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About the Ichthys Ministry:

Bible Study for Spiritual Growth

This ministry originated with a face-to-face Bible study at the University of California Irvine during the late 1980's.  When friends graduated or otherwise moved on, I felt the need to make these materials available in written form.  This process was greatly facilitated by the internet, and Ichthys first ventured on-line in October 1997.

General:  Ichthys is an independently owned and operated, non-profit, personal ministry. All materials posted to this site are the sole property and responsibility of myself, its webmaster, Dr. Robert D. Luginbill. Although the Bible study materials found here are in the Protestant, Evangelical tradition, this site has no denominational affiliation – the Bible studies at Ichthys are intended to speak for themselves. It is my profound hope that these lessons will contribute to the spiritual growth and progress in the Christian life of those who make use of them.

Copy Policy:  These materials are copyrighted, but visitors are free to download and utilize them with the following restrictions:

1) These materials may not be offered to others for a fee or otherwise sold under any circumstances. This is a grace ministry.

2) These materials may not be fundamentally changed or edited. I don't mind honest excerption, but alteration of meaning is not allowed.

3) These materials may not be represented as the work of others. You don't have to cite me; you may use these lessons anonymously, but please don't pass them off as your own materials.

In sum, this site is meant for the glory of God through the edification and growth of His children. Any use of its materials for personal profit, aggrandizement or other personal agendas is not authorized.

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