Other Resources

  1. Strong's Concordance Look-up Tool

    On-line King James text hyper-linked to Strong's classic concordance with associated Greek and Hebrew words also hyper-linked to Strong's dictionary.

  2. Philololgos

    Free archive of on-line Bible study texts including works by Bullinger, Lightfoot, and Ramsey.

  3. Bible Books and Maps

    In addition to historical reference works for sale, this site includes a free access database of Bible maps and a Bible "people and places" resource.

  4. Olive Tree

    Excellent on-line English Bible search with many version and input options.

  5. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

    A variety of helpful links organized by geographical locations and topics.

  6. Project Guttenburg

    Extensive collection of public domain books in digital format.

  7. Bible Land History

    Photos and history of Bible lands and times.

  8. The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

    On-line version of the classic standard, somewhat conservative encyclopedia.

  9. The Lockman Foundation

    Homepage of the NASB translation.

  10. Biblica:  The American Bible Society

    An organization to the distribution of Bibles worldwide.

  11. CARM (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry)

    An apologetics ministry with many useful resources and moderated fora.

  12. God and Science.org: Evidence for God from Science

    An apologetics ministry written by a genuine scientist.

  13. Christian History Links

    An extensive list of internet resources for Christian History.

  1. Eisenbraun's

    Superior scholarly resources, but pricey (use Eisenbraun's for researching titles and check other on-line stores like Amazon before purchase).

  2. Scripture Truth Book Company

    Best value especially for large commentary and other sets (though not as extensive in their offerings as other sites).

  3. Christian Book Distributors
     Extensive scholarly (as well as popular) offerings.  A good place to find commentary and other sets at market price.

  4. Bibles.com

    Best place to find Greek and Hebrew texts and supporting scholarly resources at cost (A ministry of the American Bible Society)

  5. Zondervan Books

    Major publisher of Christian books.

  6. Baker Books

    Major publisher of Christian books.

  7. Intervarsity Press

    Major publisher of Christian books.

Miscellaneous Resources

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