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Robert Dean Luginbill, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae

Department of Classical and Modern Languages
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292

2010-present University of Louisville

Professor of Classics

1997-2010 University of Louisville

       Associate Professor of Classics

1991-1997 University of Louisville

       Assistant Professor of Classics

1990-91 University of Southern California,

       Lecturer in Classics

1984-90 University of California Irvine

       Ph.D. in Classics 1990

       M.A. in Classics 1986

1982-84 Talbot Theological Seminary

       M.A.B.S in Hebrew Old Testament 1984, highest honors

1980-82 University of Illinois Champaign

       B.A. 1982, highest distinction in Classics

1975-79 United States Marine Corps

       final rank: Captain USMCR

1973-75 University of Illinois Chicago

       B.A. in History 1975, honors

1971-73 Northeastern Illinois University


Thucydides on War and National Character (2nd ed.: B & B 2015)

Author of Illusions: Thucydides' Re-writing of the History of the Peloponnesian War (Newcastle upon Tyne 2011)

Articles and Reviews:

"P.Oxy. XVII 2100 fr.15," BASP 27 (1990) 43.

"Othismos: the Importance of the Mass-Shove in Hoplite Warfare," Phoenix 48 (1994) 51-61.

"Ho Pandomator Chronos: Simonides 531 P," UFLR (1994-5) 290-295 [with special thanks to Shelly Forbis and Scott Milby].

"Ibycus 286: The Beleaguered Heart," MAIA 47 (1995) 343-347.

Leslie J. Worley's Hippeis: the Cavalry of Ancient Athens, Phoenix 49 (1995) 362-363.

"Rethinking Antiphon's PERI ALETHEIAS," Apeiron 30 (1997) 163-187.

"Thucydides' Evaluation of the Sicilian Expedition: 2.65.11," The Ancient World 28 (1997) 127-132.

"Chariton's Use of Thucydides in his Description of the Egyptian Revolt: Chaireas and Callirhoe 6:8," Mnemosyne 53  (2000) 1-11.

"A Delightful Possession: Longus' Prologue and Thucydides,"  The Classical Journal 97 (2002) 233-247.

"Tyrtaeus 12 West: Come Join the Spartan Army," The Classical Quarterly 52 (2002) 405-414.

"Paragraph 3.84 and Thucydides' History," Ancient History Bulletin 16 (2003) 151-174. 

"Docti Iudicent: a note on Bacchae 630-631" Dioniso n.s. 2 (2003) 32-35.

"The Thucydidean element in the speeches of the Mytilenian debate: History 3.37-48," Akroterion 51 (2006) 21-42.

"Thucydides on Peloponnesian Strategy at Pylos,"  AJAH n.s. 3-4 (2004-2005 [2007]) 39-57.

"The Route of the Peloponnesian Fleet to Pylos in 425", AW 38 (2007) 5-14.

"Anonymous 849" in Brill's New Jacoby (FgrH) (2009)

"The Occasion and Purpose of Alcman's Partheneion (1 PMGF)", QUCC 92 (2009) 27-54.

"The Battle of Oinoe, the Painting in the Stoa Poikile, and Thucydides' Silence", Historia 63 (2014) 278-292.

"A Most Disastrous Success: The Battle of Marathon and the Failure of Persian Intelligence", L’Antiquité Classique 83 (2014) 1-14.

"The Letter of Nicias: Document or Fiction?", in Athenaeum 103/2 (2015) 26-52.

"Alcman: P.Oxy. 2389, Fr. 23", in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 195 (2015) 10–12

"Sola means sola: The accidental re-purposing of Aeneid 4.84-85." Vergilius 62 (2016).

"Cimon and Athenian Aid to Sparta: One Expedition or Two?", Rheinisches Museum für Philologie 159 (2016) 135-155.


Honors, Awards and Grants:

2011  Honorary Member, Woodcock Honor Society

2010  University-wide Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching, University of Louisville

2008  Distinguished Teaching Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville

2002  Honorary Member, Golden Key International Honor Society

1997  University of Louisville Research Grant

1996  University of Louisville Project Completion Grant

1996  Honorary Member, Eta Sigma Phi Classics Honor Society

1993  University of Louisville Modern Languages Fund Grant

1992  University of Louisville Dean's Professional Initiative Grant

1989  University of California Pre-doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

1988  School of Humanities Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

1987 and 1988  Outstanding TA Teaching Award Department of Classics

1985 and 1986  Outstanding Essay Award Department of Classics

1985  University of California Regents Research Fellow

1984  University of California Regents Fellow

1984  Kappa Tau Epsilon Honor Society

1982  Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society

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