Hebrew Language Resources

  1. Parallel Hebrew Old Testament

    Hebrew Text with transliteration and a variety of parallel translations.

  2. Jewish Publication Society

    On-line versions of the Hebrew Bible.

  3. Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon

    On-line facsimile of the 1877 edition of this essential lexicon.  Users of Brown, Driver, Briggs will often be surprised to find that Genesius' definitions and root derivations are often at variance with BDB (but always helpful and often superior).

  4. Semantics of Biblical Hebrew

    Scholarly collection of extremely detailed articles on particular BH lexemes (containing extensive secondary bibliography).

  5. History of Biblical Hebrew

    David Steinberg's excellent history including Hebrew's place in the Semitic group.  Complete with many links and references.

  6. Audio of Biblical Hebrew

    Crisply read BH.

  7. Biblical Hebrew Courses and Resources

    Study Biblical Hebrew on-line.

  8. On-line Hebrew Tutorial

    Basic Hebrew lessons free on-line.

  9. Hebrew Alphabet

    From the Ancient Hebrew Research Center.

  10. The Oxford Hebrew Bible Project

    A new critical edition of the Hebrew Bible being developed for Oxford University Press.

  11. My English Hebrew Dictionary

    Excellent resource for learning Hebrew vocabulary organized by subjects (e.g., animals, weather).

  12. Hebrew Numbers

    Helpful chart with explanations.

  13. Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

    A free site incorporating topics with Hebrew phrases and sentences in audio recordings.

  14. Biblia Hebraica Quinta

    A Diplomatic presentation of text and Masorah (magna and parva) of the manuscript EBP. I B 19a, in the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg, commonly known as the Leningrad Codex.  Will include when available an extensive critical apparatus.

  15. Q-Bible Hebrew Old Testament

    The Hebrew Bible online with transliteration and other helpful resources.

  16. Hebrew University Bible Project

    A project to create the first edition of the Hebrew Bible that reproduces the text of the Aleppo Codex and includes a thorough critical apparatus.

    Other Hebrew Resources:


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