
Satanic Rebellion part 3
Satanic Rebellion part 4
Satanic Rebellion part 5

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Linked Outlines

Part 1:     Satan's Rebellion

I. Introduction
II. Angelic Pre-History
III. Satan's Original Status
IV. Satan's Character, Sin and Fall

Part 2:  The Genesis Gap

I. Linguistic Evidence for the Genesis Gap
II. The Context of Judgment in Genesis Chapter 1
    1. The Description of the Earth in Genesis 1:2
    2. The Darkness
    3. The Sea
    4. The Restraining Ministry of the Holy Spirit       
    5. The Timing of the Satanic Rebellion
III. Creation and Re-Creation
    1. The Seven Days of Creation
    2. The Genesis 2:4 Summary
    3. God's Answer to Satan

Part 3:  The Purpose, Creation and Fall of Man

I. The Purpose of Man
II. The Creation of Man
    1. The Image and the Likeness of God
    2. The Creation of Adam
    3. The Human Spirit
    4. The Dichotomy of Man
    5. The Creation of Eve
III. Status Quo in Paradise
IV. The Fall of Man
    1. The Temptation
    2. The Fall
    3. The Judgment
V. Satan's Hollow Victory

Part 4:  Satan's World-System, Past, Present and Future

I. Strangers in the Devil's Realm
    1. Sojourners in the devil's world
    2. The vanity of life
    3. The hostility of the world
    4. The battlefield
    5. The enemy
II. Satan's Position after the Fall
III. Satan's Order of Battle
    1. The current heavenly truce
    2. The Kingdom of God versus the kingdom of Satan
    3. The organization of holy angels (including titles, ranks and functions)
    4. The organization of fallen angels (including titles, ranks and functions)
    5. God's employment of evil spirits
    6. Angelic combat
    7. Believers versus Unbelievers
IV. Satan's World-System: Tactical Doctrine
    1. Satanic Lie #1: "I don't need God"
    2. Satanic Lie #2: "I am like God"
    3. Satanic Lie #3: "God needs me"
    4. The integrated Satanic world-system:
        a. Religion and the occult
        b. Politics and society
        c. Economics and technology
    5. The believer's perspective
V. Satan's World-System: Tactical Methodology
    1. Names for the devil
    2. Demon Influence: the Tactics of Temptation
    3. Demon attack
    4. Demon possession
    5. Accusation of believers
    6. Resistance

Part 5:  Judgment, Restoration and Replacement

Introduction: Sanctification and the Plan of God.
I. Judgment, Restoration and Replacement I: Positional Victory (Progeny and Promise)
    1. Judgment I: of Satan and the universe
    2. Restoration I: of Earth
    3. Replacement I: Adam and the Last Adam for Satan
    4. Satan's Reaction: The temptation and fall of Adam and Eve
II. The Plan of God in Human History
    1. The One Central Person of Human History
    2. The Two Phases of Human History: The Foreshadowing and Fulfillment of Jesus Christ: The Old and New Covenants
    3. The Three Wilderness-Pilgrimage Eras of Human History
        a. Gentile era
        b. Jewish era
        c. Church era
    4. The Four Ages of Human History
        a. Gentile Age
        b. Jewish Age
        c. Church Age
        d. Millennial Age
    5. The Five Dispensational Divisions of Human History
        a. Gentile Patriarchy: from Adam to Abraham
        b. Jewish Patriarchy: from Abraham to Moses
        c. The Mosaic Law: from Moses to Christ
        d. The Church: from Christ's first advent to His Second Advent
        e. The Millennium: from Christ's return to the end of history
    6. The Six Chronological Periods of Human History
        a. The Antediluvian Period
        b. The Postdiluvian Gentile Period
        c. The Jewish Period
        d. The Church Period
        e. The Tribulational Period
        f. The Millennial Period
    7. The Seven Days of Human History
        a. The Antediluvian Civilization
        b. The Division of the Nations
        c. The Nation of Israel
        d. The Kingdom of Israel
        e. Centralized Christianity
        f. Decentralized Christianity
        g. The Millennium
    8. Evidence for the "Seven Days" Interpretation
        a. Direct Biblical Testimony
        b. The Seven Days of Re-Creation
            i. The Uniqueness of Israel
            ii. The Church
            iii. The Mystery of Christ
            iv. The Bride
            v. The Revelation
        c. The Jewish Ceremonial Calendar
        d. The Testimony of Irenaeus
        e. The Problem of Science and the Bible
        f. Chronology in the Bible
    9. Specific Chronology of the Seven Days of Human History
        a. The Life of Christ
            i. The Birth of Christ
            ii. The Census
            iii. The Crucifixion of Christ
        b. Days 4-3, and 2-1: Jewish and Gentile millennial days
        c. Days 5 and 6: the two millennial days of the Church
        d The Break-points of the Three Pairs of Days
        e. The Tribulational Overlap
        f. Day 7: The Millennium
III. Satan's Counter-Strategy
    1. Satan's antediluvian attack on the purity of the human line (the Nephilim)
    2. Satan's postdiluvian attack on human freedom (the Tower of Babel)
    3. Satan's attack on the line of the Messiah (Anti-Semitism)
    4. Satan's attack on the body of Christ (Persecution of the Church)
    5. Satan's supreme offensive (the Tribulation)
    6. Satan's last battle (the Gog-Magog Rebellion)
IV. Things to Come: Judgment, Restoration and Replacement Phases II and III
    1. Phase I: Constitution: Lays the foundation for the eternal victory (the "much" phase).
        a. Judgment I: the Genesis Gap
        b. Restoration I: the Seven Days of Re-creation
        c. Replacement I: the First and the Last Adams
    2. Phase II: Completion
        a. Judgment II: the Tribulation
        b. Restoration II: the Millennium
        c. Replacement II: Christ the King and His Church
    3. Phase III: Consummation
        a. Judgment III: the Final Judgments
        b. Restoration III: the New Heavens and the New Earth
        c. Replacement III: the Advent of the Father
V. An Historical Overview of God's Disposition of Satan
    1. God's initial disposition of Satan
        a. God's First Best Will Rejected
        b. Judgment and Demotion
        c. Judgment on the Universe
        d. The Delay of Execution
        e. First Parole
        f. The Last Olive Branch
    2. God's interim disposition of Satan
        a. Imprisonment
        b. Second Parole
    3. God's final disposition of Satan
VI. God's Q.E.D
VII. Background to the Tribulation

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